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10 June 2016 | lor_
Okay perhaps for the Andrew Blake crowd
In his director's commentary, director Nic Andrews is not shy regarding his greatness, but I'm afraid the video in question fails to live up to his self-admiration. It consists of nine abstract vignettes vaguely related to phone sex, and quite boring in toto.

Kylie Ireland is a key collaborator here, and her segments are alluring and well- performed. But it all adds up to nothing, including Nic's self-touted sort of "sexual vocalese" in which Kylie's moaning and groaning and whispering is integrated as part of the music track. If all of Nic's endless post-production attention to detail actually adds up to anything it's to produce a tape suitable for installation at some X-rated nightclub as background noise, the way my local Italian wine bar in Chelsea plays old Italian films (with or without subtitles) mute as a background.

I admired Nic's narrative horror film Dark Angels 2 but in the decade since that one he has not made any others, just working occasionally as a cameraman. No idea why, but "Confessions" certainly demonstrates a disconnect between auteur and prospective audience. Otherwise, I would be comparing Blake to Nic and not the other way around.

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