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  • This show may be German, but it is excellent!!!! It's crazy, funny, and sometimes oh so true!!! Lolle and her friends just make you laugh, and you spend a real good time watching it!! Just wish I could find a DVD!!! Anyway, this really changes from silly shows, because Lolle is not the typical girl you usually see. She can't make up her mind between two guys (and, well, I can easily understand, 'coz they are both wonderful), and what is excellent, is that every character is not perfect!! They all make (big) mistakes, or wrong choices that put them in, well, strange and totally crazy situation!!! That such a big deal!!!
  • In the first Season Lolle (short from Charlotta) rushed to Berlin to find her ex-boyfriend with another woman. She decided to stay with her cousin Sven and her new friend Rosalie, a lesbian actress. Through the year Lolle had some crazy and sad love affairs and then she fall in love with her cousin, who as an ex-wife and a son, who he misses a lot. After their first night Lolle is confused and not able to stay at his side. When Silvia, Svens ex makes the decision to move back to Sven. Lolles heart is broken. Second Season: Rosalie, now one of Lolles closest friends left town, and Sven is with his ex. Lolle get to know a new man - Alex, but then Sven wants her back... Expect a lot of great storyline, comic scenes and Lolles thoughts to see whats up in her mind. I love that show.
  • Lolle went to Berlin, Germany. And that is where the trouble starts. She has a lot to learn about the big city and to fit into the situations. Getting a job or getting a new boyfriend. But she gets some good friends who try to help her setting up her life, which isn't always easy. She has problems all of us had already. And that is the charming of that series. I am really looking forward to the new episodes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    'Berlin, Berlin' is a soap-series, set in the Berlin of and around 2002-2003. It's about young adults in their twenties, dealing with today's relation-problems.

    This series is greatly carried by its competent female lead Felicitas Woll. The world is shown through Felicitas' eyes and mind, extended at times by a very funny & original use of short animation films.

    For the more aged among my readers: 'Berlin, Berlin' reminds one of the successful English series 'Man about the House', from the 1970-s.

    Although unmistakeably German, 'Berlin, Berlin' nowhere and never puts any weight on you. It provides amusement, set in a very recognizable day-to-day setting. And it does so very well.
  • As I am living in Holland (German origin) I was really glad that I could receive ARD. The bad thing was that I could not talk with my friends over here about it (it's a shame that 'Berlin, Berlin' is not aired on Dutch TV).

    I especially like the comic idea about it and the funny, weird and sometimes sad relationship between Lolle (Felicitas Woll) and Sven (Jan Sosniok).

    The first season however is my favorite one (because of Rosalie (Sandra Borgmann) I guess) but still the other three seasons are very good as well. There is always something crazy, something funny, something unreal but still imaginably real in every episode (I praise the writer(s) - David Safier!).

    If you have the chance just watch it and see yourself!
  • This is a quite sympathetic, funny, creative and addictive series. It has won several prizes. For her role as Lolle, Felicitas Woll received

    -the "German Television Prize",

    -the "Adolf Grimme Award"

    -and the Golden Rose from Lucerne

    The series itself was awarded with the

    -German Television Prize in the category "Best Sitcom"

    -and even an International Emmy in the category "Comedy".

    The main story is settled around a young girl called "Lolle", who moves from a small village to a big town. She encounters a lot of problems in love, business and on a personal level but always somehow manages to get it right.
  • I'm in Germany for an Internship (I'm from the Netherlands) and everyday at 18.50 we drink soup and watch 'Berlin Berlin'. It learns me how to speak German and gives my life meaning. Lolle is THE most beautifull girl in Germany (believe me, I've been here for 2 months and there isn't much competition). I hope they will make a nice DVD-set off the series... People, believe me, watch it and be happy!
  • This show is amazing, even watching from Australia without subtitles and only being able to understand half of it, it is still one of the best comedies/dramas I've ever seen! The acting is great, the characters are lovable and most of all, Matthias Schloo is the most adorable thing I have ever seen, making season 2 & 3 the best of them all! The plots are great and the cartoons make it so easy to understand what Lolle is feeling at the time. Felicitas Woll is a great actress and makes Lolle seem so real. I can't get enough of the show and the characters, and I'll be extremely happy if it is ever screened in Australia!!!
  • Felicitas Woll plays Lolle (yeah, that's a name, not an insult) who comes a small town to Berlin to be with her boyfriend and become a comic-writer. But (oh my god) her boyfriend has a new one! Drama at it's best. I guess... Joining Woll (who has the charme of a dead skunk) in this hopeless effort are actors Jan Sosniok (whom you just wish be banned for life from the screen), Sandra Borgmann (who plays a lesbian and seems at least a bit talented) and Matthias Klimsa. To make it even worse some horrible comic-scenes were added. Great idea (you know...Comic-writer...hint, hint).

    I really thought it was the worst series on German TV (and we have a lot of bad stuff), but I recently watched "Alicia". Almost makes this non-sense looks good.