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  • JPMoney2k111 March 2004
    Laugh out loud FUNNY
    This film is simply an absolutely fun experience! The first thing to make note of is the totally original concept and premise. It's not so much the idea of having sex with the mother of one's ex that draws people to this movie. More so, the idea that I am intrigued by is the revenge aspect of the situation. I personally cannot think of a sweeter revenge than this. From a technical standpoint, the movie is very professional with regard to cinematography and editing. Acting is top notch and I became sympathetic to each of the characters (very surprising for a movie that does not exceed ten minutes). And the absolutely funny music cue is icing on the cake! Watch this movie and laugh harder than you've laughed at any other film in your life.
  • DamnWoman27 August 2003
    The best short I have seen in a long time. It is amazingly funny. I think I recognized the actor as JFK Jr on TV, he rocks. A very smart way to show that sex is not over after 50. It kept me excited all the way, I can't wait to see the next one from this Director.
  • Horst in Translation ( June 2017
    A bit childish yes, but it doesn't hurt its comedic appeal
    Warning: Spoilers
    "Home Base" is an 8.5-minute American English-language short film from 2002, so this one has its 15th anniversary this year already. It is the only short film credit by writer and director Colin Trevorrow and he is enjoying quite a career these days being in charge of Jurassic World as well as Star Wars right now. This film we have here is how he started back when he was in his 20s. It is the story of a woman breaking up with her boyfriend and the boyfriend exacts revenge on her by starting to date the woman's mother. The funniest scene is probably when we see him act as if he has sex before the two go out on a date and the ex-girlfriend is downright disgusted obviously. Eventually, there is some serious talk between the ex-couple near the very end, but can it really fix things? watch for yourself as this film is basically the movie equivalent of a "your mother" joke. But an enjoyable one for sure. The female actors in here did not really break through in the 1.5 decades after this film, but Kristoffer Polaha is still enjoying a career in films you probably have heard of already. Not on the level of Trevorrow though. I give "Home Base" a thumbs-up. Pretty funny at times.
  • StoutOfHeart13 July 2007
    Disgusting AND Hilarious! ***WARNING - ABSOLUTE SPOILER!!!***
    Warning: Spoilers
    I think this short is fantastic! A quick synopsis - Nick is met by his girlfriend Amanda at a restaurant where she reveals that she's been having an affair with his boss since they met at Nick's company picnic. After Amanda breaks it off with Nick to continue seeing his boss, he calmly replies that he knows what he must now do. He tells Amanda that he's going to have sex with her mother.

    Nick goes about seducing Jackie, his former Girlfriend's single mom, all the while Amanda is being driven crazy because she can't get Nick to stop his mission of revenge and she can't convince her mother that she's being used. Jackie is very receptive to Nick's advances, which drives Amanda even further over the edge when she realizes her mother's willingness to take their relationship to "the next level".

    We next find Amanda crying her eyes out to Nick at his apartment where she was waiting on the doorstep to confront him about his plans. He uses her vulnerability to further torture her regarding her inability to achieve orgasm during their sexual encounters. Nick consoles Amanda by promising NOT to sleep with her mother.

    Cut to the next morning, dressed in pajamas and looking much relieved, Amanda nearly chokes on her juice as she walks into the kitchen to find Jackie cooking breakfast for her overnight guest, Nick. Dressed only in a bathrobe, he motions a sexual hand-gesture at Amanda, as if to confirm her worst fears of last night's events in her mother's bedroom.

    The only improvement I would make, Nick should have seduced Amanda one last time during her mini-meltdown at his apartment the night before having sex with her mother. Do I think her mother deserves to be used? Absolutely not but as long as she's fine with the situation who's to judge. This addition would have earned a 10 out of 10 vote from me.
  • dj_alfi12 September 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    This short is in short brilliant. One of, if not, the best shorts i've ever seen.

    The part where he comes back from his first date with the mother, and he sees his ex sitting in the window and he starts taking out the mailbox is hilarious. Especially when he goes elbow deep into it.

    Excellent acting, well produced and edited. Really just a hilarious short movie.

    I have seen it at least ten times, and it is still funny. Just Brilliant.

    Throughout the movie.