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  • Since this title has not yet a plot/synopsis a quick recap of the movie is below my short review.

    It is a pleasant enough movie. But I kept grabbing my I-pad to something more interesting and/or exciting. The story and developments could have been done in 30 minutes. But alas, they did it in 90 minutes, leading to too little pace, too little jokes and scenes that do not matter. On the other hand, if you feel like a couch potato, like I did while watching, than it flows nicely, not expecting anything from you as a spectator. But if you do not see this one, you did not miss anything important.

    So for you who are still interested the storyline: Jean-Jacques is a highly creative chef, but his imaginative duck rolls are not at all appreciated by his boss. The time has come for him to leave his secure job behind and open his own restaurant... Claude is a instructor for corporate entrepreneurs, but he would prefer to be a writer. It's time for him to give it all up and finally write his novel... Together, the two men could offer each other support in times of need, no longer be under stress and make their dreams come true...