Kirk Fogg: Are you ready, Olmec?

Olmec: Let's rock.

Kirk Fogg: Ah, Oh no! Looks like the temple guard got you!

[pause takes extra long breath]

Kirk Fogg: ... But don't worry guys... you're not going to Space Camp but at least you've got those remote control trucks and your confidence.

Olmec: [after explaining a potential route through the temple] The choices are yours, and yours alone! Who's going first?

Host: [referring to the center of the Temple] The center of the room.

Olmec: Let's get crackin'!

Host: Stay high.

Host: You're going to the temple!

Olmec: "Legends of the Hidden Temple!" with your guide, Kirk Fogg!

[Kirk descends from a climbing harness]

Olmec: And here he is now!

[the players are replicating the experience of Ponce de Leon, putting gold on ships]

Kirk Fogg: Over there

[points to gold foam bricks]

Kirk Fogg: is a pile of gold, and over there

[points to a wicker basket]

Kirk Fogg: is a ship.

Kirk Fogg: We're gonna see you again next time for another great legend of the hidden temple!

Kirk Fogg: It's tough trying to make it out of the pit. Many have never returned from the pit.

Kirk Fogg: Olmec! Lower your gate!

Olmec: [Lowering] Hmmmmm.

Olmec: The player that conquers the most countries in sixty seconds, wins!

Kirk Fogg: They've got to crawl down through the rubble... Barney Rubble...

Kirk Fogg: Sir Edmond Hillary had picks and oxygen tanks to aid in his climb up Mt. Everest. Our players have these.

[Shrugs and holds up climbing peg for the camera]

Kirk Fogg: The key to this game is... the key.