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  • CodeGuru17 December 2002
    I love this show! Lopez is a very clever comic, who can deliver a punch line sometimes simply with a facial expression. They did a great job in casting his family and friends, especially his mother. As with most shows named after a stand-up comedian, the primary intent is to give Lopez a vehicle to deliver his comedy. But they surpassed this by casting several very funny costars who can get good laughs on their own. I hope that there are more people like me who appreciate this humor.
  • jman7248523 December 2003
    It's a good show, and I find it funny. Finally the bad Latin stereo types are over! ¡Gracias, Señor Lopez! I love this show, and I just started watching it about three months ago. The whole concept about a Latin family TV show really amazed me. I am surprised that finally Latinos have a good shot to be on TV. This show is probably one the best I've seen, it's funny, heartwarming, touchy, and nice.
  • I watch the show every week - my friends & I at a real airplane parts factory love the show. George and Angie (Constance Marie) come across very well as a Dad and Mom. Grandma (Belita Moreno) comes through with razor sharp comments - that catch you laughing when you least expect it. His friends and bosses at the fictitious Powers Bros Aviation are all well cast and contribute heavily to the show.

    His children - there is simply not enough about them in the show. This includes a shining new star -- Masiela Lusha as his daughter Carmen. She is an `A' list actress in my book - and is likely to be seen & heard long after the George Lopez show has made a long & successful run. Whether Carmen is the subject of the episode or is just in show for a few lines - Masiela makes her talents known. The lines are not just delivered, but delivered First Class - with great expressions, smiles, frowns, smirks, tears, etc. She makes her character unusually believable.

    George & his Team - the entire Cast, the Writers, the Producers, Camera, Sound, and the many others make this show work, a show that is not just portraying a Latino family in Los Angeles, but also the family of an aerospace worker -- it portrays a typical family who struggles from week to week trying to make financial ends meet and yet maintain the health & happiness of the family unit. This show lets us laugh a little at ourselves, including the celebrations & predicaments. This show is not just about a Latino family - it is about a lot of us.

    ABC has a wonderful show with George Lopez - I think its here for a while -

    Watch the show !

    If you are not going to be home - record it, but definitely see it !
  • This is a hilarious show, contrary to what veestar614 thinks. A laugh is a laugh is a laugh, especially since we're talking about a 1/2 hour family sitcom, not a documentary. I know zip about Latino culture (my Spanish is limited to "yo no hablo español") but this is only of my favourite shows on TV right now.

    George Lopez overacts somewhat, but it is in character, and Angie Lopez (played by Constance Marie) is the perfect serious foil for George's over-the-top-ness, as are George's kids, Max and Carmen, his mother Benny and his friend Eddie.

    So many comedies based on the "name brand" aspect of successful comedian end up being ego trips with the "star" so greatly overshadowing the rest of the cast that it's like they aren't even there. But on the George Lopez show, the co-stars are truly that - they get decent screen time and they get some good funny lines which they can all deliver perfectly, even the kid playing Max. And Masiela Lusha is great playing the overwrought teenage girl so much like how her father is so excitable without becoming an un-funny stereotype.

    I give the show a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • For some reason, I had a hunch that this would be a funny show--judging simply from the teaser previews. Well, I was right. I'm pretty sure George Lopez is a stand-up comedian, and I would love to see his act. He is extremely funny, with great timing. And of course, I'm always a supporter of Latino shows and movies. When people think of minorities being snubbed from the media, they immediately think "blacks," but I would argue that we need to see a lot more Latinos on TV and in the movies. And just like "The Cosby Show" didn't play out stereotypes of an African-American family, "George Lopez" doesn't play out stereotypes of a Latino-American family. The characters are universal, and could be played by actors of any race. I don't know why it is, and I'm definitely not complaining, but it seems like they always cast a real hottie to play the wives on these sitcoms. In "Everybody Loves Raymond" there's Patricia Heaton, in "King of Queens" there's Leah Remini, and the actress who plays Lopez's wife is also a hottie! The old lady who plays his mother is just as funny as him, and steals every scene she's in. I sincerely hope this show lasts at least 3 seasons.

    My score: 7 (out of 10)
  • The cast does a great job, George is one of the best comedians out right now. I just wish they didn't change the time slow to Friday' much conflict for me on that night. But it's a great show. Every member of the cast does well, from Ernie and Max(Who I was suprised to learn is 15) to George. This show is one of few shows I really like(The others: Less Than Perfect, The OC, Boston Public and The Practice, 10-8's not bad..)
  • George Lopez is a funny man even without the sitcom. The first episodes I saw of this too often made jokes at the expense of his mom. As I have watched this more, there has been more & more variety. No one on the cast is really safe from his wit now.

    It seems to me as this season has progressed that George is getting more comfortable with the family sitcom Dad role. At first he wasn't, but he is getting More & more into a groove. This makes both him & the shows progressively funnier. They had added a couple of characters for George to play off this year too. His wife's dad is getting more & more involved in the plot.

    His mom is still there, but not as central as past seasons. I think it is prudent to say with George's sense of comic timing, & ABC's lack of good sitcoms, George Lopez has a good chance of being here on ABC long after George W. Bush.
  • Network: ABC; Genre: sitcom; Average Content Rating: TV-PG (strong adult content); Classification: Contemporary (1 - 4);

    Season Reviewed: Season 3+

    While ABC's decision to put the slightly cruder 'George Lopez' as the lead-in to it's re-launched TGIF line-up is a judgment call I question, it does make for a slightly out-of-field comparison: 'Lopez' is cooler, edgier, funnier and more substantive than anything I remember from the line-up once populated with 'Full House' and 'Family Matters'.

    Developed by the Deborah Oppenheimer/Bruce Helford crowd that brought us 'The Drew Carey Show' back when self-titled sitcoms from stand-up comics were all the rage. 'Lopez' falls somewhere between the crude, edge of 'Carey' and the standard family sitcom. But the scripts are consistently a triumph of avoiding standard sitcom clichés, instead the show has turned toward a comedic spin on domestic drama where George Lopez (obviously as himself) struggles though (sometimes cataclysmic) events in his work and family life all the while trying to make sense of his family's past and his maniacal, brazenly without shame mother Benny (Belita Moreno). Season 3 (I could take or leave seasons 1 and 2), was ripe with domestic confrontations, family secrets revealed and a long lost father and siblings for George. In more than one way the tone of the show recalls you might get if you burned away all the rawest, sharpest edges from Fox's 'Titus'.

    George Lopez shines in the show. The biggest crack in the armor is in the supporting cast. Where 'Titus' had a strong one in the legendary Stacy Keach and Cynthia Watros, Moreno doesn't have the presence of a chief antagonist and often just comes off obnoxious - so much so it will prompt me to change the channel during her scenes. Constance Marie is stuck in a largely thankless role as Lopez's wife, much of the time just staying out of Lopez's way. The show hasn't put her in the typical whiny sitcom mom role which is appreciated more than anything she does, but when the story requires Marie is able to step up in a way that the rest of the cast can't. Really, that only marginally matters, because it's quite literally all Lopez's show. George Lopez tears through the sharp dialog like a Tasmanian devil, spitting it all out with an impeccable comic delivery able to get big laughs from little lines like "Stitch it on a pillow sister, we need cash". He is the tent pole that almost all the laughs swing around and the show is at it's best when it knows that - allowing for the supporting cast, in all their limited acting ability, to stand as plot-device in Lopez's way.

    'George Lopez' is the first mainstream, successful American sitcom with an almost all Hispanic cast. It sprinkles touches of cultural authenticity all around - and in ways I'm sure I don't get, but for the most part the family is largely mainstream. I can understand that some might view is a copping out. I see it more as the show's desire to present a traditional sitcom family that happens to be Mexican. Now, if there were a lot more shows on TV like this, then we might have an issue.

    One of my favorite bits in the series is the way it brought back the time-tested tradition of a conservative father debating with his liberal daughter (Masiela Lusha). Season 3 opened with a bang in the hour-long episode "Dad, Dubya and Dating" where Lopez tries to keep daughter Carmen from joining an anti-war protest. In a later episode, in a funny spin on preachy series, Carmen says her rights have been violated by "the New England Patriots Act", to which George replies "That's about gay marriage, don't you pick up a newspaper". We get the sense that 'George Lopez' doesn't want to be seen as a pioneer sitcom, nor does it want to make a political statement. It just wants to be funny - and it is that. It's also substantive and genuine which is rare. It's one of the better family sitcoms on TV right now.

    * * * / 4
  • when i saw commercials for this i was thinking "NO WHAT HAS NICK AT NITE DONE!" because it was taking up "fresh prince" slots. well, i still love the fresh prince. but george lopez is a surprisingly good show. i love how not-stereotypical benny is. carmen is a pretty good character, its really funny to see how stupid and overemotional she can be sometimes. i feel bad for the guy who plays max, he looks much younger then he actually is! but max is a fun character, and acted well. and yeah, angie is a little stereotypical, but she has her funny moments. ha ha george does have a big head! nah but he can be really good too. funny show! it definitely should be on more often then home improvement.
  • I started watching this show on Nick at Nite. It's pretty funny, and for me, better than Lopez's stand up. I have seen his stand up comedy live, but it is not as enjoyable as the show. At least in the show, there are elements of other aspects to life rather than just animosity towards white people.

    The show is good because it is realistic to many situations. George is a self-made factory manager, who married a loving but sometimes neurotic wife, Angie, has a troubled and quite spoilt daughter, Carmen, and a gullible, somewhat spoilt younger son, Max. Many things happen over the course of the show, giving it spice and edge. Issues such as teen runaways, dyslexia, gang violence, drugs, alcoholism, child abuse, unemployment, and racism are addressed. Besides the racism, the rest is set well. It also has its comedic moments.

    I understand the pain of Mexicans. I am not white, but like I said, I have seen his stand up. Three hours of his rambling hatred towards Caucasians made me quite nauseas. Doesn't this guy ever give up? What does he know about immigration patterns, anyway? He was born in America, and maybe his childhood was abusive (I'm switching back to the show, though it's true in real life) he turned out okay. I am half-Arab, and my people have been denied immigration because of 9/11. He acts as if Latinos are the only ones that undergo racism. Arabs are defined as terrorist because of a few group of renegades who are insane.

    Sorry about the political situation. Racism is wrong, and sometimes the jokes are funny just to lift burdens, but there is a limit. Lopez passed that limit ages ago. Good show, but he might want to get some new material for his stand up other than his averse disposition towards white people.
  • I have enjoyed season 2 so far and I have seen GLo in person at the Improv. He's marvelous and talented. I also have his CD and thats a blast. My bro introduced me to this talented person who I had previously knew from several radio shows. I do hope they keep his show running for another season. When I seen him at the Improv I mentioned he should be nominated for new sitcom at the Emmy or People's Choice Awards. This show has a lot of issues but diversity. I recommend this show to all not just our own raza...keep on trucking!!!
  • George Lopez has a reputation as a washed-up, one-trick-pony kind of comedian. His shows keep getting canceled, so you'll really only see him as a voice actor in bad kids movies these days. But I'll always maintain, if nothing else, The George Lopez Show was comedy gold.

    I'm terrible at describing humor. I just found the show to be very funny, with natural humor. It doesn't feel too far off from what funny people say in real life. Some jokes have quick setups, and blunt, hilarious punchlines.

    But a certain success of the series is not its humor, but its conflicts. The worst part about sitcoms is how insignificant their plots are, and how petty their characters. Eventually, many characters will devolve into caricatures of their former selves. The George Lopez Show gives actual characters actual problems. Financial issues, marriage problems, rebellious kids, strained parental relationships. These are far more relateable than, say, worrying your boyfriend watches shark porn. You're nervous for them, and are soooo relieved when they make it through the rain. And they never let the drama take over the comedy.

    Comedy is too subjective for me to ever give a hard recommendation. But I'd say give this show a shot. I found the comedy and drama perfectly balanced, and the show is consistently good during its run. I don't think I'll find a sitcom as good anytime soon.
  • From the beginning of the show Carmen was there. She was one of the best characters. Why did they get rid of her?! The show not the same as before. Its way worse.

    The best episodes were with Carmen in them. You can't replace someone from the beginning! That is like South Park without Kyle or Child's Play without Chucky! It's not right! The niece who replaced her is just, ugh! Awful. She doesn't fit into the storyline at all. She was one of the main characters, and the niece can't replace her. She was an awesome actress. Way better than the niece. Get her back, or you'll lose a TON of viewers.
  • drybones8731 August 2010
    Today is one of my all time favorite shows to review. George Lopez. First, the cast of course. There's George, a father of 2 who is the manager of a factory. Angie, the wife who thinks pretty much everything George does is wrong. Ernie, George's best friend. Max and Carmen, the kids who get into a lot of trouble. Vic, Angie's dad who doesn't like George that much until season 3 or 4. And the funniest character is Benny, George's mom. Yeah, your basic sitcom characters, but they took the liberty to put some essential characters in there to make the show funnier. I've seen some reviews of people bashing the show saying its racist, but George or anyone doesn't make jokes about OTHER RACES, he makes them about HIS RACE. And the jokes, i don't see how they can be hurtful cuz Latinos are awesome, George is just poking a little fun. Let's compare those jokes to the show Everybody Hates Chris, which is an awesome show. They're being poking fun of the other race, which is considered racist. OK back to the show. The plots are sometimes your basic sitcoms, Benny hides something from George, a problem at the factory, or the kids. But all the plots are legitimate. They just revolve around the same thing, like a lot of good sitcoms like Drake and Josh or Malcolm in the Middle. So that wraps it up. George Lopez is a hilarious show, not racist, good plots, good characters. So if you hate the show, just do yourself a favor and die.
  • George Lopez never caught my interest in his stand up comedy and he still doesn't. But this show is a work of art. It's not ever show where the jokes keep you laughing every time you remember it (and jokes that re memorable at that). This show just has an upbeat look to it and the characters range from an old, short drunk to an dyslexic teenager. I don't know who writes this show but that person does a great job. If they had just continued the show I'm sure that it would get a positive response from the critics of this great country. If you are looking for a good, traditional comedy, then George Lopez is the show for you! The one bad thing is the title. George Lopez? Really? Imagine the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air being "Will Smith". C'mon man! But otherwise, this show is genius! 10/10
  • colunga1320 June 2009
    I have been watching this show since I was 14 and I've loved it ever since. I love this show because it's just plain funny! You will enjoy this show a lot because it shows something new and funnier everyday and my favorite part is when Benny always has her last comments on George after every punchline about his fat giant head.*laughs* I would laugh and I'd watch it with my friends at home it'd be like we were watching a funny movie but short. Love George Lopez. Funny, talented,funny,spectacular. This is a cool-funny-family comedy series enjoyable to everyone and you will definitely enjoy it--I did! And if you haven't watched it yet I suggest that you start watching because you wouldn't want to stop watching it. Even though there aren't anymore brand new episodes I still enjoy the re-runs. Still funny. Never wears off.

  • The George Lopez Show is a nice deviation from the pervasive, saccharine trash found in network television nowadays. The characters are layered, the humor goes down well--and never sounds forced or old, the plotlines usually make some sense and there's aren't too many sappy, preachy, life-lessonish type moments--even the very few there are usually feel faintly meaningful and relatable. Just an all-around decent, well-made, balanced show.
  • Not only is the show funny, the people who make the show are good people!

    I laugh out loud at this show. Great performances, and situation comedy at its best
  • I can't believe that you don't think this show isn't funny. It is full of rich characters and has loads of heart. The cast are all respectable actors and the scripts take chances and score almost every time. With all the drivel that is on the air, this show is breath of fresh air. I am not Latino, but I don't think its "full of latino cliches". Most of the Latino humor is general, so that everyone can understand and enjoy the jokes. It is in no way offensive and all my latin friends say that it's the most even handed depiction of a latino family ever to hit the air waves. So 3 cheers for The George Lopez Show, may it enjoy a long run. ABC has a winner with the one!
  • I think that this show is great. It's a really funny show. The way they represent the spanish family is great. It's toned down a bit but it's still a great representation. Guys are always made to believe they should'nt work or do anything in the house. The mother is also like a typical spanish mother/grandmother. She's always commenting on george's ways of doing things. The daughter and mother relationship is great and the son's relationship with the brother is good to. There always fighting. All in all, I recomend people to see it. It's a great show. not everyone will like it, but most will.
  • dashx17 January 2003
    I watched this show and i simply didn't find it funny at all. It might have been the first episode. Lately i realize ABC is playing a lot of stupid shows nowadays and is going down as a station. All the characters on this show are pretty bad actors, but even if they were good the jokes and script are pretty horrible and would still bring the show down. I would say that I believe this show will be cancelled, but seeing as how ABC is doing pretty horrible for quality of shows they are playing, they might just keep this one simply because it's average compared to them.
  • I didn't see any of the episodes when they were first run on ABC, but when The George Lopez Show entered reruns, my girlfriend (who's a fan of the show) and I frequently watch them and to me it's one of TV's groundbreaking sitcoms for its predominately Hispanic casting and the avoidance of stereotypes.

    In some ways, George Lopez resembles The Drew Carey Show, which is produced by the same production company. First Lopez, like Carey plays a fictional version of himself and his mother Benny, brilliantly played by Belita Moreno is somewhat of a female antagonist like Mimi.

    The show's supporting cast in addition to Moreno is outstanding. Constance Marie has great chemistry as Lopez's wife Angie and Masiela Lusha and Luis Armand Garcia who plays the Lopez's children are destined for success. Let's not overlook Valente Rodriguez as Ernie and Emiliano Diaz as George's father-in-law. Also, Sandra Bullock, who was one of the show's executive producers, appeared in a few episodes as Accident Amy. To me, she resembled an adult female version of Steve Urkel.

    The one other thing about the show that stood out was the writing. A number of episodes were based on George's personal experiences and the storyline about Lopez being abandoned by his father was base on his real-life situation.

    ABC shouldn't have canceled the show. It's the best TV show to feature Hispanic performers. not to mention, the winner of several ALMA awards.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I first came upon this show while on vacation last summer. I was in my hotel room, and my family wanted to watch something, so I flipped channels, came upon "George Lopez", and watched 2 episodes. Shortly after the second one, I became obsessed. I love this show and it is not a usual trash sitcom like many other Nick at Nite or ABC pieces of trash!You know a show is good when you cannot choose a "least favorite" character, because they are all so well played. This is definitely one of those shows! George, playing himself, the titular character, whatever you call it, works at an airplane parts factory,Powers Bros. and is manager there. Angie, his loving but flighty wife, sells cosmetics. His teen daughter Carmen and grade-school (and later teen) son Max are more than your typical snot-nosed kids, they add a different dynamic and are not cheesy.His friend Ernie is affable and dumb, but is hilarious in what he does, so are the Powers Bros.,and Angie's dad Vic Palmero, who makes some appearances, but the BEST character on this show is George's drunk, raucous, poker- loving,rude,crude,antagonistic mother, Benny! She delivers unexpected comments that always have wit and zing! I LOVE HER, SHE IS EXTREMELY TALENTED! It makes for a great cast, and, as George would say, Que loco hombre!:) Ps. I am only rating this 9/10 because Carmen left.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Before I go on, George Lopez: two things -(1) Stop making racist jokes describing how lame you think white people are - it borders on hate speech. (2) You're not the only Latino guy on earth, so cool it. Your own kidney probably rejected you because you're way too ethnic. This happens a lot on your late night talk show - the band is called the essay-vatos? Really? Get a grip, you 50-year old cholo wannabe. You are an extremely talented and funny guy - you don't always need to go there.

    Now The George Lopez show just happened to be one of the greatest sitcoms of all time - I rate it among my top five - along with The Honeymooners, Sanford and Son, Seinfeld, and King of Queens. Too bad it got axed after only 5 seasons. The cast was great - George is a riot. His mother one of the greatest characters ever. She is a riot....very few redeeming qualities and she knows it. The gorgeous Constance Marie is a great actress and she is far better than all other sitcom wives with the possible exception of Alice Kramden. The girl who plays her daughter, who, by the way is Albanian and not Latino,is a very talented actress. The little boy who plays his son is also very talented. Unlike most family sitcoms, where the kids are just scenery, the kids on this show have big roles and are much better actors than the kids in Home Improvement, another show where the kids had a lot of lines. Ernie is very funny. He is a big part of the show, much like Art Carney on The Honeymooners or Dan Daly on Th Bob Newhart Show. Any shows with phenomenal characters such as George's mom and Ernie cannot fail. But everyone on this show is great. The stories are very original and everything doesn't always work out like it should - it's very unpredictable.
  • caiged25 January 2010
    Yes, it's over the top, yes it's a bit clichéd and yes, Constance Marie is a total babe and worthy of seeing again and again! The jokes and gags might get old and repetitive after a while but the show's still fun to watch. Since it's a family show the humour is toned down and the writers have incorporated family values and ideals in between the gags.

    George Lopez is funny. Don't take him seriously and the show's a winner. I'm sure he didn't intend his character to be serious or a paragon of virtue. His outbursts and shouts of glee are hilarious...

    I do have to say that the one big, dark, bitter spot is Benny. I hate the much so that anytime she's on for more than 30 seconds I mute the TV just so I don't have to hear her. There is nothing funny about her dialogue or her jokes. As a mother she has to be the worst out there and I am just shocked and surprised that George, as the character, would stand by such a deplorable person for so long.

    Even so anytime I get ticked off at seeing Benny I think to myself: seeing her is a lot better than having to watch the Bill Engvall Show. Now there's a bad sitcom...
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