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  • This used to be the highlight of children's TV for me, it outranked even My Parents Are Aliens and everyone in the family knew not to disturb me while I watched Gadabout! Although I liked the episodes with Will, I preferred the ones which focused more on the Knights and the King.

    The jokes and parodies were really funny, and would easily appeal to adults who like comedy like Blackadder. I laughed out loud many times to this, and even quoted it around the house- a true mark of a good programme. The characters were perfect, the show was well acted and the jokes were not too adult nor too childish and silly.

    When this show ended I was seriously annoyed and wished for more episodes. Luckily, I'm over it now- but if there's ever a repeat of this fabulous series then I'm sure I'll revive my obsession once more!
  • I caught the Gadabout programme when I was a student in England and was channel surfing. Even though it's a children's programme, it really is very well done and choke full of jokes that will make you wipe tears from your eyes after you've recovered from laughing. I liked all the characters from the king, Will, Elenora to the knights and their funny antics, their dilemmas, the round table etc.

    Am seriously considering getting the whole series if possible. Pity I didn't get to see more, but even now, I will chuckle when remembering at funny scenes in the programme and people around will get startled. And when a programme can make you do that, you know it's good; because you only remember the good stuff you've watched on TV.