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  • "der wixxer" is a beautiful nonsense-parody of the edgar wallace-movies with joachim fuchsberger and klaus kinski... okay, the point is: you have to be a fan of this style of film-making, like the movies of zucker-abrahams-zucker (top secret!, airplane!..etc.) or the movies helge schneider made. so, "der wixxer" is not a film for everyone...but i laughed through the whole because it has some very good ideas (think of the dices in the harbor-bar!! hilarious!!!) olli dittrich and bastian pastewka are very talented comedians...and they could make "der wixxer" just with their faces, if you know, what i mean. nonsense rocks!!!
  • derurs14 February 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    It took me quite some time to find out there are negative reviews for this film - I thought I might be on my own with my opinion.

    It does start off in a rather amusing fashion, the first seven minutes (which also include the starting credits) promise a funny spoof in the tradition of ZAZ films like "The Naked Gun". But then the realisation hit me that there is a major difference between ZAZ films and "Der Wixxer": In a ZAZ film much of the slapstick will happen in the background, something which does not necessarily have to be noticed the first time you watch the film but which is funny nevertheless. If Leslie Nielsen falls down some stairs the focus will stay on his partner who does not notice what's happening - the spectator can laugh at the slapstick without being drawn away from the main scene. With "Der Wixxer" you have similar hilarious elements being pushed right in your face - instead of rounding off a funny scene these elements get stretched (very thin) to become scenes of their own.

    *** Mild Spoiler *** For example a butler looking like Hitler dancing to David Hasselhoff's "Looking for Freedom" acts as a brilliant intermission from the Chief Inspector's verbal brawl with the main suspect. But to show him dancing for more than 30 seconds takes the fun out off the idea and makes it tedious to watch. Peter Griffin in "Family Guy" can pull off a stunt like this - unfortunately it did not work in "Der Wixxer" *** End of Mild Spoiler ***

    To sum it up I can only say: some genuinely funny ideas - but unfortunately not enough for a really funny film.
  • lettielonglegs26 February 2005
    I thought I wouldn't like this , but it was surprisingly funny throughout and quite an original idea.The English names were particularly hilarious, as well as the somewhat familiar looking Butler.Obviously you won't know who all the actors unless you live in Germany,but that's not really vital information. You forget very easily that it's a foreign film as you get quite drawn into it. All in all it's one of the better spoofs that are out there now, compared to the Scary Movie trilogy whose writers seem to have run out of good ideas.It is well produced,with lighthearted humour and it makes a refreshing change from the usual Hollywood rubbish and I'm even thinking of getting it on DVD...
  • This movie makes fun of all the Edgar Wallace movies and some others like E.T. (again, guess which scene) or Silence of the lambs. But you notice that the authors really loved those movies and are able to pick out all the typical things that make these movies great. The actors are great especially Bastian Pastefka (who got extremely fat) and Hatler. The jokes vary from great to autsch but especially the first half hour is extremely entertaining. I thought by that now the Hitler-jokes would get old (all those brits faking a German accent - and doing it rather bad by the way) but here it is very well done with the butler Hatler. All in all good entertainment and a few memorable scenes and Jokes. 6 out of 10.
  • I went to the cinema in the first week playing and left the absolutely crowded cinema with a smile on my face. The humor is much different to what others might consider funny, such as "Schuh des Manitu" didn't have any success outside Germany. Everybody at the movies laughed most of the time, the characters were the opposite of what was expected...and the best: only the worst jokes were shown in the promotion trailers. If you came for "usual" comedy or braindead jokes like US comedy you were in the wrong place. The Hitler-impersonator being the best example: Everywhere else Hitler would have been a tiny man fulfilling international stereotypes while "Der Wixxer" took a deep look into the psychic worlds of a Hitler today.
  • Do you have an "Uncle Joe" who always tells very dated and unfunny jokes and laughs a lot about them? Think of a meeting of a dozen of "Uncle Joes" ... Wouldn't you rather be anywhere else? I bet you would. I've been there, I've seen the movie "Der Wixxer", and it's been torture. The movie starts with a warning itself, with a scene featuring Anke Engelke, and therefore with something that's far worse than just bad acting. It will already make you feel sorry for everyone involved in this project. If you'd ignore this warning - you shouldn't! - you'd see a parody of the Edgar Wallace series, very low budget - well: cheap - German crime movies from the early 60ies that still get some admiration for their tackiness and camp value. Would anybody care to see a parody of "Plan Nine From Outer Space"? They've thrown in some jokes in the antique "Zucker"-style, references to the German TV, even an especially pointless one to "Silence of the lambs". There are lots of jokes, but they are all of the "Uncle Joe" variety.

    The sad thing about this is that some of the actors have shown real talent and humor in German comedy shows. Must have been the writers and directors fault then. Oliver Kalkofe, whose impression of an actor playing an inspector is simply ridiculous, has his own TV show, in which he's doing parodies on remarkably inane TV moments. Sometimes it's very clever and extremely funny, sometimes he's just insulting those involved as "stupid" and "brainless". Those people will love this movie, where Kalkofe doesn't only play the leading role, but has also co-written the script. Whatever they've done, this is worse. It's not unintentionally funny, but unintentionally unfunny.
  • mayu-414 August 2005
    that movie is full of outdated jokes, which we know from films like naked gun, top secret and the like, just worse. there's not really a storyline, at least not a plot which makes u want to follow the movie with interest.

    it's a ridiculous heap of scenes, which is boring from the beginning to the end and it's not like i don't appreciate that kind of joke. more than 10 years ago i laughed my butts off at naked gun, but now this film couldn't cope a bit with it and it's not at all original. in a nutshell: don't bother! another piece of junk in the German movie scene.
  • Clearly not a movie for everybody. Seeing the number of positive reviews this film gets, it nearly feels like a duty to add a negative review to the few already posted, as a warning to potential viewers.

    It was just painful to sit through the entire movie. And I like silly comedies, I like "nonsense". I can find redeeming qualities in a movie if it is at least vaguely entertaining or if it makes me laugh out loud a few times. In a word, I'd be a good audience for this type of film, if only it had something good in it, anything. But this was just plain horrible. "I want those 80 minutes of my life back!"TM

    I did laugh a few times, but it was really not enough to justify the time invested in watching this. Go rent a "Naked Gun" flick or something by the Monty Pythons ("Hitler in England", for example) instead. Even a Ben Stiller comedy would be better.
  • Hi!

    I also can only recommend this movie - not only to fans of the (main) actors but even more to those who love the old Edgar Wallace-movies.

    I think that several jokes cannot fully be understood without knowing them - the criminal Kermit itself is a hit but the joke works even better when you know the original movie-title "Der Frosch mit der Maske" (The Frog With The Mask). What also pleased me very much was how some of the original characters have been imitated - behind Smeerlap I always saw Klaus Kinski,

    Oliver Kalkofe is a perfect mixture of Joachim Fuchsberger and Heinz Drache and Bastian Pastewka spreads the same charme as his "original" Eddie Aren't.

    This is not just kiddin' the old movies (as less as "Der Schuh des Manitu" is just kiddin' Winnetou, even if Pierre Brice still hasn't perceived it yet) - for me it is a loving hommage to these old movies.

    And more over I'm glad to see that good German comedy is rare, indeed, but not dead!

    Once there was a movie "Der Hexer", now there's "Der Wixxer". And once there was a movie "Neues vom Hexer" - can we expect "Neues vom Wixxer"? I would appreciate it very much!

  • This movie starts really great and you think that this one will be one of the best funny movies ever seen. Unfortunately it becomes more and more boring as longer it is watched. Kalkofe is great, Pastevka too. Some jokes are really funny. I was laughing when the butler looking like Hitler opens the door and says "I can be your leader" and the Lord says "No thanks not this time". Some jokes are nice, some are foolish, like in every comedy movie.I liked it to watch Oliver Kalkofe playing a police-officer who has lost his best friend in a police-mission. He is not a bad actor. So I would say to me its 7/10 points because it is worth to watch it one time.
  • I did enjoy this film a lot. It's a very stylish parody of many different films and types of film, including The Matrix, The Silence of the Lambs, westerns, film noir - especially the Edgar Wallace black-and-white films.

    I liked the gags - even some of the more puerile ones - and there were a few twists and turns in the plot, too. I'd even consider going to see it a second time.

    The acting was well done, the scenes were well set up and the casting was great, too. I was quite impressed with the opening credits. The only criticism I have is that the out-takes during the end credits weren't as funny as those in Jackie Chan films.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I entered the cinema with very mixed expectations. I'm an avid Oliver Kalkofe fan because of his satirical "Kalkofe's Mattscheibe" TV show but I feared that he and his partners would not be able to deliver a good movie nor live up to the expectations of the fans.

    A shame that I was right.

    The stylish intro of "Der Wixxer" was quite good, so I still kept my fingers crossed for the movie, but the movie degraded from minute to minute. Most of the jokes weren't hilarious at all - they were rather washed out, old and often simply not funny. The acting of most of the characters was mostly bad: Oliver Kalkofe's strong side obviously is NOT acting, Oliver Welke's (who I like as person) performance was terrible, Bastian Pastewka wasn't too funny nor convincing also. The best acting performance in my opinion was by Lars Rudolph who played Smeerlab and revived Klaus Kinski in his typical Edgar Wallace style. Adding to my negative expression were the references to Matrix and Silence of the Lambs - which I have seen in dozens of comedy movies before. Not helpful was in my opinion also to include "favorite characters" of the former TV shows of the cast like the roses selling pakistani. And yes - I could have done without the musical scene also.

    *** spoiler warning ***

    A nice touch though were the various German references (though the will probably be obsolete in a few years) and especially the inclusion of Kalkofe's long time opponent Achim Mentzel as the original "Der Wixxer".

    My conclusion is that it's obviously not sufficient to team up with other funny guys and come up with a topic (here: German Edgar Wallace movies) which has not been covered before. Movie is apparently a more difficult business than that. Especially when watching a parody movie I expect a hilarious firework of jokes without any pauses and not some small firecrackers burning down once in a while.

    For a 15 minutes TV sketch the idea and the jokes may have been sufficient but not for a silver screen movie - I have the feeling that they wasted quite a bit of potential here.
  • Aw Jeez, everyone here in germany tries to convince me that this pile of awfulness is actually a funny German comedy. Its definitely not. I had already a bad feeling about this affair,when I watched the crappy trailer. From the BAD "Matrix"-Parody in the intro-animation to the Alfons Hatler-Character (possibly the worst impersonator of the Fuehrer since the original), its just terrible.

    When I watched the movie, it was clear very soon, that I had seen the best scenes already in the trailer. D'oh ! I understand,that Bastian Pastewka and Oliver Kalkhofe tried to make this movie in true "so bad,its good"-fashion, but its just "so bad, eliminate everyone involved.".

    oh yeah,one final note to the "artists": East-German Accents are not funny. Ten years ago,maybe, but now ? Shame on you. (and your parents). ;-)
  • I had heard about the movie from my local newspaper and the critique was "a nice movie to watch with friends after work". This is exactly what we did.

    After about 3 minutes I regretted watching wasting time and money on these 90 minutes of absolutely horrible "stuff". This was the first movie I was inclined to leave since "Hoffa" (I fell asleep in that one).

    None of the characters are funny, the plot is terribly weak and way to easy to follow, the "east German" is horrible - I've heard better on B-Radio Shows and references to Matrix and Silence of the Lambs are futile attempts to make the movie funny.

    The Butler Adolph Hatler, a weak impersonation of Hitler is funny the first time he shows up... and that's that.

    Don't waste your time on this.
  • Finally! The German Comedy is coming back to life!!! For a much too long time German movies and especially the comedies, we couldn't even call them good. Whether it were poor copies of successful Hollywood movies(e.g. Mädchen, Mädchen and American Pie) or they were just really bad! But this movie is different! It is no copy of anything except for a lot of references to not only famous movies, but also authors, musicians and to historic aspects! And of course one has to add the kind of "not references" on the poster: It says very big:" After NO novel by Edgar Allan Poe!" And next to all those general aspects the plot and the whole storyline make perfect sense. The story of the two detectives, who have to solve a crime mystery at the Blackandwhite-castle is from the beginning to the end perfectly clear, even though it is totally ridiculous, but funny! Also one has to comment the phenomenal acting skills!Everyone of the actors does a great job!Especially funny is the great parody of Hitler! Those fun jokes, which are completely political correct by the way and all those bad eastern Germany jokes and the totally hilarious accent of Anke Engelke just make this movie an experience one shouldn't miss!!!!
  • HomerS-23 May 2004
    OK i didn't expected it but the movie was funny indeed and for a German comedy well done as well.

    Some jokes were funny others not but that you have with nearly every comedy but i wasn't disappointed at all and "Der Wixxer" is definitely worth to watch. Only criticism is that it could have been a little longer.

    And now i'm looking forward to the next big German comedy's this year "(T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1" and "Sieben Zwerge - Männer allein I'm Wald", let's see which of those three is the funniest.

    Anyway "Der Wixxer" deserves a 8 / 10 from me.
  • I've seen the movie yesterday and I was blasted.

    It is the second German parody I've seen in my life and I think this movie is even better than "Manitou's Shoe" (

    The actors are great! Oliver Kalkofe as Even Longer and his companion Bastian Pastewka as Very Long did a good job and made the movie very entertaining. Although my favourite character was another one: the butler "alfons hatler". If you see the movie you'll know at first glance who he is supposed to be and almost all his scenes are very funny (and I think it is the first time where this person was skited that well.

    Although I don't believe that people outside Germany are able to understand the movie because there are some references to the former FRG.

    Go and see it if you have the chance ;-)
  • The headline sums it up at all.....poor acting, extremley unfunny jokes and parodies and a huge load of second hand embarassment feeling even watching it.....for german movices there should be a minus rating availiable. SO sad that i even tuned in by accident
  • This one is what you came to expect after seeing great spoofs like The Naked Gun.

    Absolutely true to the genre of movies it spoofs down to all tiny little details. You even have cameos of some of the original cast of the old Wallace movies.

    Speaking about cameos: You will find some of the guys that Kalkofe bashed in his show some years ago which shows that even thought they produced trash TV at least they are good sports. Watch out for the Wildecker Herzbuben and Achim Mentzel, portraying the bad guys... what else.

    Nice rip offs from the Matrix, some very low but funny optical slapsticks and well executed and timed deadpan jokes.

    Highly recommended...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is genuinely funny.

    All the actors do a good job: they behave like jackasses. Just like they should. It's a parody after all.

    Not all jokes are great or even come across, but I'd say 40% was funny, 30% was very funny and 20% was hilarious.

    The remaining 10% are redundant. But hey, we've all seen MUCH worse.

    Actually, you will enjoy the movie even more if you have an extended movie knowledge and ... well ... if you're German. :)

    Especially fans of Oliver Kalkofe should pay attention when the true identity of the Wixxer is revealed.

    *** Mild Spoilers: ***

    I could've done without the musical number. Basically the same flaw "Der Schuh des Manitu" had back then.

    But that's just me.

    *** End Of Mild Spoilers. ***

    Oh, and I'm afraid that the movie won't age that well ... some movie references ALREADY seem dated. (You'll see what I mean.)
  • Is that real ? A real funny German movie ?

    "Please stay on your seats after the movie, the main actors of the movie are visiting the stage and will answering questions after the movies Outro!"

    This was the funniest cinema visit ever. I'm an Oliver Kalkofe (Chief Inspector Even Longer) fan since the first "Kalkofes Mattscheibe" Episodes on Premiere (German Pay TV channel) but i didn't expected this. The story is very good (for this kind of movie) and it's technically very nice. Sure, the most jokes of the movie are very simple but insiders do know Achim Menze and the connections to the Edgar Wallace movies.
  • Trailer is fantastic, and the complete film is even better!

    Was at the premiere (Mai 10, 2004) and laughed the brains out. Really good story! Have a look at the small details (e.g. the tombstone: "Rather short. Rest in pieces") and the events always happening in the background.

    I loved the perfect play with names and meanings (Inspector Very Long, Chief Inspector Even Longer, former Inspector Rather Short, Miss Drycunt, Miss Mini Pony --> greetings to James Bond).

    Great actor: Christoph Maria Herbst as Butler Hatler: "I could serve as Fuehrer". Answer from Earl of Cockwood: "Not this time". PERFECT!

    When leaving the theatre i looked around: everybody smiled.
  • This is one of the vary rare funny German movies that I know. But I must warn you from the beginning on as this movie is only interesting if you have seen some of the original, spooky and very charming German Edgar Wallace movies that have been released between the late fifties and the early seventies. Many allusions, for example the names of the characters and locations, the reasons why some scenes have been turned in black and white and even some dialogues refer to those movies that almost every German knows and that are today considered as cult movies. The famous "black abbot" becomes the "coloured abbot", the "green archer" becomes the "stupid archer", the famous "Blackwood Castle" becomes the "Blackwhite Castle" and some new characters as the "ass with ears", "Edgar Wallace's neighbour" and of course the butler "Alfons Hatler" are added in this hilarious movie. In fact, the title "Der Wixxer" is an allusion to the Edgar Wallace novel and movie "Der Hexer" ("The magician"). "Der Wixxer" is an allusion to the German insult "Wichser" which means "Masturbator". That also explains the names of the two inspectors from Scotland Yard "Inspector Very Long" and "Chief Inspector Even Longer". If you don't know any of these movies, you will still get delivered a very funny and entertaining movie, but you won't understand all the jokes. At least, I hope that you might more understand some appearances of certain characters and some jokes with my introduction.

    Many extremely famous German celebrities have some really hilarious cameo appearances in this movie like the quiz-master Günter Jauch, the famous television star and musician Dieter Bohlen or the folklore musicians and brothers called Wildecker Herzbuben. They all present themselves in a very ridiculous way and don't mind laughing about themselves. Some of the best and most underrated German comedians played in a really convincing way in this movie like Oliver Welke, Olli Dittrich or Christoph Maria Herbst.

    Though the movie is an excellent comedy movie, there is still a very spooky atmosphere, some tension and some action added to the whole thing and the movie never gets boring at all. The movie has been a big success in Germany and a less good sequel has been created a few years later but many people forgot about this hilarious movie. I really think that this movie should be more known outside of Germany as it really represents in a good way a very the funny side and the humour that the Germans certainly have but which many people don't know because it is only the social-critic dramas or "We are the bad Germans" world war movies that have had some success.

    If you really want to know something about German humour, German culture and German high society or celebrities, this movie is an absolute must have. If you want to see an original and well done comedy movie, this movie is a must have too. For me, it is probably the best comedy movie of the decade and I must admit that is really hard to make me laugh and I prefer watch other kinds of movie normally. If I think this is funny, comedy movie freaks might just adore it even more.

    Don't think about it any longer, just watch it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Today exactly 11 years ago, this movie was released. And looking at the cast, Kalkofe, Dittrich, Pastewka, Welke, Engelke and Herbst are probably today even more popular than they were back then. Great cast, the only one of these that I do not really find funny is Welke. But there are also established actors away from the comedy genre in here, such as Fritsch, Heinze, Monot and Boettcher, who played in some of the original Edgar Wallace movies from the 1960s that this film is a parody of. But it is a parody of a lot more. There are several James Bond references included too (Lotte Lenyas final scene is spoofed, Miss Moneypenny too), also many contemporary references about casting shows and just so many movie references in general ("E.T." etc.) In my opinion, this is for the most part a very funny movie. Sometimes there are fart references, or penis size jokes, which aren't too funny, or also Pastewka's Indian character becomes repetitive and unfunny, but for most of the time, the jokes are fairly witty. I am a great fan of Kalkofe's Mattscheibe (Rekalked) and his approach to comedy is exactly my cup of tea. I won't mention too many of the funny scenes as this would easily surpass the character limit for this review, but one of my favorites was how Holger Speckhahn and the Wildecker Herzbuben were sitting at the villain roundtable. So random. Hilarious stuff.

    What would I change about the movie? Maybe switch Tanja Wenzel for a better actress, but then again the actresses in these old Wallace movies were mostly only included for their looks and not for their range right? So it sort of fits the bill again. Another thing i really did like was Engelke's song going with the closing credits. Such a catchy tune. Awesome. Three years after this film, a sequel (check out this page for my upcoming review) came out and I read that a third film is planned for 2016 or 2017. Until then, you can head to theaters right now and watch director Tobi Baumann's newest movie. It also has Pastewka (his voice) and Engelke in it again. I read it is a bit of a Ghostbuster spoof and pretty funny, also for children. Back to this film here, I certainly recommend it. Kalkofe, Welke and Pastewka did a good job with the script. I believe by now it is probably far more popular than the movies of which it is a parody.