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  • I liked this show. It's too bad it didn't last very long. I liked the matrix-like action sequences, the dialog, the twists and turns that each episode took. It's a bummer that the last episode was such a cliffhanger (of course they usually are). It's true the meta-human thing was a bit unrealistic, but they had to play with things a little to make it so that it wasn't too much a copy of other Batman stories. I would have liked to see Dina's character more developed as she discovered her abilities. I would have liked to see Oracle get the use of her legs back if possible. It would have been neat to see if the Alfred character would develop further. Of course the Huntress character had a lot of development options. I wish they'd bring this show back. I don't care what all of the negative people might say, I liked it and miss it a lot. I wish somebody could do something to bring it back.
  • There are those comix purists who will complain that BoP violates "continuity". If the truth be known, that which constitutes "continuity" is in the eye of the beholder (At last count, there are over five -- and counting --different Batman "continuities" [Movie Batman, "Batman: The Animated Series", "Batman Beyond", "Justice League", "The Dark Knight", etc.] ). At last count, Superman has over EIGHT different continuities (radio show, TV shows ["Superboy", "Smallville", etc.], and countless cartoon incarnations -- in addition to the comics). This is to say nothing of the pre- and post-"Crisis" versions of each of these characters.

    There are so many different versions of Batman and Superman and different eras that trying to please each and every comic fan out there is a nightmare and an impossible task for a screenwriter. There are some people who want to see this version and some who want to see this era and if the writers mix them up then all hell breaks loose in Comix Fandom. To attempt to satisfy the whims of each individual fan is to ask for trouble.

    While the critics are marking off their checklists and tabulating how well BoP adheres to its "source material", they're missing out on a fun show peopled with some quirky and interesting characters (The Huntress holds the singular honor of being TV's first superhero to see a therapist on a regular basis!).

    "Birds of Prey" is best enjoyed when judged on its own merits. In my opinion, it's a fun show that deserves a chance to come out from under the shadow of its comic book origins.
  • While not a dead on comic adaptation,and far from ideal effects and stories,Birds of Prey set out to give viewers a good comic related action show and was succeeding,as the Thousands of unhappy and protesting fans that wrote and emailed the WB prove. While not without its flaws,the show had good action and good plots for the medium.Enjoyable acting ,fast pace,and effects consistent with tv action/fantasy.As to the comic fans who are rabid over the differences:while we'd all love to see it,no comic based movie or tv show has ever been a perfect adaptation.File it away to alternate realities if you must,but be open minded.Just because Star Wars Episodes 1-3 Made most of it's "history" bunk doesnt mean Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire books were any less enjoyable The WB and Fox both owe their very existence to shows that didnt take off immediately,Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Married With Children come to mind and they are not the only ones.Yet in recent years both networks have developed a "better ratings now" philosophy that insults viewers and television industry people alike.Any show that isnt cookie cutter crap or an instant hit with whatever demographic they are aiming for is quickly eliminated,almost unerringly,giving no time to grow a large and loyal fanbase(like the aforementioned shows did).But fanbases do exist for these shows and are kept alive via the internet,and word of mouth.Given another year for people to tune in and a little tweaking this show could have been another Buffy like hit,but sadly it wasnt to be.So remember kiddies:tape those first runs,the show might not make it to reruns
  • Warning: Spoilers
    ****Spoilers ahoy! ****

    For those of you whose only preception of Batgirl was the "Batman and Robin" version, featuring the blonde-haired, deliverer of bad comebacks "Barbara Wilson" (Alicia Silverstone), this new WB series "Birds of Prey" should be a welcome breath of fresh air. Based on the hit comicbook series, BoP presents us with an alternate Gotham City, a world in which Batman is mysteriously absent. His protege, Barbara Gordon, one-time Batgirl and computer genius, strives to follow in his vigilante footsteps. After suffering a crippling injury at the hands of the Joker, Barbara assumes a new identity: Oracle, an all-seeing, all-knowing force of justice. Utilizing her vast computer knowledge, she patrols Gotham virtually, battling the forces of evil.

    Aiding her on this quest, is Helena Kyle, the daughter of Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (Selina Kyle). Taken in by Barbara after her mother's brutal murder, Helena is Oracle's eyes and ears in New Gotham. Though she seems to enjoy a solid butt-kicking and the occassional pithy retort, the Huntress is considerably more laid-back than her mentor and frequently demands a reminder for why she and Oracle bother with crimefighting in the first place.

    Dinah Lance, a naive teenager from a quiet Midwestern background, later journeys to Gotham, pursuing the two figures from her childhood nightmares. Believing her premonitions to be real despite her mother's skepticism, she arrives by bus and quickly finds herself at the mercy of the dangerous city. The Huntress appears just in time to rescue her and Dinah recognizes her as one of the women from her dreams. Her gift allows her to see and feel what others do when she comes in physical contact with them, and due to this, she is able to follow the Huntress back to Oracle's clocktower, thereby discovering their secret identities.

    I was very impressed with the flashback sequences, the appearance of Batman and Batgirl, battling the Joker together. Dina Meyer is delightful in her portrayal as Barbara Gordon, believable in both her no-nonsense valor and quiet tenderness. It's a pleasure to finally see a correct interpretation of Batgirl/Oracle hit the screen. And though the BoP series features the Earth 1 version of the Huntress (quite unlike the more commonly known Helena Bertinelli), the stray from today's continuity is not altogether unpleasant. Helena Kyle broods admirably, yet is not as dark, violent, and angsty as her Earth 2 counterpart. Ashley Scott's chemistry with Shemar Moore (Detective Reese) will also be fun to follow.

    My only complaint would be the casting for the lovable psychopath Harelyquinn. Though it's probably too early to nitpick, Mia Sara seems an unlikely choice in both appearance and personality for the young and bubbly Harley. I suppose we'll have to see her in action before passing a final judgement. But other than that, BoP grants us access to a whole new Gotham, fiercely protected by a new trio of superheroines. Hopefully, the producers will leave some room for the old; favorites like Nightwing, Robin, and Spoiler would make for delicious gueststars ;)
  • I was called by a beautiful friend of mine who was frantically trying to tell me to switch the channels over to the new program BOP.

    I am clearly in her debt. I loved the show.

    I work in a video store and i am constantly reviewing movies and watching older ones. I am a huge fan of the comics and the movies as well.

    The whole concept of Batman leaving and the daughter coming up the ranks. Bat Girl being the 'leader'. Its fantastic. The music, the graphics and the villains were great.

    I don't understand why people come on to say that it was bad. I understand that the series didn't last very long but i believe the idea will be picked up again and enhanced even greater.

    If there is a survey for people that enjoyed this movie and would pay to see it again...put me on it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    There are a lot of positive things to say about this show. I regret not watching this show when it first came on. The premise intrigued me, and I was a comic book fan, so I was really disappointed that I was unable to watch the show because it was on a night that I worked. By the time I was able to change my schedule the show had been canceled so I just forgot about it for a while, but then it came out on DVD with good reviews so I bought it and watched it with my young sons. We all loved it! Just as every reviewer has said, the plot is about the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle's child and her affiliation with her mentor/best friend Barbara Gordon(Commissioner Gordon's daughter and Batman's former protégé') who is now called Oracle and the new addition to the team Dinah Lance(Black Canary's daughter), which does not follow the comics exactly, but that is okay because of how well it plays out. As a show, it had a strong plot, good acting and writing, just about everyone agreed that Barbara Gordon was played very faithfully by Dina Meyer and so was Ian Abercrombie's Alfred Pennyworth. The show boasted a solid soundtrack, very solid in fact, the opening song "Revolution" and the final ones "All the Things She Said" and "A Sorta Fairytale" were more than perfect fits. Visually it was a dark leather, but not too dark Gotham, which wasn't bad. The show had more of a cinematic touch for its 40 minute episodes.

    The cast was great, actors and characters, but all in all, any good story has a fantastic ending, and boy does this show deliver. It delivered as well as any show I have ever seen in fact. It had great pacing, and circular storytelling that is nowhere near trite, one easily can begin to believe in, and cheer for these characters. You begin to love and hurt along with them.

    In the end, Birds of Prey was a great show, not just a good one, but a great one, and I would like that maybe someday, a network will bring it back with the same three lead actresses, at least as a made for TV movie series.
  • The show had a good start. Some comic book fans are groaning because they strayed from the comic book storyline. Most are glad to see that the series exists.

    Dina Meyer gave a strong performance as Barbara Gordon. She was a believable leader of the crime fighting trio. The other characters still need to settle in their new roles a bit. Ashley Scott has a good start with her Huntress metahuman abilities. She had decent fight scenes. Dinah (Rachel Skarsten) will probably draw in younger viewers to the show.

    Harley Quinn is a character that should be used like in the Batman cartoon, otherwise this is a waste of a character. Mia Sara's portrayal is too sinister so far. It left me asking when the Harley Quinn we know and love will pop up. Possibly, this might happen when she sees the Joker? (I wonder what Kevin Smith thinks....)

    Kudos for using Mark Hamill as the voice of the Joker.

    I like that Batman is hidden in the shadows, because it builds up mystery for the dark knight. This is not the "Batman" show. Its about characters that have a connection to Batman and Gotham City.

    I'm hoping Birds of Prey gets a chance this season to build up its storyline. This WB show probably has the ability to knock UPN's Buffy out in the same timeslot. Its is fresh and probably has a following started already. (Its also filling the void leftover from the cancellation of Witchblade).

    I will be tuning in next week....

    For those who don't follow the comic books:

    1. Barbara's reason for being in a wheelchair was shown almost like it was in the tradepaper back "The Killing Joke". The Joker was trying to drive her father, Commissioner Gordon, mad not Batman.

    2. In the Birds of Prey comic, Huntress is Helena Bertinelli. Her family was gunned down by a rival mob organization. The Batman/Catwoman story was used to pull in viewers who were not familiar with the charaters. (Its possible that this was mentioned in an alternate comic book timeline). They've tamed down her outfit (like the Xmen movie) to make it less "comical" and more "real world".

    3. Dinah Lance was the Black Canary, who is the third member. The Dinah Lance in the tv series is a bit young. This will probably be explained in a future episode.....

    4. Don't expect to see much of Batman, he's not a main player in the comic book series. He's more of a guest star.

    If you want to know the real deal, get "Black Canary/Oracle/Huntress: Birds of Prey" Book 1 if you still can.....
  • Birds of Prey is set years after Batman's final victory against The Joker; a battle with a terrible price. Catwoman was killed, and Batgirl (Dina Meyer) was confined to a wheelchair for life. Batman disappears...apparently, too stricken with grief to continue. In his absence, Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) becomes "The Oracle," acting as the eyes and ears of her protégée, The Huntress (Ashley Scott). The Huntress has a personal vendetta against the criminals of Gotham; she's Catwoman and Batman's daughter. So continues the Bat-legacy.

    Enter `bird' #3: Dinah Lance (Rachel Skarsten), a young psychic who arrives to Gotham to explain the strange dreams she's been having. Of course, comic book buffs will know that Dinah Lance is the name of The Black Canary, thereby completing the "Birds of Prey" trio. However, for now, she's just a young novice, learning to be a super-heroine as the series progresses...

    While comic-purists whine about comic-book inconsistencies, there is a lot to love about this "alternate" Bat-city. For one, their arch-nemesis is Harley Quinn (Mia Sara), who was once The Joker's main squeeze. The premiere also had the fun of Mark Hammil as the voice of the Joker, which he performs as brilliantly as he did in the cartoons. Best of all, though, is how The Huntress' eyes turn into feline slits before a fight; it may not be like The Huntress of comic lore, though who cares? It's a cool shot, plain and simple.

    Regardless, some comic purists insist there is no way Catwoman and Batman had a child. What's the alternative, kiddies? That the rumors about Batman preferring the company of young boys are true.? Of course he and Selena Kyle were more than `just friends,' as we've seen in movies, TV, the comics, and even the cartoons. So yeah one thing led to another and Huntress was born. It could happen. Accept it.

    Of course, you can never tell what series will be accepted by younger audiences. Back in the 1970's, "The Six Million Dollar Man" lasted four seasons, while "Bionic Woman" lasted only two; go figure. In today's pop culture, will a young Superman in "Smallville" be considered cooler than Batman's daughter in "Birds of Prey"? If so, that's a shame. There is a lot to like about this series. I look forward to seeing Birds of Prey as long as it lasts. I hope that's a long while.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, I'll admit it...I'm a sucker for women kicking butt. Xena...Buffy...Witchblade...I love all those shows. I was never familiar with the "Birds of Prey" comic book, mainly because I have a disdain for anything with the DC Comics logo on it, so I was relatively unfamiliar when I tried out the series pilot. Free of the fanboy adherence to over-analyze everything in a comic book adaptation, I was highly entertained.

    The story is this: Batman and Catwoman have a child, Helena (Ashley Scott), who Batman is unaware of. Catwoman raises Helena until the day she is murdered by a henchman of the Joker while Helena watches helpless. At the same time, Barbara Gordon (aka Batgirl, played by Dina Meyer) is shot by the Joker, paralyzing her from the waist down. Batman skips town in distress. Barbara takes Helena in, who we discover has "metahuman" abilities (replace that with "mutant" and you have the X-Men), and Helena becomes the Huntress, defender of New Gotham. The two take in Dinah (Rachel Skarsten), a teenage runaway who has an ever-expanding array of psychic powers including precognition and telekinesis. Of course, all of this is explained at the beginning of each episode by Batman's ever-present butler Alfred (Ian Abercrombie).

    "Birds of Prey" is shot beautifully, each episode featuring theatrical-quality wide-screen no less! The special effects are above average for network television, easily the equal of established shows like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." Dina Meyer is fantastic, easily conveying the complexities of a superheroine now confined to behind-the-scenes work, humbled by her own arrogant youth. Ashley Scott has the right attitude for her role, and she seems to get better with each episode. Rachel Skarsten is only mediocre, however, as the budding superhero, and she seems to have studied her Buffy tapes way too much. Mia Sara is also surprisingly effective in the role of Harley Quinn, Joker's vengeful girlfriend intent on destroying New Gotham...and masquerading as Dr. Harleen Quinzell, Helena's court-appointed anger management therapist (and, no, this isn't a spoiler since it's discovered in the first episode). The plots and scripts for "Birds of Prey" are standard superhero fare, however, but care has been taken to keep episodes consistent, and there is an average level of quality the episodes always reach.

    As superhero movies/TV shows go, this one is far above's certainly better than the odious "Mutant X" and the horribly sanitary "Smallville". The producers seem to have taken a cue from Bryan Singer, whose adaptation of the X-Men stands as one of the best comic adaptations of all time: be faithful, but be accessible. Without pandering to the rabid Internet fanboys or to the legions of teenage girls who just want to see Tom Welling with his shirt off, "Birds of Prey" is a fine piece of without being silly, dramatic without being ponderous. And people who've never read a comic in their life can watch it without editor's notes.

    As I write this, of course, the WB has canceled this show. It's a shame, really, because with a full season and even a second one, the show could have developed into something great...remember, even "Buffy" (my favorite show) wasn't that great until 2nd season. But there's always the movies...8 out of 10.
  • gohmifune27 November 2004
    There is a lot to say about this show, there really is. I remember watching this show when it first came on, the premise had intrigued me, and I was a comic book fan, so I was really alienated by watching a show with barbara gordon, it really is like watching Batman Beyond or the TAS or even the movies when comparing to the comics, but this is by no means a bad thing. Just as every reviewer has, the plot is about Batman and Catwoman, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle's child and her affiliation with her mentor/ best friend Barbara Gordon who is now Oracle and the new addition to the team Dinah Lance, which so far it feels like an Elseworlds BOP comic, and that is exactly how it plays out. It revels in the mythology, but adding or taking anything away from it. For instance, the Catwoman and Batman portrayed are obviously Batman Returns material, which by all means isn't bad. Unless you're a fan of the mythos as presented in post-1986 DC, then you may have to adjust, for in reality it is an assembly of many things, No Man's Land's Earthquake for instance, but none of this bad, by all means it is far from it.

    As a show, this is where things get interesting. It has a strong plot, good acting and writing, just about everyone agrees that Barbara Gordon is played very faithfully by Dina Meyer and so is Ian Abercrombie's Alfred Pennyworth. The show boasts a solid soundtrack, very solid in fact, the opening song "Revolution" and the final one'd "All the Things She Said" and "A Sorta Fairytale" are more than perfect fits. Visually it very dark leather clad everything in black cg Gotham which isn't bad, it has more of a cinematic touch for its 40 minute episodes.

    The cast is great, actors and characters, but all in all, any good story has a fantastic ending, and boy does this show deliver, it delivers more than any show I have ever seen in fact, great pacing, and circular storytelling that is nowhere near trite, you easily you begin to believe in, cheer on for these character. You begin to love and hurt along with them.

    I would actually be remiss not to point out the performance of both Harley Quinns, Mia Sara is fantastic, very visual and has a look, and Sherilynn Flynn who most likely would've been subtle, which may have worked equally as effective.

    In the end, Birds of Prey was a great show, not just a good one, but a great one, maybe someday, we'll get to see what happens next to Batman's little girl all grown up.
  • Clay-Pigeon15 March 2007
    This series really had a lot going for it. Too bad they couldn't hire better writers. If you saw the first episode then that's all you needed to see because every episode after it was exactly the same. They basically kept recycling the same script over and over again. Introduce lame villain-of-the-week (trust me, they were lame), one of the three girls develops a personal vendetta against the villain, against everyone's wishes she sets out to kill villain on her own, other girls swoop in and save the day, girl with personal vendetta learns her lesson (teamwork and justice not revenge and blah, blah, blah). Lesson learned until the next episode when the exact same thing happens all over again but with a new bad guy. It all got very tiring, very fast. Nothing new ever happened and character development was practically non-existent. Another flaw was that due to pressure from the teen-friendly WB network, the producers were forced to replace one of the characters from the comics with a new teenage character who was so full of angst that you wanted to smack her. She was also worthless. Think Dawn from "Buffy" only more annoying. Based on the premise alone, I really wanted to like this show but I was never given a good enough reason to like it. A wasted effort.
  • I was sorry to hear that this show was cancelled. I really felt this would be has good as Smallville. But I guess not. Despite silly dialogue. This show was great. It also had great female leads, especially the lovely Dina Meyer. The cartoon Batman Beyond started out good, but fell out of the top ten after two seasons. Note to the female leads in Birds of Prey. I'm sorry to hear about the show, and good luck on future projects.
  • I just saw the pilot episode, and I thought that it had all of the classic signs of a great comic. As an avid comic fan, I am always curious to see how TV and films will "adapt" a certain comic for entertainment purposes (or $$$$). In my opinion, the producers of the show have managed to successfully adapt this comic to the small screen for comic fans or for the Average Joe and Josephine, while still lining their pockets (of course). Kudos for "Birds of Prey"...may you have a "Simpson-esque" lifespan!

    P.S. Keep in mind...this show was already in the works before "Spider-Man" grossed even $7, let alone $400 million...
  • I think it's fantastic to have the original Huntress back! This is great!! I've missed her. As for Batman being missing? Not the first time. Batman's been known to just vanish from time to time (usually leaving Robin in charge). Why the Clocktower? What was wrong with putting Barbara in the Wayne Foundation Penthouse/Batcave?? And with such a young Black Canary... can we assume Ollie's still shipwrecked on a island with pirates???

    As for Batman and Catwoman having a daughter -- it began in The Flash #123 (1961), with the Golden-Age Bat-Man and Catwoman getting married in Brave and the Bold #197 (1983), and Helena Wayne becoming the Huntress in All-Star Comics #69 (1977). A more revised Catwoman history states that Selina gave up a life of crime to become a professional adventurer, and thus began dating Bruce Wayne.

    The most important thing here to remember is the comics have their version and the film productions have theirs (back to the parallel universe). No one version is right or wrong. It just is. With the film production team's primary job being to draw in and hook that audience that wouldn't be caught dead reading a comic book.
  • Hi there.

    I'll admit, I watched Birds of Prey, since I like to give a comic book show a chance before writing it off. I did the same thing last year with the Smallville pilot, which didn't really impress me.

    But this was fantastic! The guys that did this show, did an excellent job. It was like watching a spin-off of the Batman films. You know, the good ones. The passing glimpses of Batman were well done, Ian Abercrombie was a great Alfred, and the brief shots of Catwoman and Joker (voiced by Mark Hamill, how cool is that!?!) were all really well done. They used the movie Catwoman costume! Amazing!

    I loved Dina Meyer as Batgirl/Oracle. She did a great job bringing Barbara to life, and I hope we get to see more of her in that kickass Batgril costume.

    Huntress was great. I'll admit, when I saw Huntress in previews I was expecting to hate her, but she was really, really likeable. And her fight scenes were incredible.

    Dinah LANCE (yes Lance, contrary to reports) was nice. She brought a good outsiders feel, and I can't wait to meet her mother, the Black Canary!

    The shots through the city were great as well. The closing one with Oracle and Huntress on the rooftop, and the bat flying by the moon was so cool.

    Bringing in Harleen Quinzel was a great idea and I can't wait to see where they go with this.

    The rest of the cast was great, even that pretty boy, Shemar Moore.

    I cannot heap enough praise on the pilot episode of Birds of Prey. They've done a great job. This is definitely on par with the animated series. It's not perfect, but it's a heck of a lot fun.

    Thanks and have a good day then.

    John Cage
  • I am probably all alone in my opinion, but I liked Birds of Prey so much more than "Smallville" (even though I am also a big Superman fan). I found it an enjoyable series.

    Yes, it did screw with the Batman mytho's but if you push that aside, I found it to be a really fun show with a great cast and good stories. The action was cool and the acting better than I expected. Dina Meyor played Orcale/Barbara Gordon incredibly well, she was so realistic in the role and gave "Babs" so much depth it stunned me.

    I also liked Huntress a lot, she too have depth and her relationship with the detective was good to watch.

    Black Canary was okay but did they have to many her a kid? Ah well at least they made up for that by having the "real" Black Canary, Dinah's mother, show up in one episode.

    My only faults with the series was Harley Quinn. She was so far removed from the "true" Harley (the animated series version will always be what I consider to be the ultimate portrayl of Miss Quinn) that they might has well have given her another name, since she was pretty much a whole different character anyway. Also what was the obsession with Meta Human's? There was far too many and it seemed every villain was one. That too was pretty stupid in my opinion.

    Over all though Birds of Prey was a fun show. I'm sorry it got cancelled so soon, it's much better than most of the tripe on TV these days. It's too bad that more people weren't open minded enough. Birds of Prey deserved another chance. Shame it never got one.
  • First there was the cool cartoon series Batman Beyond. Now there is Birds of Prey, it's seven years in the future. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl(the lovely Dina Meyer) is now in a wheal chair, after being shot by the joker. But still fights crime has The Oracle, and also has help from Helena Kyle(Ashley Scott) who's the daughter of Batman And Catwoman. And also the help from Dinah Laurel Lance(Rachel Skarsten) who has ESP abilities. I liked the first episode. I hope this will be on the air for at least five seasons. It has great action, and great special effects. Ashley Scott is great, she is like part Catwoman,part Trinity from The Matrix. Dina Meyer is also great. If you are a Batman fan , then you'll this show.
  • Great performances, interesting style (even if it copies every comic book adaptation and makes it FAR more cartoonish than it needs to be), but there was no chance this was ever going to succeed as a TV series. Non-comic book fans aren't likely to be interested in something like this, and comic book fans would naturally feel betrayed since this could not be a more inaccurate adaptation. From the idea of Huntress being Batman and Catwoman's daughter (accurate, but was erased from the timeline long ago), to Dinah being a young girl, to Dinah having the wrong meta-human powers, to the Huntress having ANY metahuman powers at all, or the absolutely ABSURD idea that Batman would ever abandon his city, comic book fans naturally felt betrayed.

    Warner Brothers, next time you want to base a television show on a comic book, feel free to take some liberties with the material, but don't violate the source material like a drunk teenager at a frat party.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a short lived TV series that aired on the WB network(now the cw)in 2002. This is the first live action TV series based on the iconic batman comics since the classic 60's TV show. The producers of the great WB show Smallville produced this show. I used to watch this show and I eventually got it on DVD. I feel like this show had a lot of potential but was a miss opportunity. I'm a huge batman/comic book fan so I have a lot to say. First,the show is loosely based on a spin-off comic series of the same name, with the former bat-girl working with two female heroes, huntress and black canary. Which sounds like a great idea for a fresh take for a batman TV series. But the show made some good and bad changes. In the show "the huntress" is the daughter of batman & catwoman, this is the original origins for her in the comics but was quickly changed to the huntress having no connection to batman & catwoman. Barber Gordan was the original bat girl & daughter of commissioner Gordan but in a 1988 comic book she was shot by the joker and paralyze from the waist down and became "Oracle", a professor x like mentor to the huntress & black canary. They stayed pretty true to her in this show. Black Canary is one of the few batman characters that have a super power, a sonic scream. But she only appears in one episode, but her daughter of the same name took her place in the show. The show then added something unique, that batman left Gotham city, so it's just the girls. The show starts off strong with a great back story prolong in the pilot episode. Batman's butler Alfred tells the story of a war between Batman & the joker that brought down joker's empire, he got his revenge by killing catwoman, who batman was in love with and paralyzed bat girl, which caused batman to leave Gotham in guilt. The best part of the entire show is this prolong which featured a cameo by Mark Hamil as the voice of the joker, saying the world's creepiest knock-knock joke and his best joker laugh ever. And the main villain of the show is Harley Quinn, the joker's girlfriend & henchwoman, out to avenged the joker. This is all a great set-up & premise for a new batman show, so went wrong? Despite, a great premise you need good episodes to keep you involved. First the star, the huntress played by Ashley Scott, could'eve been a better character then she was. Scott didn't do a bad job but they should'eve made her more like the comics with her purple outfit and cross-bows. Her back story was good but it was weird that she wore no costume and wore no mask, she just had a black duster. The writers tried to make her tough & rebellious like in the comics but I felt the writers could never find the right balance for her, she came off as too unlikeable at times. The best part of the show was Diana Meyer as Oracle, she looks just like a older Barber Gordan and played the part perfectly. She was smart, logical everything Barbra should be. They also have the watchtower base Oracle operates from. Rahel Skarsten as Diana Lance but despite having the same name she was not Black Canary. "Canary" appeared in episode 6 as Diana's mom and as a possible set-up for Diana to take her mom's place. But she did not have the canary's power, her power was to see into a person future by touching them. It would'eve been a lot better to just make "the canary" like how she is in the comics. Here she's a little too much like the annoying little kid who wants to be in the action but told to stay "here". I like seeing Alfred as a regular and it's a good connection to batman. The biggest problem is that the show didn't draw more from the comics, the villains were mostly created for the show and not that great, like one guy can turn into water. It would'eve been better to see the riddler,bain, scarecrow, & others as villains then the new ones they created. Mr. Zsasz, a villain too violent for the cartoons but would'eve been great to see here. Lady Sheiva, from the comics, appears, but just OK here. Harley Quinn played by Mia Sara came off as too serious not wacky like in the comics & cartoons. But I still like the way Mia played her and it was nice to see a live action version of one of my favorite villains, Harley, as the main villain no less. But the worst thing are the plot holes. They made the season finale knowing they wouldn't be coming back but failed to fill these holes.The final episode showed that Clayface killed catwoman but no mention of the joker or how he found out about batman & catwoman or how Joker knew bat girl's identity. Harley Quinn reveals her self as the main villain but how could Oracle or Alfred not know who she is when they fought the joker. And they never explained how she escaped jail time after her crimes with the joker. The season finale really had nothing too do with previous episodes and tied no lose ends. But I enjoyed watching Mia Sara finally act wacky as Harley Quinn. But they should'eve had her wear her court jester costume, that would'eve been great! The show had a great premise but the weekly episodes should'eve been better.
  • The only thing BAD about the Birds of Prey pilot episode is that it ends. After watching it with some doubt of enjoyment, I was left wanting more in the end. Does that mean the acting is perfection? That the show is perfect, flawless, wouldn't change a thing? NO, that's not what it means. However, you can tell there was a lot of love (or money at least) put into this Pilot. The city looks beautiful. Gotham City was a good computer-generated investment. I also recognize what a Pilot is, it's a beginning. Despite being the baby of the team, the "reformed version" of Dinah is anything but a helpless kid. I sort of accept that there's going to be something childlike about her, but it's clear she has the potential and dedication to be a good future crime fighter. Dina Meyer is Barbara Gordon, there's little doubt about that. A lot of people will be watching just for her. Huntress, well I'm giving Ashley a break. She is still learning how to change modes from sarcastic smart-mouth to a softer side of her character. Still she's fun to watch when she's being sarcastic and has amazing cat-like movement. Her fight scenes are great to watch. What will make or break this series, and I think it already the best part, is the Huntress / Oracle chemistry? The best thing about this series is Ashley Scott playing mostly opposite Dina Meyer? They reflect off each other well. The series most important relationship will be this friendship, not the Huntress/Resse relationship (that will they/won't they thing they're trying to build). "Birds of Prey" has the potential to be a good "Gotham" based series on the WB. This is the type of series you either love at first viewing or hate. You either accept the changes or don't. I really don't know if this will soar on the WB or fall flat, but I do know a) even good shows get canceled and b) this has the potential to be great. So I'm hoping for the best.
  • I just downloaded and binge-watched the series. The only real flaw is that some of the special effects are kinda dated... but it is 15+ years old. This show had a fantastic cast. And if you compare the fight scenes to those on Arrow, Flash, etc., this is right there with them... only 15 years earlier. Most of the negative comments are from supposed *purists* that can't accept that this doesn't EXACTLY follow the comic book canon. Instead, it's a beautiful adaptation of an alternate to the comic books. Of course, the naysayers don't admit that there are more than 5 iterations of Batman and 8 of Superman, but no... how dare the BoP not follow their sexist, preconceived idea of what this HAD to be. Dina, Ashley and Rachel were fantastic leads. It's too bad the network gave up on this series after only 13 eppys.
  • "Birds of Prey" was a show that could have been little more than a guilty pleasure. But it turned out to be one of the best live-action comic-book adaptations ever done for TV. (Maybe *the* best - it's not exactly a competitive field.)

    The mix of characters was obviously formulaic, but that's not a bad thing. The post-Batgirl Oracle, for example, made an interesting den-mother for the other ladies. Dina Meyer was barely up to the task, but she definitely looked the part, and in comics appearances are 90% of the job. Ashley Scott, as The Huntress, was the real star, and turned in a commendable performance in her more-complex role. Best of all was the older Mia Sara as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. The idea of a mad-as-a-hatter psychologist was clever, and Sara played it to the hilt.

    The dark look of the series was perfect, and the writing was surprisingly strong. You never forget this is a comic book, but there are lots of neat plot twists and emotional surprises. Once you get used to it, the idea of focusing on the second-tier superheroes - like the Black Canary - is really intriguing. None of them is cosmically over-powered, making for much stronger dramatic possibilities.

    The main thing working against the show was the whole Earth II setup. I'll admit, I hadn't followed the Huntress storyline in the comics, so I was as baffled as anyone, at first. If this is Gotham, where the heck is Batman? I did catch on eventually, but the average TV viewer might feel a bit challenged by the parallel-universe thing. Not to mention disappointed at the absence of familiar big-name superheroes. None of this is ever well-explained; it's a daring approach, but one with definite risks attached.

    Nonetheless, it's worth sticking with this series. After a few episodes, you get caught up in these characters, and the backstory becomes a non-issue. I'd have loved to see a lot more Birds of Prey, but what we have is a really worthwhile piece of work - a reasonably true reflection of the higher-caliber mainstream superhero comics of the 1990s and 2000s.
  • dave13-113 April 2012
    Based on a long running DC comic title (recently canceled after 15 years) this show had a such a short run (about 3 months) prior to its cancellation that it was only just beginning to gather a little industry buzz when it went off the air for good. I was curious to see the show, since I am a fan of the comic book, but the strong female characters and sharp writing of the book are not as evident here. Ron Koslow, one of the main writers of Beauty and Beast, executive produced the series and the show had some similar elements: a slick looking urban fantasy setting, an underground of 'freaks' (in this case 'metahumans') hidden from the eyes of normals, and slightly cartoonish villains, with every episode following a mystery-adventure formula as the main characters try to discover the identity of this week's creep, while taking time out every so often to agonize over their life choices. Somehow the formula works less well here. The mystery villains are often a little too obvious, the well-choreographed fight and stunt scenes get a little repetitive, and the progress of the character arcs is so terribly slow that little happens from week to week. Clearly the producers envisioned a 3 to 5 year run and worked to keep things in check early on, but the slow arc makes things a bit tedious. Plus the early cancellation meant that the series cut off in the middle of nowhere, which made the overall structure of the piece just that much worse. Still, the main actresses (Ashley Scott and Dina Meyer) are good and the whole production is attractive to look at, so it's an okay time-waster provided expectations are kept low. Buffy it's not, but it's not bad. Rates about 6.5/10...
  • Some of the things that people have said about BOP are complete BS. The show was great! I loved the whole, Batman and Catwoman have a superhero daughter thing. The show was creative, interesting, hip, and sexy (Ashley Scott,Shamar Moore). I think it was short lived because it wasn't promoted enough; people just didn't know about it. And for the person who said that the WB is stupid, what do you know? Tony Montana, Ha, you wish! Anyway BOP was a better show than the Mountain and One Tree Hill, and some of the other crap shows they have on now.BOP is up there with Buffy, Angel, Charmed, and Dark Angel. If you like those shows then you would have liked BOP.
  • A perfect example of a show that was canceled for no apparent reason, BIRDS OF PREY was a show that never had a dull moment in any of the 13 episodes that aired. Again, the exact reason behind the show's cancellation isn't clear, but I have a feeling that if the network put it on the same night as SMALLVILLE, it would have gotten higher ratings and would have stayed on the air a lot longer. I guess the target audience for this show was Batman fans, though none of the Batman fans I know enjoyed the show very much. I, on the other hand, loved the show. I loved everything about it: the acting, the action scenes, the directing, the writing, and especially the music. The music was outstanding. Each episode was full of music that I still find myself humming in my head from time to time. This was a one of a kind show. and there will never be another show like it.
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