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  • Not content with being top dog in the Adult industry, for a lengthy run directing at Vivid Video, Paul Thomas also cranked out hundreds of obvious (to him) junkers as titles to fill the New Releases hunger that is the engine of production. This is no Ripley's feature but rather a fake fake fake exercise in pretend Reality porn with adult stars, some of them quite prominent, pretending to be amateurs, just folks.

    It is barely watchable only due to the unfortunate fact that some of the talent has lapsed into obscurity two decades later, making them acceptable as amateurs. Whether PT was counting on that occurring is highly unlikely - he was simply trying to bamboozle the public.

    Central gimmick is awful: the audience is supposed to guess whether the speaker telling us some tall tale of sex (that we will see acted out in XXX explicit fashion) is making it up or not. Lie detectors are trotted out for an idiotic finale when the truth is revealed, about as convincing as the nonsense spoken at a WWF/WWE live show or telecast.

    The sex by professional sex workers is suitably amateurish and shot poorly in the same vein, cheap and crass and eminently not worth watching. It all adds up to an audience insult, as PT disrespects the fans who padded his bank account over the years.

    I was able to guess the identities of most of the cast, some exceedingly easy like Eric Masterson and Vince Vouyer who I've seen hundreds of times on screen, while one of my favorites, curly haired redhead Annie Body, is relegated to Interview Only status (no sex, perhaps a Cutting Room floor victim), and is billed confusingly as just "Anastasia", as she was working under the name Anastasia X early in her career.