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    Sanjay Dutt's career started with Rocky(1981) which was an average, his drug addiction however took a toll on his career, those days he was a lanky, below average looking guy with no talent whatsoever to speak about. The film released in 1983 when his drug addiction was on an all time high,surprisingly he mentioned in an interview that he doesn't recall shooting for this film too due to his drug addiction. The film also marks the debut of Mohinish Bahl as the supporting actor, who later got known for his negative roles. The film is a story of 2 friends,Sanju and Bahl, Sanju falls for Padmini Kolhapuri while circumstances and confusions leads to problems. The film is a remake of Nalugu Sthambalata (1982) and it's Hindi version wasn't successful and lead to a blow in Sanju's fading career. The first half is more on romance,comedy(college scenes) and also a subplot of Ashok Kumar playing a shudh Indian, nothing works much The second half gets serious, however predictable and clichéd however some scenes are well handled Direction by Rajendra Prasad V.B. is decent Music is okay

    Sanjay Dutt was an awful actor as told earlier, he looks lanky and high(in some scenes) and is nothing great Mohinish Behl makes a decent debut, Padmini Kolhapuri is superb as always, Supriya Pathak was okay Ashok Kumar is decent however his track annoys, Asrani is okay Satyen Kapoo is average rest are okay