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11 March 2011 | lor_
Serenity and Devinn Lane shine for director Red Ezra
I loved Devinn Lane starring in Red Ezra's AFTER HOURS, so I popped for this same-era video from the team, and it's another stimulating program.

Serenity is the star, in a slightly-dated but still interesting plot as a pioneering web cam girl, who rents a mansion with Devinn and stages her sex 'casts there, benefiting from the previous owner's surveillance mania -the place is filled to the brim with hidden cameras.

With Serenity pouring out the tale directly to the viewer as hostess and participant, this is not a story video but rather a series of vignettes. Devinn has two segments, both sans men (I think that's her preferred mode): first up in an extended, beautifully lensed shower scene pleasuring herself, and then as a dominatrix with cute black tape covering her nipples (for novelty's sake -there's no shortage of full nudity in this picture) as she abuses a pretty young woman.

Varied casting keeps the video interesting, and the rhythmic musical score suits the content.

Lane's career seems to have ended the same time as Red's (2006), and it's a shame they're no longer on the scene, turning in high-quality porn.

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