Steve Young, who played professional football for the San Francisco 49ers (among other teams), plays "Bro. Niner." During his scene in the film, Bro. Niner quotes Brigham Young; Steve Young is a direct descendant of Brigham Young.

The movie that was being shown as Jonathan was looking at the big screen TVs was Out of Step (2002)

According to the DVD commentary, the scene where Zak gets arrested was shot on 9/11. There is a noticeable look of sadness on the actors faces during this scene that they said was difficult to act through.

Sam (played by 'Jeremy Elliot (I)') can be seen reading the book 'Charly'. Elliot starred as the male lead Sam Roberts, in the movie version of said book.

Wally Joyner, who played professional baseball for the California/Anaheim Angels (among other teams), plays "Bro. Angel."

The phone number listed on the wall at the auto mechanic's shop is 867-5309, from the Tommy Tutone song "Jenny (867-5309)." This number is also referenced in the other Halestorm films "The R.M." and "Church Ball."

While performing for students at the University of Missouri, Jonathan tells the crowd where his car is parked so that they can "steal all of (his) stuff" and burn it to the ground. This comment refers to the infamous "Extermination Order" against the LDS (Mormon) Church, issued by Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs on October 27, 1838. This order called for the Mormons to be driven from the state or wiped out. (It was not formally repealed until 1975.)

WILHELM SCREAM: Heard over the phone by Jonathan when he is talking to the fire chief.

A picture of comedian Johnny Biscuit, who appears in the film as the salesman who sells Jonathan the TV set, is shown on the wall of both Jonathan's comedy club and his home.

The woman who called the cops on Cammie was played by the then wife of Will Swenson

Kim Stone's debut.