The film was originally set to star Winona Ryder and Natalie Portman, but both had to bow out before filming began. They would later go on to appear in Black Swan together.

The painting sold before Roxy's LaTour is Claude-Joseph Vernet's "La Nuit, au Port au Clair de Lune", which is in the Louvre's permanent collection.

When Isabel is setting up chairs at the poetry reading and is confronted by Tellman, there are copies of "Le Divorce" by Diane Johnson on the bookshelf behind them.

The St. Ursula painting has a dominant female figure whose eyes are clearly looking to her left and her mouth is slightly tightened. At the end of the film,sisters Roxy and Isabel get into a truck for their charity using the St. Ursula name and face as a large image on the back door of the truck. However the St. Ursula image on the truck is looking straight ahead and with a slight smile. So it's not taken from the painting that has caused such turmoil in the film.