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  • The summary says it all. This 'film' is actually two completely unconnected episodes of the TV series The Persuaders stuck together to make a feature-length film.

    There is little or no attempt to make a coherent storyline. A short scene at the beginning shows the Judge, a regular character in The Persuaders, blackmailing Brett (Roger Moore) and Danny (Tony Curtis) into doing some investigating for him. However, the opening story appears to have no conceivable connection with this opening scene. Indeed if the Judge had a suspicion of the plot that was underway, then he would have been much better advised simply calling the police immediately.

    The Persuaders was fun but quickly becomes tiresome. Watching the antics twice over is about half the fun of watching a single episode.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As has been said this has a confusing start as it begins with an uncredited clip from the episode 'Angie..Angie' scripted by (an also uncredited)Milton S. Gelman. Maybe it was just been used to pad out the running time? In the clip Danny Wilde almost gets run over by a French girl on a motorcycle,outside a bank in Cannes, France. Inside he meets Brett Sinclair and the Judge,who blackmails Danny into doing a job for him. But then it goes into the episode 'Greensleeves', which is one of the better episodes of 'The Persuaders', and was scripted by Terence Feely with his usual wit and comedy. The reason it's confusing is that It's no longer in France, but back in England and also it's a job for Brett (not the Judge!), So why have the Judge in the first place? Brett wants to find out who has taken over one of his homes and why they have improved it? The episode guest stars the lovely Rosemary Nichols (Annabel Hurst in 'Department S') and the late Cy Grant (famous as the voice to Lt. Green in 'Captain Scarlet & The Mysterons') The second segment is the inferior 'Home Of Ones Own' by Terry Nation, which tells the story of Brett and Danny going into the country where Danny has bought a cottage which he wants to rebuild. It's also confusing (as a whole) in that it has a great title 'London Conspiracy' but London only appears in this 'film' when Brett goes to the talent agent. The 6 points I give are for the outstanding 'Greensleeves' episode, not for the film as a whole.