Helena Kyle: Do you have any idea how hard it is to find clothes that look sexy?

Helena Kyle: I like to look at the law as sort of a guideline, kind of a helpful suggestion.

Helena Kyle: [to Dinah] News Flash, it's high school. The closest thing our society has to institutionalized torture.

Alfred: [to Barbara] Batgirl was strong but impetuous. You've grown into a thoughtful, beautiful woman with the capacity to care more for others than you do for yourself. And if that's not a hero, I don't know what is.

Alfred: A good butler does not eavesdrop... he discreetly overhears.

Barbara Gordon: [Discussing Dinah] Have a heart, Helena. I took you in at the same age.

Helena Kyle: Yeah. And I used to lie to you all the time... only I was better at it.

Barbara Gordon: Uh... not THAT much better.

Dinah: Do you trust me?

Barbara Gordon: Dinah, if you wanted really, REALLY wanted someone dead... they'd be dead.

Helena Kyle: [about Reese] He's not my boyfriend. Boyfriends share things with girlfriends. They don't hide massive secrets!

Dinah: You're techno babbling.

Oracle: I think therefore the chair moves.

Helena Kyle: Men! Can't live with them, might as well beat the crap out of them.

Barbara Gordon: Are we still talking about work here?

Helena Kyle: Of course we are. What else is there?

Barbara Gordon: I'm not going anywhere near that one.

Jesse Reese: I thought you worked alone.

Helena Kyle: I keep trying.

Barbara Gordon: Just because something looks simple doesn't mean it is... and nothing worth having in this life is easy.

Helena Kyle: Oh, no... you do NOT mess with the outfit!

Harley Quinn: That's my boy!

Helena Kyle: Slow down, you're driving like a maniac!

Barbara Gordon: When did you become the back-seat driver from hell?

Barbara Gordon: We thought we could do no wrong. We ruled Gotham's nights and answered to no one but ourselves.

Alfred: If I may be so blunt, Miss Barbara... this mask... this suit... no longer fits.

Helena Kyle: The drinking came after the driving... and armed robbery... but before the dancing and strip poker.

Harley Quinn: I mean, really, he is the perfect child for the busy career woman: Low maintenance. No sleep deprivation. They don't live long enough to borrow the car.

Helena Kyle: This whole thing is gonna send me straight to my shrink.

Harley Quinn: Me and my Mr. J, we would have had such beautiful children - my green eyes and his green hair.

Helena Kyle: I don't know what to do, Alfred.

Alfred: Welcome to parenthood.

Barbara Gordon: I don't think we should interfere.

Helena Kyle: We interfere for a living.

Harleen: The city is gonna pay for what they did to my sweet Mr. J.

Helena Kyle: [about Dinah] She's dangerous when she's pissed, huh?

Barbara Gordon: Dealing with demons is never easy, whether they're on the outside or the inside.

Barbara Gordon: Looks like our Wallwalker's neuro-electrical pulse activates some kind of... molecular dispersion. That's what enables him to pass through inanimate objects.

Helena Kyle: And here I just thought he was just really skinny...

Helena Kyle: Our jobs are supposed to be so easy: Find the bad guys, kick the crap out of 'em, feel good, and go home.