The temple runs were often taped without an audience, especially in the third season. Since tapings lasted until as late as 1AM, and the show taped multiple episodes worth of every segment, by the time the temple runs were taped, the studios had often closed for regular guests and an audience track was used to make it sound like there was an audience watching.

The Temple Guards were actually the stage assistants. Occasionally, some of the writers would also take this task.

During the second and third seasons, Kirk Fogg's entrance was prerecorded, and the same one was played at the beginning of every episode.

In the Room of the Golden Idols, no player ever successfully "hugged an idol" to progress downward from the room. Only one player ever tried doing this and the door didn't open. Likewise, in the Treasure Room, the room that replaced the Golden Idols, only one player ever opened the treasure chest to progress downward.

Each contestant was allowed to keep the same team T-shirt that he or she wore during the course of the program. However, contestants on the Silver Snakes team were given facsimiles afterwards since the T-shirts they wore during taping were specially designed to show up better on film.

The only room to appear in the temple in every single temple run is the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.

The Green Monkeys, ironically, never successfully retrieved an artifact from The Shrine of the Silver Monkey. The closest they came was in "The Broken Wing of Icarus," where the contestant was racing up the Ledges when time ran out. This is also the closest loss in the history of the show.

In the history of the show, only thirty-two players ever successfully retrieved an artifact from the room at the center of the temple.

The day's shows were recorded section-by-section. In other words, every moat crossing was recorded first, back to back; every Steps of Knowlege round was recorded second, and every Temple Game round was recorded third. The Temple Runs were recorded last.

Temple Guards never appeared in the Jester's Court or the Pit rooms.

The first episode ever recorded was Blackbeard's Treasure Map, identifiable by the lack of footage during Olmec's steps of knowledge speech, although the temple run segment was filmed at a later date.

To control the motion of Olmec's mouth, 'Dee Baker' (Olmec's voice) pulled a wire that activated its movement. Olmec's eyes, on the other hand, were voice activated and grew brighter with volume.

Every team beat every other team there was in the moat, Steps of Knowledge, and Temple games. The only exception is the Purple Parrots never beating the Orange Iguanas in the temple games. There were a few times when they were close to doing this.

The tiebreaker was used 24 times.

As many as six episodes were recorded daily.

The set of the show changed slightly from season to season. In the first season, the helmets were yellow, the moat was pretty much a pool of water, the teams then for the temple games would wear shorts, and they would run the temple with yellow sweat pants on. In the second season, the moat got fog over it, along with other small touch ups, the teams wore jeans for the temple games and temple run, the temple had a gate, and the helmets were a gold-like color. In the third and final season, the gongs had a deeper sound, the steps of knowledge had a small buzzer in the step for easier buzzing. The temple itself had many updates over time, as did Kirk Fogg's entrance.

The temple runs for The Enormous Nose Ring of Babe the Ox, The Much-Heralded Helmet of Sir Gawain, and The Broken Trident of Poseidon were the only runs were a contestant never encountered one temple guard. Coincidentally, all of these were solo runs, meaning one player entered and their partner did not.

In Medusa's Lair, contestants who entered the room originally had to put four snakes onto her head. One contestant struggled with this task in the first layout featured in the season and took more than one minute to complete the objective. Because the difficulty the contestant took to complete the task, the producers decided to lower the number of snakes from four to two in the next episode and onward when the room was in place.

The three passwords in the Room of the Secret Password are "Long Live Olmec", "Open Sesame", and "Klatu Barada Nikto." The first is a reference to the show's stone head co-host, the second a line said famously by Ali Baba, and the third from The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951).

The "bull with a broken horn" decoration of the side of the Gargoyle Room in Season One was found in the plants of Season Two in front of Olmec.

The King's Storeroom is the only room to change locations in the Temple; in Season 2, it was the place of the Room of the Ancient Warriors, and in Season 3, it replaced the Observatory.

While the second contestant (from the Green Monkeys) was riding the elevator down into the Mine Shaft, the elevator stopped moving as he was reaching for imperial purple robe from in the elevator. The producers gave him the second prize (the Singalodeon), because they knew he would have grabbed The Imperial Purple Robe of Empress Theodora, but not bringing it out of the temple.

There were different results for each team completing the temple runs. Examples of such include, the Red Jaguars made it to the Temple Run 17% of the time. The Blue Barracudas made it to the temple 19 times. The Green Monkeys won 33% of their Temple Runs. The Orange Iguanas made it to the most Temple Runs. The Purple Parrots made it to the least Temple Runs. And, the Silver Snakes hold the winning percentage record.

Is considered to be the greatest show ever aired on Nickelodeon.

The quickest temple loss in the show's history was Elizabeth I's Golden Ship.

The only episode in which a contestant passed up the half-pendant before picking that up, was "The Golden Pepperoni of Catherine de' Medici." This was also the same episode in which the contestant passed up the artifact, prior to heading down to the Mine Shaft.

This series originally intended to be titled "Secrets of the Haunted House" where monsters would jump out and frighten the contestants during their challenge within the haunted attraction, but Stephen Brown, Scott Stone and David Stanley decided to redesign it as a Mesoamerican temple and replace the monsters with Mayan temple guards.

The only episode in which a Temple Guard appears in the Mine Shaft was in "The Golden Earring of Henry Morgan."

Although the contestants are seen taking about one to two minutes crossing the moat on television, there were several occasions where the contestants took up to a half-hour to cross.

There were 15 layouts of the temple throughout the series: nine in season one, five in season two, and one in season three.

In the "run and jump on a crane" temple game, the statue at the middle of the boom was a Golden Idol from Season One's temple room, The Room of the Golden Idols.

When Olmec is beginning and concluding the legend and asking questions from the story, the camera view of Olmec shown doing these things makes it looks like he is smiling.