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25 June 2007 | cricharddavies
| Is This A Sequel?
While watching this adult film, I was struck with a strange sense of familiarity. In its opening scenes, the protagonist (played by John Decker) walks into the surf, ostensibly to commit suicide, only to be rescued by a female lifeguard (played by Julia Ann) whom he immediately asks to marry him. Throughout the film, Decker sees a phantom-like image of a woman, apparently his dream woman, whom he's terrified he'll never meet if he remains in his relationship with his wife, which has become somewhat boring to him.

It's this last element that seems strangely familiar. When I was far, far too young to be watching adult films, I would frequently tune in to the previews of adult movies offered by satellite channel American Exxxtasy. And I half-remember one preview for a video that showed a man interacting with a phantom woman, in much the same way. I wonder if it's possible that this film, directed by Paul Thomas, might have been a sequel to this other one, the title of which I can't even recall. Ah well.

"Secret Party", regardless of its connections, is a rather dramatic and erotic film. While the gorgeous Julia Ann is probably the most beautiful of the performers, the others don't exactly stint either, particularly in the orgy scene. (It's not as large and wild-ranging as the orgies from much earlier films, but on the whole I think that's probably a good thing.) There are even some rather surprising plot twists.

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