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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saw this mini-series again on a Norwegian channel this week. I remembered the story, the plot and the ending from before, but that certainly didn't stop me from seeing it again. This story keeps you in suspense throughout the whole "film", and you can't help feeling empathic to the main character, Marni, as she struggles to unravel the truth about what happened to her husband and why.

    At the beginning you see scenes that portray how happy she and Liam are, and what a miserable couple their neighbours are in comparison. (They're actually quite miserable anyway) You get the feeling that the nextdoor neighbour's wife, Deanne, is the one trapped in a marriage she needs to get out of. Her husband, Ray, is a drunk and quite the loser. He has beat her about a lot in the past, she explains to Marni.. And she's got the pictures to prove it.

    The story progresses from these explanatory scenes with Liam not showing up for a fund raiser for the new swimmingpool-hall that is to be built. He went home to get a clean shirt or something and Marni tries to call him. Eventually a stranger picks up and tells her her husband's been injured and she has to come home.

    Liam is stabbed and very badly injured... By Ray..... Liam dies and Marni is left with all the questions.. Ray is charges with the murder, but why did he do it?

    The answer to this will chill you to the bone.

    Definitely worth the watch!
  • hfk14 September 2002
    i caught this one on bbc america. it's got a bit of 'lifetime' channel flavor to it (female perspective, agonizing over a possibly unfaithful husband/boyfriend, etc) but it's still an excellent example of fine brit tv mystery. it certainly keeps you guessing right to the end.