The line of LEGO toys based on the show assisted with funding. The series can be seen as a sort of failed experimentation by the LEGO Group. Originally conceived as a line of buildable action-figures, the Galidor LEGO theme was meant to copy the success of the company's other famous lines like LEGO Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) and BIONICLE, combining a story-driven narrative and memorable characters with a range of tie-in merchandise. However, Galidor became LEGO's biggest failure. The toyline did very poorly due to doing away with the construction style utilized in most other LEGO lines and for having extremely specialized pieces that builders couldn't make use of. The Galidor theme is nowadays known as LEGO's biggest flop, one which contributed to the company's financial troubles in the beginning of the 2000s as well as gained them a negative image in the eyes of their fans. LEGO would not try to create another television series based on their toys until Hero Factory (2010).

Matthew Ewald improvised wearing the watch with the face on the inside of his wrist.

Completely filmed digitally, reducing the time required in compositing the computer-generated imagery. Shot in 16x9/1.85:1, though only previews were released thus.

Tommy Lynch's original name for Nick was Christian until just before the show's official production. Rumors claim that it was written occasionally throughout the pilot script.

Originally the Egg's chairs were designed with CGI seatbelts.

Costumes for the human characters were all custom-made for their actors.

The last show to air on the Fox network program Fox Kids, which stopped running seven months after the show premiered. A planned third season was canceled due to lack of funding and copyright ownership disputes.

Though the show and its toy-line have become a joke among Lego fans, the company still hasn't forgotten it. The 2017 Ninjago City set included a Minifigure of the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (2011) character Rufus McCallister wearing a Galidor shirt, as well as a tiny poster for a fictional Galidor theatrical film (complete with Nick Bluetooth and Allegra Zane in Minifigure form); the animated series LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - Guardians of the Galaxy: The Thanos Threat (2017) makes a reference to a place called Galidor; and for their 2018 April Fools joke, Lego created a modern version of the Nick Bluetooth action figure and shared images of it online.