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  • Spikeopath12 June 2009
    Kimberly Corman has a terrifying vision that a highway pile up will claim her life and that of her friends. Blocking the entrance with her car, Kimberly watches in horror as the crash unfolds, thus saving her life and that of the people in the queue behind her. But the grim reaper is not impressed and he's coming to claim the deaths of all those who should have died in the crash.

    For a sequel to truly work well it has to come up with something fresh, otherwise why do a sequel eh? Well the makers of Final Destination 2 choose to use the basic same formula of the hugely enjoyable first film, only adding more black humour into the crazy death design broth. Opening with a quite horrific highway pile up, FD 2 then takes us on a journey that sees an assortment of folk offed in various and gruesome ways. The story remains the same as the first film, even though writers Bress and Gruber think they are being intricate by weaving this plot into the original story, but ultimately it's just a devilishly nonsense fun picture. Ali Larter returns for a second helping, and she in turn is joined by a bunch of no mark actors waiting for death, which is perfectly fine for the genre discerning fan.

    This is a riot, and as long as you don't look too deep into it (why would you really?) you may just find yourself having a real good time. 7/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The original FINAL DESTINATION was a smart reworking of the teen horror film . Instead of horny teenagers getting their heads lopped off by a mad axeman in a mask , the protagonists , who are composed of a cross section of society , are stalked by the worst monster in the world - death itself . FINAL DESTINATION 2 follows the same formula

    Kevin Williamson pointed out in one of his screenplays for SCREAM that sequels up the ante , everything has to be that little bit bigger with a higher body count and the sequel gets off to a great start with a premonition of an explosive car crash . The film's heroine Kimberly knows what's coming next so holds up the traffic saving numerous drivers from a fiery death . Unfortunately destiny doesn't like being cheated and no one will be appearing on WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE , the bad things that are going to happen to the protagonists will indeed be final

    There's a term used by film critics called " Hierarchy of image " which , if the director lingers on an object then it has meaning to the plot . Ironically perhaps the best example of this is the television series CASUALTY where if the camera shows a chip pan then you can be sure it'll burst in to flames later in the sequence . In some ways this is a film employing the anti- hierarchy of image since it toys with the audience in to thinking they're going to see an object kill the hapless victim only for the rug to be pulled from under their feet . It's a different take on the horror film and it probably doesn't stand up to a second viewing since all the surprises are gone but it's highly entertaining the first time you see it
  • You know that feeling you get when you're watching America's Funniest Home Videos and the oblivious son hits his hapless father in the crotch with an aluminum bat? It gets a quick reaction, like, ooh, I feel your pain man. FINAL DESTINATION 2 is a 90 minute or so string of those painful shots, as each character one by one meets an unfortunate death by household appliance. Bodies are slammed by trucks, heads are impaled, and limbs fly through the air. When one of the characters dies when her car's airbag explodes out of nowhere, I blurted "Yeah! Wow, did they do that??? Yeah, they DID do that. Right on!" Although the film has a very serious atmosphere about it, what with the creepy score and people sincerely freaking out and everything, it still retains a campy humor about it buried beneath its high-budget exterior. Many movies would shy away from smashing up plastic ketchup-filled dummies, opting instead to avoid the gore. Not FINAL DESTINATION 2! This movie is an honest approach to movie-making, hearkening back to the day when you got together with friends and said, "Okay, in this scene we cut to the dummy falling off the building, it's run over by a Mack truck, and it splatters chunks of blood all over that Oldsmobile over there." As for the premise behind FINAL DESTINATION 2, how do I put it into words? A.J. Cook has premonitions that people died in a nasty pileup on the highway. Thing is, this never happened. And ... she continues to have premonitions that those same people will die in due time. Those people eventually die. Did I get that right? The universal law of nature is that, well, Death sometimes misses its mark and has to fix its mistakes (which usually involves electrical equipment getting wet and other freak accidents of home improvement). If this all sounds convoluted, watch the movie. You'll see what I mean. The premise of FINAL DESTINATION 2, as much potential as it might have, doesn't make much sense and is pretty hokey, but if you medicate your inquisitive mind with heavy sedatives, you'll be able to look past the flimsy premise and enjoy the movie. I'm definitely looking forward to a Final Destination 3.
  • If you liked "Final Destination" you'll really like "Final Destination 2". I remember the commercials for this one and was afraid they were ruining the thrill of this sequel. So I didn't see it in the theaters. I was wrong. If anything the commercials used the film footage to mislead you, so that the surprises were even greater.

    For what "Final Destination 2" is trying to do, they do it perfectly. From the script, to the acting to the directing. This was a tough score for me. While it doesn't rate up there with the the best films of all time. In every aspect, they perfectly accomplished what they set out to do. It's a Thriller, full of a lot of unpredictable turns and surprises, and with great action. They wasted no time, the movie starts, they get right into it, and it keeps on at pretty much full pace until it's done.
  • I was apprehensive when I didn't Devon Sawa in the credits or this movie, but then again, this film didn't really need him. This wasn't a sequel in the purest sense, but the film makers created methods to link all of the new characters to the old ones, creating a flow which wasn't too jarring. Unfortunately, the dialogue was the only real stinker in this film. The pretentiousness, the obviousness and the downright hokiness that came out of the mouths of the characters really detracted from the tension, turning their performances into a bunch of acting class rejects. But I digress. The only thing people are looking for is how Death will get the new set of escape artists. The sheer surprise and execution of the executions made me jump and crawl. In such a desensitized world we live in, being able to jump out of my seat means this film is a winner.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *Final Destination SPOILERS*

    When a young woman (A.J. Cook) has a premonition on her road trip that ended up killing her friends & the young woman was saved by a police officer (Micheal Landes). While some people have died in the huge car accident. The young woman managed to save the lives of other people (Jonathan Cherry, Terrence T.C. Carson, Keegan Connor Tracy, Lynda Boyd, James N. Kirk, Sarah Carter). But Death wants them back, and the only person who can help them try to survive is the last survivor from flight 180 (Ali Larter), but will her help be enough?

    Final Destination 2 doesn't work; first, we get a heroine who does very little, secondly the story is quickly forgotten for the death scenes, thirdly the plot twist (the survivors from Flight 180 saved the new survivors from the deaths they were destined to) leaves quite the hole, as we'll never know if the survivors who died before this revelation were part of that or not, fourthly, if it's a sequel, where is the theme from the original?, and lastly, the ending is cheap and stupid.

    As a horror movie, it deserves a 6/10 for effort, however, compared to the first and the third, gets a 2/10.

    I'll guess I'll be fair...

    Final Destination 2: 5/10.
  • Final Destination was a decent film. Original idea, pretty suspenseful directing, and some death scenes that while inventive, were creepy to boot.

    This time around, with a new director and a new approach, we get a very different film. The first movie was a horror - this is'nt. In fact its not even a thriller, its basically a load of silly dialogue acted out badly by very silly actors, with some dead people in-between.

    The thing is, that doesn't make the movie all that bad - The deaths and the gore are the pay-offs, and great care has been taken to ensure that all of them would get a great reaction from a packed cinema theatre.

    The car pile up at the start is bone crunchingly violent, with buckets of blood being splattered everywhere - and its very entertaining stuff.

    Various methods have been used here for the subsequent death scenes (CG, green screens, puppets, models) but it all cuts together very well, and most of the deaths would have your average cinema audience whooping with crimson tainted delight...

    The impressive trickery used in killing off each character, intertwining supsense and surprise, is so effective, that many people will come away from this film forgetting that there wasn't actually anything else good about it - apart from the eye candy of course.

    Worth a watch - you'll recoil in disgust and laugh more than you would watching most movies of this genre. try to catch it before you die.
  • Final Destination 2 is a very entertaining sequel and while the story is weaker then the first, the deaths are better. Kimberly (A.J. Cook) is a normal teen who is taking a road trip to Daytona with her 3 friends. She has a vision of a horrific traffic accident and so she blocks some of the cars from entering the highway. Sure enough they vision comes true and they have all just escaped death. Kim visits Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), the only survivor of Flight 180 who is convinced to help out the survivors of Route 23. Alex, who died between films, had been hit in the head with a falling brick. Kim, Clear and other strangers that are left must try to stick together and cheat Death again. The plot may sound stupid but its actually not all that bad. The story may not make sense at some scenes and the story is filled with holes. Its hard though to write a good story for something like this and I think they gave a good effort. The first film was very good and a lot of fun to watch. The sequel is even more fun to watch, even if it does get silly at times. Its better to watch the original before watching this so it would be easier to follow the story. Most horror films today are to silly to take serious and that's why you shouldn't really approach this one expecting an Oscar quality film. The acting was decent with the best being Ali Larter. She and Tony Todd are the only stars returning from the original film. A.J. Cook plays Kimberly and she does an okay job. The rest of the cast are mostly unknowns and aren't worth mentioning. David R. Ellis directs and he does really good job. He also directed the fast paced and exciting Cellular. The film is very gory and also very fun. Final Destination 2 was very creative when it came to killing off the characters. A couple of the death scenes do go over the top though the film delivers the goods for the most part. The film is only 90 minutes long so it's a quick film to watch. The movie also never gets boring as its always entertaining. I wouldn't say the film is to scary but there are some moments that may leave with fear. In the end, this is a very good sequel, that's better then the original and worth checking out. I just hope Final Destination 3 is just as good or even better then this film. Rating 7.8/10, check this film out as its very entertaining.
  • If you loved the original Final Destination, then you will almost certainly enjoy the sequel, a virtual carbon-copy of the first film, except that everything is bigger and much, much bloodier.

    This time around, a group of travellers narrowly avoid being involved in a spectacular freeway pile-up thanks to an eerie premonition experienced by driver Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) as she waits on the on-ramp. Feeling cheated once again, Death alters his grand design to try and claim the lives of those who escaped his clutches. As the survivors of the accident begin to die in the order witnessed in her vision, Kimberley realises what is happening, and tracks down the sole survivor of flight 180, Clear Rivers (Ali Larter), for help.

    Despite working with material that rarely explores new territory, director David R. Ellis directs with gusto: his freeway pile-up is an absolutely jaw-dropping piece of cinema—a brutal, bloody and disturbing set-piece—and the subsequent death scenes are masterfully orchestrated pieces of mayhem that tease the audience with several possible bloody conclusions, before delivering their always impressive pay-off (gory fatalities are caused by a falling ladder, a sheet of glass, a faulty elevator, an air-bag, a flying wire fence, and a barbecue!!!).

    In amongst the graphic bloodletting, Ellis also finds time to throw in some very nice visual touches (such as the tree shadows which resemble clutching skeletal hands) and lots of delightfully dark humour (gotta love that final shot!). A thoroughly entertaining piece of OTT popcorn horror, Final Destination 2 gets a very respectable 7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.
  • Warning: Spoilers

    Watch the signs! Another teen prevents people from dying. Death gets upset. Soon Death will come for them all and have his revenge. Death has got a sick sense of humor. For some reason he likes planting ominous signs all around so people can have a sense of how they will die. The survivors try to cheat Death by beating his design. The foolish ones ignore Death's helpful clues and die horrible deaths.

    People die in ghoulish accidents but you can't help but laugh. "HAHAHA..See! That's what you get. You should have looked at the warnings stupid! They were right in front of you!" The accidents are gruesome but funny when you take into consideration all the foreshadowing Death likes to give. For instance...


    Before the heroine pulls onto the highway, you hear a bus full of students chanting, "Pile up! Pile Up!". Then she sees a kid playing with his two car toys, smacking them together. The best one is when the guy who just won the lotto is cooking. Notice the magnetic letters on the side of his refrigerator. One of them drops into his food. Notice what word the remaining letters spell. That Death is pretty hilarious. He spelled the guy's demise out! Watch the signs!

    Overall, I enjoyed it. Gruesome fun.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A teenage girl has a premonition of a horrific traffic accident and blocks an entry road with her car. The accident happens, but all the people she prevented from entering the road, including herself, seem cursed to die to by violent freak accidents.

    This is a very stupid movie whose only purpose is to set the characters up to get smooshed in bizarre and icky circumstances. We have people impaled in the head by ladders, beheaded by elevators, blown up at barbecues, sliced up by netting, and so on. Call me old-fashioned, but I like a movie to have a plot and characters I can get interested in. The cast of catalogue-models are uniformly wooden, except for the ever-reliable Todd, who provides a few minutes' sinister grace. The digital effects for the short-and-sudden deaths are quite imaginative but not really very interesting or plausible - people just liquefy into computer goo and they're over in about ten frames. I much prefer the good old prosthetic latex approach, which is gorier and more realistic (see Scanners, The Fury, Day Of The Dead, Robocop, etc). There is a nice score by Shirley Walker which creates some suspense, the opening highway pile-up has some great stuntwork and most of the characters have horror-film director names. However, this indicates the golden rule of film-making - if what's on the page is lame, the movie will always be a turkey.
  • lcarkuff28 May 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was really surprised to find I really enjoyed this movie - great, gory fun. Don't know if this is really a spoiler, but I thought car crash scene at the start was really amazing. I ranked it really high for what it was - it's not trying to be A Beautiful Mind, it's trying to be a great popcorn movie. Back when I was trying to be an actor this was the kind of movie I fantasized about being in - what could be more of a blast. I don't find movies scary generally so I can't say that I thought it was scary, but it was fun. I could watch that car crash over and over - how cool it would have been editing that. I always detested slasher horror movies - tedious and lame. As a horror movie I thought this was much more enjoyable. My Best, BDK
  • The director obviously thought that when making a sequel, everything has to be bigger and heavier. But bigger doesn't equal better, and it definitely isn't the case here. The death scenes are unnecessary gory, and only that; practically no build-up to the scenes, and little to no excitement. Unless you enjoy watching extremely bloody, gory death scenes, you won't like this movie. In fact, you will most likely hate it, unless you're a big fan of the genre, or of the first Final Destination. It's a huge gore fest, and probably made for(and maybe even by) fans of the old "body-count" movies, from the 1980's. It has very little realism; whereas the first Final Destination had some realism in the death scenes, this had little to none at all. As many other slasher movies, it has the little "twist-in-the-end" at the very end, but it is very weak, considering what it could have been. The first movie is a lot better, but if you *need* to watch a gory movie where you pretty much sit around and wait for people to die, this isn't the worst you can watch. But if the choice is between this and the first, I would definitely choose the first. 7/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am going to get straight to the point because we all know where this is going. Final Destination 2 is a really bad movie in most areas and she doesn't really try to hide it. Acting, direction, script, just name it, it's all bad in the words strongest meaning. In some places she is like the earlier film, innocent fun and pretty cool death scenes even though the quality is a bit low.

    Final Destination 2 Is just the most pointless sequel to a movie ever! She connects to the first one a little bit but not a lot happens with the plot they just keep picking them off, one at a time and most of it repetitive. Sometimes you even feel you're watching the first one again -- only with funnier (yes I said funnier) death scenes This film is not as entertainingly dark as the first one (Not like that's a surprise -- former X-files guys behind that one). Rather boringly bright and that dragged the movie a little down in the ratings for me. But most of the work goes into the disgustingly awesome kill scenes and nothing else unfortunately. Maybe that doesn't sound appropriate but it's all apart of the Final Destination ride and if you don't like it, get of it! The accidents scenes are a lot better here then in the earlier film but over all this is a mild disappointment with a couple of laughs.

    But how can you not laugh at the final death scene? Had to mention it! 3/10
  • I thought this movie was a really good movie. There where parts in this movie that really kind of disturbed me but thats what made it so exciting and so suspenseful cause you new it was gonna happen just didn't know when. There are parts of this movie that no matter how old i get I will never forget and after watching them still sets shivers through my spine. This is one of the best horror, thriller, and suspense movies i have ever watched. It kept me interested and entertained. This movie gets 2 thumbs up from me. It stilled maid sense to me even though i hadn't seen the first one yet. I could watch this movie over and over again and still be scared to see what will happen to the next person in line.
  • deatman917 October 2012
    I really liked the first Final Destination movie and I think this one blew it out of the water. I have to say some of actors are pretty bad but the idea is fun and they always think of new crazy ways to kill people.

    This movie is about a young girl who has a vision on a highway that ultamitly ends up saving a few peoples lives. They are all grateful to be alive but soon end up dieing one by one as they think something didn't want them to survive in the first place.

    This was a very solid sequel, really entertaining and fun to watch. It had you sitting on the edge of your seat and the deaths were hilariously gruesome.
  • This was almost like a flashback to a few weeks ago when the exact same thing happened for real on Interstate 4. It wasn't a log truck, but fog and a controlled burn that caused an 80-car pileup and much burning of trucks and bodies. I could not help but think of that when I saw the incredible accident scene in this film. It could have been used as news footage.

    This is probably only the second film in which I have seen A.J. Cook (JJ from "Criminal Minds") and Ali Larter ("Heroes"), but they did a credible job in a film where the story was far more important than the individual characters, none of whom rose to any significance. In fact. most were probably former WB stars. The only one I remember with any interest was Odessa Munroe.

    But the story and the special effects and the gore and, certainly, the suspense, made this film worth watching and peaked my interest in the prequel and the sequel, although not having seen the first one does not take anything away from this one.

    Check it out.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The first "Final Destination" movie took an intriguing concept, assembled an attractive cast to realize it, and forged ahead with gusto and its tongue planted firmly in its cheek. The result, aided by an ingenious script, was a highly entertaining film - sometimes funny, sometimes scary, sometimes just good. But it was a concept that could only really stand one examination.

    The second film is a step too far. Once again, we see an interesting cast playing characters who are slaughtered in various imaginative ways. But at least two of the death scenarios really labor the point to the extent that, by an hour into the film, I was laughing too hard to have any energy left to suspend disbelief.

    Not wholly unentertaining for all that, but only see this if you've nothing else to watch. Rating: 5/10.
  • FINAL DESTINATION 2 (2003) *** Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Michael Landes, Terrence ‘T.C.' Carson, Keegan Connor Tracy, Lynda Boyd, Sarah Carter, Jonathan Cherry, James N. Kirk, Justina Machado, David Paetkau, Tony Todd. On par with its predecessor this sequel to the smash horror hit continues a year later with Larter as the sole survivor who aids another group of doomed fate testers when Cook stops their predestined traffic accident (and boy is it a doozy; one for the film vault in its violently affective execution) leading Death to stalk them one by one in a variety of grisly misfortunes along the way. Faster paced and inventively designed ‘accidents' (thanks to screenwriters Jeffrey Reddick, Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber) make for a breathless entertainment one should be ashamed to admit yet enjoy none-the-less with its thrills and shocks aplenty. (Dir: David R. Ellis)
  • The dialogue seems to make this movie a little cheesy, but it is still surprisingly entertaining. I have not seen the the first "Destination 1", so I can't comment on comparison's between the two at this point. I had seen this movie by chance and knew nothing about it. It started off okay, then quickly got into to the main "substance" of the movie, which I can fairly accurately describe as "carnage". This is definitely a movie for fans of gore. It's not particularly scary, but has a type of "tale of the crypt" feel to it. I found it not particularly funny, but still amusing. There was one scene that had me reminiscing about a scene from the movie "Cube". It's not for you if you're looking for romantic comedy or something like that. Also not for you if you're expecting elaborate plot twist thriller. Also, there is no "skin" in this flick, but they do throw in the customary blonde chick. Anyway, I definitely put this as above average on my list of "B" movie "sleepers" (meaning under-rated and surprisingly good). So, my rating is based on that.
  • joshwalt229 January 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed the first final destination, and went to see this one in the theater. The idea was no longer novel, so they had to go with a lot more gore in order to attempt to keep it fresh. It didn't work, and I honestly was saddened that anyone would consider what I was watching to be entertainment. Fr'instance, a boy being crushed to death by a giant glass plate while his mother watched. Yeah. That's just not funny. And with the scene where all the main characters are supposed to die, where a log-carrying semi truck accidentally dumps its load, I'm now pretty paranoid when I drive near any trucks on the highway. Especially if they are carrying logs. Does that make it legitimately scary? I'd say more disturbing than scary. This was the worst movie experience I've had this side of Freddie Got Fingered.
  • As good a sequel as the filmmakers could have made, "Final Destination 2" still delivered the goods the original did.

    Kimberly Corman (A.J. Cook) and her friends go on a road trip, but Kimberly has a vision of a big pile-up involving not only her and her friends, but a lot of other people. She manages to save some of them after blocking the entrance to the freeway, but soon after the survivors start to die.

    Although not as scary as the original, it's still a lot of fun. Also, it makes you think about death itself. The ways the survivors die are still clever, but are a lot bloodier than the original's. If you don't have a strong stomach, then beware. There is also a revelation about the survivors which is clever as well.

    If you liked the first one, you should have no problem liking this one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, I've expected a lot more from final destination sequel, at least some really scary scenes. When I say Scary, I don't think of tons of blood and flesh flying around. Whole horror part is based on flesh & blood, so it looks like sitting in a butcher shop. At least final destination had some quite good story, this time story isn't so bad, but acting, effects, twists are silly.

    And beside director's fixation with blood and body parts, things that irritated me the most are sound effects, which are some 30-40 decibels louder than the normal tone, so if you watch movie with some stronger speakers keep remote control close.

    After this sequel, I'm not so interested in watching the next sequel.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Again, another surprise hit at the box office so Hollywood tries to squeeze a sequel out of it. Well, given that that isn't a very good idea and that this movie will pretty much be a retread of the first one (which I enjoyed - especially the beginning but "Death" became absolutely ridiculous at the end - going through these preposterous ways to try and kill these teenagers)BUT this movie KNOWSthat it is a sequel and that it is silly so yes, the movie and the script are pretty lame BUT what this movie has is some of the most impressive gore and special effects I have seen in a big studio film in a long time. In fact, the opening highway accident is incredibly well shot and set up and the actually violence and trauma of the collisions are breathtaking. Plus once the doddering plot gets going and you are just waiting for the "survivors" to bite it, well, the actual deaths are, again, very well done. Now does good gore make a good movie - no. But it certainly makes for a hoot to watch with some of your buddies. Nuff said.
  • When a young woman (A.J. Cook) has a premonition on her road trip that ended up killing her friends & the young woman was saved by a police officer (Micheal Landes). While some people has died in the huge car accident. The young woman manage to save the lives of another people (Jonathan Cherry, Terrence T.C. Carson, Keegan Connor Tracy, Lynda Boyd, James N. Kirk, Sarah Carter & Justina Machado). But they find themselves in danger from an unknown source. The only person, who understand this odd premonition is a surviver from flight 180 (Ali Larter), who could help them from being killed.

    Directed by David R. Ellis (Homeward Bound 2:Lost in San Francisco, Cellular, Snakes on a Plane) made a terrific sequel that has a different style from the original film. This is also less serious than the first film. This sequel has spectacular horrifically death scenes that highlights this one with some dark humor. Larter returns from the first film in a supporting role and Tony Tood also return for this sequel in a cameo.

    DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) transfer (also in Pan & Scan) and an strong-Dolby Digital 5.1 Expanded Surround Sound (Also in DTS 6.1 ES Digital Audio). DVD has an commentary track by the filmmakers, an amusing behind the scenes featurette, deleted scenes and more. This film is from a story by J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress & Jeffery Reddick. The Screenplay is written by Gruber & Bress, which they are best known for directing their film "The Butterfly Effect". This is one of the best fantasy/horror/thriller/sequel out there. Do not miss this guilty pleasure sequel. (****/*****).
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