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  • The best quality italian fiction that I've seen in the last 5 years; a "not so original" story is strenghened by actors and sometimes a little humor breaks pressure. Of course it's not the "state of the art", but is one of the more enjoyable italian serials.
  • Kirpianuscus27 April 2017
    and it is bizarre to expect more. because it is one of afternoon series. cases, few drops of tension, seductive characters, delicate situations and smart solutions. and nothing more. sure, a lot of clichés, predictable stories, bad guys versus brave "carabinieri",the last interpreted by hansom girls and boys, touching situations, love and old people and theirs problems. but , like many Italian series, it has the gift to be not boring. and this is a virtue. or could be one of the most important for the small detail than it is one of the comfortable refuges after a busy work day.
  • its virtue - the nice to be nice. not original, not good. only nice. Italian at whole, like a dish with pasta in tomatoes sauce. nothing different by many other series from same family, nothing new but the best option for a soft evening. because the jokes, the dramatic situations, the special characters and the beautiful actors - not always the beautiful acting - are present episode by episode. and that fact is the key for its success. ordinary people, different situations, the victory of carabinieri, not perfect but so lovely vulnerable, wise, funny, love-lorn, courageous and always ready to serve the citizen interests. a not bad ingredient - the dialogs. but not always. and that fact is far to be a significant sin in this case.