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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a very odd little movie. Christopher is skeptical and believes in Science. Little Mary Ann believes in Jesus and helps wounded birdies. Sauli is a clumsy, spineless Jewish kid with a big nose and glasses. He is picked on by bullies. A magical star or something transport the gang back to Olden Times to meet the movers and shakers of the Bible. The kids meet Jesus, who is represented by a lion in a bathrobe, and Magical Moses, who is represented by a gay tiger in a purple magician's hat. Moses sounds somewhat like Jeremy from "The Yellow Submarine". Jesus and Moses sing a duet. Then a sheep tries to eat Sauli's yarmulke.

    Then the kids meet young David, who provides the rest of the movie's musical numbers. David is a panda dressed up like a ninja. I don't know if it's a **SPOILER** to mention that David kills Goliath, but there you go. Seeing the events of the Bible unfold gives Christopher a renewed faith in the Book. Seeing awesome Jews in action gives Sauli the confidence to give those bullies the what-for. Mary Ann doesn't learn anything because she was already perfect.