Tracey Reynolds: Calvin, I think you should stick to basketball. You know why? You can't rap!

Ox: What's room service?

Calvin Cambridge: Well, you're in a hotel room, and you pick up the phone. You dial 6. You tell them what foods you want, and they send it up


Calvin Cambridge: for free!

Calvin Cambridge: Did I come here to play, or did I come just for a show?

Coach Wagner: You were only here tonight to increase attendance, not to play.

[Bittleman is playing electronic chess in his van]

Frank Bernard: Mr. Bittleman?

[Bittleman jumps, sending his chess game flying]

Frank Bernard: Playing checkers, I see.

Stan Bittleman: [disappointed] I was about to win.

Dirk Nowitzki: Can you sign this? It's for my niece.

Calvin Cambridge: Sure. What's her name?

Dirk Nowitzki: Uhhh... Dirk.

Coach Wagner: How could we lose to the BULLS?