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  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is sort of a weird one. I Netflixed it mostly because I wanted to see an earlier lead performance from Lizzy Caplan (Mean Girls, Related, The Class). I wasn't expecting much else since it's an MTV TV movie. That being said, it's probably one of the better MTV movies.

    The idea itself is an interesting concept. It's meant to be a bit of an obvious satire of public school sexual education, however it's not really as effective as it could have been. It probably would have helped if there was more actual humor involved.

    Plus the ending just seems way too pat and easy. Angela gives her big speech at the school board meeting and all of a sudden all the teachers and school board officials that were so gung ho about the abstinence program being the only solution are more than willing to suddenly change their minds.

    The acting is okay, nothing to write home about. Lizzy does a nice job as the wholesome Angela who actually has a mind of her own. She projects a nice every girl quality. What I do like about her character is that Angela is portrayed as someone who isn't sure whether she's ready for sex and finally decides the isn't, but refuses to sign up for the pledge regardless.

    A bit preachy, but I've seen worse.
  • This is probably the best MTV movie I've seen since 2Gether or Joe's Apartment. I'm still not sure if it was to be taken too seriously however, as the teacher's behavior was a bit over the top at times; most notably an outburst in the classroom from one of the teachers at Lizzy Caplan (Angela) over a few questions she asked. Apart from the over the top antics of the storyline, Most of the characters were believeable and well acted; Kristopher Turner (Gus) in particular did a fine job as the closeted gay student who gets forced out of the closet after the obnoxious student abstainance board brings charges/accusations against him and a number of other students. Hopefully, MTV will see fit to put this one out on DVD, because its one for the collection.
  • csturissini5 January 2003
    i recently saw this movie, and i can truely say it is probably the best made-for-tv movie that mtv has made.everything seems pretty realistic in this bizarre abstinence driven school. and it does make you-the viewers think about what you would prefer in schools on the issue of sex-ed.i for one am glad that my school teaches more of safe sex then no sex, even though it doesn't teach much on the subject, it is better then NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE being pounded into our heads.overall....9/10
  • This is the worst movie I have seen in a LONG time , and I have seen loads of Steven Seagal movies. There was no comedy in it, the acting was so crappy i almost started crying. What was the point of this anyway? It's like discussing clear things that every decent person should already know by now. Only in America i guess, only in America.

    I really wonder what audience this movie is aimed at? They could have saved the movie with some comedy, maybe...

    Anyway, this was pure pain to watch, I don't recommend it unless you haven't had the sex talk yet with your parents. And even if you haven't, there has to be better movies than this to learn it from.
  • I wasn't expecting too much going into this one,as MTV has never been known for their cinematic masterpieces.I was,however,pleasantly surprised by the this movie.While it wasn't a brilliant film or anything,"Everybody's Doing It" is a great way to kill time,especially for impressionable young teens like myself.Hands down,the best made-for-TV movie I've ever seen.
  • this film is hilarious! My friend taped it off MTV and I can't stop watching it. It is really funny but at the same time has a very important message about sex ed. The blonde girl's performance is worth watching it alone! This film should have been in theaters because it is as good as anything out right now.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This contains some spoilers

    First off this movie is worth spoiling. It starts out with what appears to be a college senior class on math studying remedial algebra. Then we learn that the 25 year-olds are actually highschool sophomores. You would think that MTV could find one or two people 18 to be in it's movies. Then we're at the sophomore prom. Of course everyone's off in their cars getting busy with..... their cars!!! Sophomores don't drive. The rest of the movie is basically an excuse to give you information on STD's. It seems to be as informative as a good textbook, until at the end you learn that it's all false. If you want to see breaking dancing psyphillis, watch this movie. If you'd rather get the facts and save a night, spend five minutes reading a pamphlet from your school. There's a reason that the artists make the videos for MTV.