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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The original CSI used to be fun, before we got love stories shoved down the viewers' throats and victims wearing raccoon costumes. Preposterous, but entertaining: a different cop show.

    CSI Miami, on the other hand, has all the flaws of CSI Las Vegas - like a penchant for overly implausible situations - without the strengths - like interesting protagonists and gripping story lines.

    Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez and other secondary characters are flat. The best was by far Rory Cochrane as moody Speedle, gone too soon - after Kim Delaney's Megan, who was quickly (and thankfully) written off.

    The core of the show is David Caruso, who gives an unspeakably terrible turn as smug Horatio Caine; Horatio shamelessly chews the scenery and is so pompous and obnoxious, one doesn't know whether to incredulously shake his head or laugh at the sheer absurdity of this performance.

    In a ludicrous amount of scenes we have a majestic shot of Horatio silhouetted against the dawn (or dusk), self-satisfaction oozing from every molecule of his body, as he puts his sunglasses on (or takes them off) in slow-motion, with a stoic smirk and a triumphant background music: all he is missing is a cape billowing in the wind. It's so cheesy that, if the show had not been trying so hard to be grandiose, it could have passed for a form of self-parody.

    If you want to give a try to a CSI series, go for the first seasons of Las Vegas.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I guess this is, as much about exploitation of audience as it is about pleasing all corners of U.S. territory - So the next CSI would be shot on Hawaii or in Alaska. An more interesting take on the whole forensic/pathology/ballistics's, etc. idea would for instance to place it in the Victorian era in London or revolutionary France, where some of the greatest luxuries would be a ruler or a microscope; that to me would seem like a greater challenge.

    There are three versions. I have chosen to review the Miami one since this land in the middle of the two others, although all three of them are equally naive and borderline stupid. If the reason is too present escapist, fastfood-like plots all three shows actually work quite well when you're home from work with a cold or suffer a hangover.

    This is where all three shows fail on equal basis: 1. Forensic investigators do not run around with guns, turning the city they work in, into a Sam Peckinpah shoot out.

    2. If any city would spend so much man power on every case, the city's economy would be ruined pretty quickly.

    3. It would ad grit and realism if the CSI-teams failed every once in a while. When 15 minutes remain of every episode you pretty much loose interest if you haven't changed the channel already after the mandatory montage scene with electronica music pounding over the soundtrack while the investigators use q-tips and coloured liquids in different vials. Take Note: Laboratories don't look like post-modern night clubs as they do here.

    4. If police employees would treat suspects/witnesses the way they do in all shows they would get no collaboration. If some muppet-officer would treat me the same way these teams treat people I would obstruct justice for the fun of it. They are so unlikeable (all the characters) you actually root for the bad guys to get away with the crime. They're all pretentious, rude, cold, unempathetic and unpleasant; had they been really persons they would never get into any academy unless they tried out for CCCP's KGB or Gestapo.

    5. Why must every team leader pull this strained, cheesy one liner before every opening credit. If some prostitute is found sliced and diced in a hotel room the team leader always looks into the camera and says something like: "That was the last time she charged you an arm and a leg." No professional treats dead people with such disrespect, especially not after the victim suffered a violent death.

    It's a kids show with over the top, tasteless violence and some really far-fetched stories.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    That this show is simply a show, something that is meant to entertain and not to make you think. This is done American way - as simple as possible, as impossible as possible, as predictable as possible, as easy to swallow as possible. Do not and I repeat DO NOT confuse it with the original series. This is crap to anyone with more than 2 brain cells of use. The scriptwriters must've been recruited from a primary school - we cannot otherwise explain the lack of originality and the whole world of errors that emerge in every single episode. Clues that appears as soon as they're needed, always stupid suspects that A) are awaiting for the cops to come and arrest them; or/and B) leaving crucial evidence of a crime in the crime scene so the mighty Horatio (which is loathsome mockery with the Shakespeare's immortal Hamlet) can interfere. He is always right, he is carrying his head always climbed right so he can look more intelligent, he is carrying gun with intention to use it in every possible moment, the feelings of fear are unknown to him. There are no such things as corrupt cops and always and I mean really always the suspect is found and captured at the end with absolutely the right decision. The suspect always confess at the end, showing every possible remorse a suspect can give, leaving nothing to the judges to prove just because of the wonderful Horatio's job done. The evil is punished and the children may now go to bed. An ideal world, isn't it? The reality - there are plenty of wrong convicted persons serving time s in prison for crimes they do not commit. Showing ideal world does not help the society as whole for wrong hopes can do more harm than just showing crimes.

    I wouldn't be so critical if this hadn't been taken itself so seriously.

    Something to avoid. Stick to the original series, at least they do have more accomplished writers.
  • Well, by now I have watched four years of this show, along with five years of the first CSI and two years of CSI-New York....and I could say a lot but will try to condense my thoughts to just a handful of opinions, namely:

    1 - This is the best-looking of the three CSI series on DVD. All of them look great on disc but the colors in here are the boldest and the most spectacular of any. Each episode is a tremendous visual treat.

    2 - I know David Caruso is a controversial topic among CSI fans because of the way he delivers his lines, but I personally find it great. It's so outrageous it's fun. Sometimes I just laugh. Hey, it makes him different from William Petersen (CSI: Vegas) and Gary Sinise (CSI: NY). I may be in the minority but I enjoy Caruso's overly dramatic delivery.

    3 - This series has gotten better and better. I had some doubts the first year. It didn't seem half as good as the Las Vegas show, but it has improved significantly and I now rate it higher than the original CSI.

    4 - As a guy I appreciate all the beautiful Miami women in this show, and there are tons of them, but I also think the show is geared more toward the 20-something crowd which leaves me out, being considerably older than that. Too many of these "kids" are sleazy, too, but that's what leads to problems and crimes.

    5 - All the supporting actors on the show are good, too, as they are in all the CSI shows. I was sorry to see Rory Cochrane ("Tim Speedle") quit and hope we don't lose any more of the "team."
  • Good Googly Moogly, I HAD to comment on this show. It is like one of those accidents on the side of the road you don't want to look at because everyone is doing it and causing traffic to slow down to a crawl, and yet you do hoping you see a dead body or something! I don't know what is worse, the writing or the acting....honestly it is a tie. the original CSI: LV, OK, I got was corny, yet still mildly entertaining, but There are a lot of pretty people plastered on a day-glo and pastel, sun-drenched background, but after that what is there? I don't claim to be an expert or anything, but I am 99.9% certain crime scene investigators do NOT interrogate suspects and witnesses, chase down and arrest the bad guys, and I think the forensic science aspect of it is amazing, but these local police departments seem to have better equipment than NASA! I am sorry, I had to finally vent and I doubt anyone actually reads this but I must know I am not alone in my complete hatred for this show, yet sick perverted need to watch it....almost like I want the aneurysm to take me as I scream at the T.V. behavior is as idiotic as the show, I need closure ....thanks for listening
  • One person ruins this show: David Caruso. All he does is pose. They should make it into a drinking game. Every time he strikes a pose, take a shot. Of course, people have died from alcohol poisoning. This would only add to the statistics. All the other characters have depth. He just gets this look on his face and 'strikes a pose'. Watch him turn sideways and look over his shoulder. Wow!! OOOhhh, he figured out something. Time for him to take off his sunglasses. I challenge any of you to find an episode where he isn't positioned sideways looking over his shoulder and where he takes off his sunglasses. Quit posing and pretend like you know how to act!!!!

    And, how come he has to figure everything out? The other shows let the other characters show some brains. How 'bout letting the other CSI Vogue characters have a little spotlight?
  • This show by creators Ann Donahue , Carol Mendelsohn , Anthony E. Zuiker describes the hard-working assignments carried out by the Miami-Dade , Florida police department's Crime Scene Investigations unit led by Horatio Caine (David Caruso , this role is loosely based upon LAPD bomb squad technician Detective John Haynes) , a former homicide detective who makes friendly connections with his staff . Horatio becomes emotionally involved in cases and often offers pointed quotations to illustrate his reaction . Horatio usually confronts to superior agents of other agencies (FBI, NSA...) whom make a pact with criminals to get their particular benefits . He leads firmly a group of investigators who work crimes amid sunny landscapes , cultural crossroads and surroundings of Miami . His team includes the ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) , Eric Delko (Adam Rodríguez) , Speedle (Rory Cochrane) , Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) , among others . The expert investigators use the best scientific and technical methods to resolve enigmas , analyze the evidence to resolve the killings and detain delinquents to vindicate justice , utilizing complex analysis and the occasional leap in logic . At the conclusion of each case the culprits almost always confess their guilt to investigators that would most assuredly not be the people interviewing them .

    This exciting series formed by 232 episodes packs thrilling reconstructions , a moving atmosphere by means of shaky camera , real investigations , and excellent action scenes in a really dynamic style . Of all the actors who have appeared , only David Caruso and Emily Procter have been seen in every segment from the beginning . The action moments are compactly made and fast moving CSI producers and CBS agreed to create this spin-off series in the hope of being the first to copy the original CSI series . In real life the Miami-Dade Police Department's crime scene processing unit is called the "Crime Scene Investigations Bureau (CSIB)", but technicians do not conduct laboratory testing and Miami-Dade Police Department has a separate ; in addition , the CSIB's so not perform most of the tasks depicted on the series . Bureau that operates the Miami-Dade Crime Lab, also the CSIB's are not detectives . While the majority of the techniques and technologies used in the CSI shows are accurate and true to reality , the writers and crew readily admit that they "time cheat" , tests that take seconds in the show often take days or even weeks in real life . While all the fly-over shots , skylines and city scrapers really are of Miami , Florida , any beach scenes during the series were filmed at Manhattan Beach , a suburb of Los Angeles and the building used for the CSI headquarters is actually the FAA Credit Union In Hawthorne . And several beach scenes have been shot in Miami-Dade , Broward, and Palm Beach counties . In most exterior scenes giving an appearance that it just rained , it could be to set the mood and imply the humidity of Florida .

    There are nice actors who play these notorious characters , they are are the followings : 1- CSI Miami is headed by Horatio Caine splendidly performed by David Caruso , he has a long curriculum , as he worked in N.Y. before moving to Miami for years . As a newcomer, he joined the Bomb Squad for a few months , and subsequently to head the CSI team but created a rivalry with Stetler , who was transferred to Internal Affairs . Horatio has a younger brother, who died in active service while under cover in a drug cartel , years later Caine discovered that Ray was alive and working for the Secret Service . The implication of Caine in the cases he investigates and his personal problems often disrupt his job , but he's always in control and taciturn . 2- Calleigh Duquesne is lively performed by Emily Procter , a bilingual Southern beauty with a specialty in ballistics ; she also processes scenes and analyzes cases alongside her colleagues . However , being removed from a case when her father (John Heard) is the prime suspect in a murder , despite her desire to work it . 3- The professional investigator Eric Delko well played by Adam Rodríguez , he is the only cast member to be of Cuban descent . He was an underwater recovery expert who knows all the twists and turns of the Florida waterways , and subsequently hired by Horatio . Delko has visions of Speedle at crime scenes and soon discovers that someone in the department is using his credit card . 4- Rory Cochrane plays pretty well as Tim Speedle , a cocky yet disarming investigator who is well connected on the Street . He feels guilty for the dead cop that he had attempted to protect but could not . Died 2004 , his death was due to poor gun maintenance, he was shot by an assailant after his gun fails to fire , it was after the second time that Speed had a gun that misfired . 5- Alexx Woods , the no-nonsense, know-it-all coroner finely interpreted by Kandi Alexander . She plays a hard-working and intelligent medical examiner rounding out the team and making autopsy to those who often cannot speak for themselves . 6- And , after Speedle is killed in action , former Patrolman Ryan Ryan Wolfe rightly acted by Jonathan Togo joins the team , he is introduced as a cop working who responds to the crime science where he speaks with Horatio Caine in regards to the case . Furthermore , the beautiful Eva LaRue efficiently played Natalia Boa and Rex Linn as Frank Tripp , a tough ex-cop hired by Horatio who has played 187 episodes .
  • CSI: Miami is a fun show to watch, like the original CSI:. But the chemistry in the original isn't quite there.

    Grissom, in CSI:, is interesting, deep, and can easily be believed to be as smart as he is. But Horatio in CSI: Miami seems a bit more flat, and his bright moments seem cheesy and scripted.

    Other characters don't seem to grow in CSI: Miami, while there's clear changes in their CSI: counterparts. Also, the side stories are more interesting in CSI: than in CSI: Miami.

    So, while I'll watch CSI: Miami, it's not growing on me like how the original did.
  • When I watch CSI Miami, David Caruso's performance makes a spoof of the whole show. When he talks to someone his head almost hits the table where he is sitting on. And the dramatically removal of his shades kills me all the time. No matter how serious the plot of the show, Caruso makes it non believable or laughable. After a while in the show he will get annoying. He appears non human to me. No flaws. And if they would find a character flaw it would be only because he tried to achieve world peace. Here is a plot from me: The next time he is in the lab, he'll knock over some chemicals while removing his shades or knocking them off the table with his head because someone came in and starts talking to him, causing a massive explosion. All they ever find of him is his fiery red scalp and his sunglasses. He'll never appear in the show. His position will be filled with someone human and good looking.

    So there.
  • I do not hate this show. In fact I often find this show intriguing. Yeah, that's right! Intriguing! It has the mystique of the original CSI with the stylistic aura of the late, great Miami Vice! Unlike Cold Case! I wouldn't mind watching a marathon of this. CSI Miami has some pretty interesting characters, Horatio Caine, especially. But alas, this is not Miami Vice. In fact this is where CSI Miami falls short of the "winner circle" in my opinion of course. This show has none of the street cred grittiness of the 80's cop drama. Miami Vice not only displays the flashed-up culture of the South Beach social scene, but it examines the underworld in great detail. In CSI's case, we are exposed to mundane and obnoxious stereotypes from the African-American crackheads/gangbangers to the drug-pushing/child abducting White Trash venom. CSI Miami is in a shallow picture-perfect dreamworld. A dreamworld where everyone considered a normal citizen is under 50, drives a Lexus Lux-ed out SUV, lives in a subdivisions and wears a designer suit to work. And every woman is a thin gorgeous knock-out with model proportions. What cop would wear high heels to work? C'mon here!

    Last but not least: That wise-ass blonde CSI cop with the Southern Accent, is the personification of the word "Bitch".
  • I was a big fan of the original series (Las Vegas). Sadly this show seems to be nothing more than beautiful actors and cinematography. I won't lie to you, the actors are hot, and the scenery is awesome. Thats why i gave it a whopping 2/10. Nothing else grabbed me though.

    Weak plot lines and character interactions. This show takes a bold leap from reality. Characters are strutting around the art-deco police station in their designer cloths. The capers they solve have HUGE plot holes and are very formulaic. There's always a quick fix at the end of the show to wrap things up.

    Mostly I was disappointed by the content (lack thereof).

    It's eye candy.....nothing more.
  • I'm gonna get creamed with e-mails from fans of the original CSI show, but I can't help it. In my opinion, CSI: Miami is superior to the original and a good foundation for (the also superior) CSI:NY.

    Don't get me wrong, the original is the original, but the fact that the real Miami/Dade CSI's are cops first allows this show to explode in gunfire at any moment...and place our lead, David Caruso, at the center of the action. Now I want to make something clear: Almost 15 years ago I saw some of Caruso's early work and I was trying to figure out what all the fuss was about. What makes THIS guy a sex symbol (on NYPD Blue)? Then, just as fast as he becomes a major star, he exits Blue, makes two movies that bombed (the really good "Kiss Of Death" and the laughable "Jade") and he's suddenly poison. It was after seeing Caruso in Kiss of Death and a previous film, The King of New York" that I realized we were missing one of the last REAL tough guys.

    CSI: Miami has brought him back. Caruso spearheads this show with a vengeance. Sure his line readings have their own stilted rhythm, but he did the same thing on NYPD Blue and people loved him then. Caruso with a gun in his hand looks more natural than anything else I have seen on TV (and my favorite show is The Shield).

    CSI: Miami is action packed. The stories are seedier. The cinematography is unmatched by any other show. Go watch the DVDs. Tune in Monday nights. I swear, you'll be a convert.

    Then go watch Gary Sinise give the performance of his life in CSI:NY. You'll be glad you did.
  • I have watched the show many times over its near 5 year stint and it just gets worse as time goes by. I find Caruso's character probably the worst one I have seen on TV. The way he stands, the way he puts on his glasses and the tacky one-liner comments are so arrogant, and the fact he is such a know-it-all is so obnoxious that it really is difficult to get through the entire show. Ditto with the Wolfe guy. Either the writing/directing or the acting on behalf of Caruso (or both) is just plain pitiful.

    The only normal characters on the show are Calleigh, Alexx, and Eric. They at least exhibit rational adult behavior, unlike Horatio who is so dramatic and unrealistic in just about everything he does. The problem is is that the 3 good characters carry the show, but they're downplayed. Seems the newby Wolfe gets more attention than the seasoned team members.

    I agree the pictures of Miami on HDTV are exceptional, but Las Vegas is starting to show some great shots now and the acting is so much more superior from all of the team members.
  • CSI Miami is an entertaining show that really has picked up David Caruso's career up from the Ocean floor. He is very blessed, indeed, to be experiencing success as a lead actor on a famous show since his NYPD Blue days.

    CSI Miami is more about style than content. Compared to CSI: Las Vegas, CSI Miami is inferior. However, after watching it from the very first episode, and until 2004, i was hooked. It did grow on me. It's darker story lines than CSI: LV, =sunny settings, a cast that gels together made it different in a good way to CSI:LV. Plus i loved the way Caruso's Caine knows wlel as his emotional attachment and sympathy to the victims of crime.

    A major downer since 2004 has been Rory Cochrane's absence in the show. He was a great character who was cool looking and had smart one-liners. Without him the show is a tad bit more empty.

    The show is currently waring off me, and I am starting to find CSI:NY much more appealing. I will continue to watch CSI: Miami but not expect as much from it as I did before.

    My score (2007 onwards) = 3/5
  • Recently this was added to my Netflix. I never watched it so I gave the first few seasons a go. The show is not intelligent at all, in fact, it not only feeds the viewer misinformation, it insults anyone with any intelligence. They make CSI look like super cops, about the same way Columbo and Monk make detectives look super impressive. Almost ever show is adorned with sexy guys and girls, rave music, and special effects that always go way beyond normal.

    Most police don't have time or resources to investigate common deaths (no brainers) to the point these people show. There is such thing as a departmental budget to follow but apparently not in Miami. The pseudo science is enough to make you sick. Apparently computers can enhance a photo from a gas station camera, bounce an image off the chrome bumper of a car, and see with great detail and color, to see who the attacker was in the reflection of someones glasses.

    If the show wasn't trying to be so serious, it would be fun to watch, like the old 1960's Adam West "Batman". The writers and producers of this show are not the only parties guilty of making this a bad TV series. Most of the actors are not that impressive either. The lead role of Lt. Horatio Caine by David Caruso, has his share of corny one-liners at the opening of each show. The actor says cleaver clichés, one example of this might be him arriving at the scene of an exploded bakery truck and he retorts, "Well looks like someone made toast out of this driver.". Then he puts his sunglasses on his face.

    There is also no ugly people. They killed the only normal looking lab technician they called "Speed" and replaced him with a pretty boy named "Wolf" in season 3. I stopped watching the shows after that point. Everyone in Miami apparently looks like a movie star.
  • I have not seen every show ever made, but I'm sure that there have been at least 5 or 6 shows in the history of TV that have been worse than CSI Miami.

    I saw CSI Miami for the first time last night. I thought it was stupefyingly bad. David Caruso's acting style has been the subject of numerous parodies, the way he punctuates every fifth word with an overplayed dramatic inflection (when he does his lines, he sounds as if he is reading a never ending series of voice overs for incontinence medication commercials) and the famous "taking the sunglasses off when he does the big line" thing. Unbelievably, Caruso did them all, over and over, in the 30 minutes of CSI Miami that I saw (I just could not watch the whole show). Doesn't this show have a director? Can't anyone restrain this guy?

    As others have mentioned, the implausibility of the story lines is little too much to take. In one scene, Caruso is in a lab, doing all this time consuming evidence research and in the next scene he is shooting a kidnapper in the head - is the Miami PD that strapped for cash that evidence technicians are out doing the work of SWAT teams? Also, every suspect caved in and confessed when presented with a little bit physical evidence - did anyone see the OJ trial? OJ was confronted with a mountain of evidence, he stuck to his story and he is out playing golf right now. Real criminals don't confess so easily.

    Fans of CSI Miami defend the plot holes and improbable story lines by crying artistic license. CSI Miami negotiates the gray area between serious drama and super hero sci-fi so badly that they may as well just give David Caruso a cape and have him fly from scene to scene.

    Sorry CSI fans, I think there are better ways to kill an hour.
  • After "discovering" the original CSI television show, hearing great things about this spin-off, seeing its high ranking in the weekly ratings, and enjoying the pilot episode (the second season CSI episode, "Cross-Jurisdictions"), I was really looking forward to seeing CSI: Miami. Upon viewing the first season, I found it to be pretty unfulfilling, and it left me with no desire to watch the second season. However, I decided to give it another shot and watched the second season, which I enjoyed much more than the first. While I still thought the case stories were poor, the second season was where the main characters' personal lives began to take up some of the episodes, which I found to be the best thing the series had going for it (especially the subplot of Horatio's brother and his possible corrupt ways, as well as Horatio's feelings for Yelena). But upon starting to watch the first eight episodes of the third and fourth season, I found myself getting the same bitter taste in my mouth.

    I believe that the way the CSI writing team works is, they save all of the very talented writers who have new, fresh, and great ideas to the original CSI show, while they assign their writers with not as much flair, but the ability to turn out a script every week for the spin-off shows. The sad thing was I really wanted to like this show, and I keep going back to it, trying to give it another chance, however each time it fails to win me over. The unfulfilling and often predictable cases (the original show's cases are almost never predictable, even if there is a formula that all three shows follow), the corny one-liners that Horatio spits out before every episode's opening credits (usually spoken while putting on his sunglasses to make him look "cool"), and the lack of flair that made the original show so good, keeps this one from making the grade. I like the character of Horatio, but David Caruso (and/or the writers) take his character a bit too far with his constant threats to suspects and caring for victims. The show focuses too much on having Horatio get into a gunfight and trying too hard to make Caruso seem like the new Rick Hunter rather than show how the science solves a case. Notice that in this show, the Miami CSI's are always the first to enter a house with their guns drawn, whereas in the original show, they always have Brass and a few uniformed officers clear the scene before they enter. The idea of using a tsunami and hurricane as the backdrop for stories were good, but they were just wasted. The only episode that I can think of which even comes near to the greatness of the original show is the first season episode "Broken," about the child killer. That episode possessed some of the same shocking and original content that made the original show so great. I'll even so far to say that the sloppy handling of this show impairs my love for the original CSI. When the fifth season of CSI was released on DVD, I found myself unexcited to watch it, having just previously spent so much time giving CSI: Miami another chance. That was until I had gotten two episodes into it, and was quickly reminded just how great the original series is.

    It's really too bad that I can't get into this show like so many others have, but I can't say I didn't give it a real hard try. And after my dislike for this show and my being unimpressed with its pilot episode, I think I'll pass on CSI: NY.

    My personal verdict: stick to the original.
  • Would you believe a stone-faced unnatural blonde in spike heels, a low-cut top and a push-up bra? She's a "real crime investigator" in the "real world" of Miami. Isn't she? When she opens her mouth to speak, your ears are assaulted with a squeaky, winy, nasal monotony falling from a face covered with so much paint that it rivals that of Bozo The Clown. You keep watching with anticipation that she just might smile. And if she did, what would happen? Maybe her face would crack and the first five layers would fall off onto her spiky heeled boots, contaminating the crime scene. She enters the crime scene lab and puts on her white lab coat. Leaving it unbuttoned and open as to keep her cleavage well exposed to the air, (it must be hot in Miami) she pulls out a slide and places it under the microscope. The hippest of music starts to play as her camera-like eye probes through the lens, searching, investigating, not missing an atom or a microbe. What does she see? What is it that her brilliant Einstein-like mind has wrapped itself around? She must be a genius, or at least some kind of superior being. Isn't she?

    How about a Medical Examiner that looks and carries herself like a prostitute? She also wears tight, low-cut tops and push-up bras as well as 10lbs of makeup. She has conversations with corpses, calling them "Sugar" and "Honey". She softly touches them and at certain points you are almost certain she is going to crawl on top of them! Maybe she'll have to in order to find out the "real cause of death". "You poor sweetheart", she smiles at the corpse. "What is it that you're trying to tell me?"

    What if we added a guy who is so cool that your beer would chill while he handed it to you? Hands propped on his hips in a riveting stance, sunglasses ablaze, he scans the crime scene. Now here is a "real" man in the real world of Miami. "They're not going to get away with it"! And they never do! Just like his platinum blonde sidekick, he never smiles. He can't. His life and work are far too serious for such infantile trivialities. He's got a crime scene and it's a real bad situation, especially with bloody, decapitated, bullet-ridden, hacked-up corpses lying all over the place and a horny Medical Examiner crawling all over them.

    Would you believe any of this? This is CSI Miami.
  • darkstephen24 March 2007
    Since when do CSI technicians have medical degrees? Since when do people from the medical examiner's office investigate crime suspects and make arrests? Since when is acting and writing this bad deserving of high ratings?

    The original, Las Vegas-based CSI, while still implausible, at least has had a decent cast and writing. This overheated, pseudo-cool "spin-off" makes me wonder if the the term "hot, steaming mess" has become a compliment in TV Land. Surely viewers out there are yearning for something that doesn't insult their intelligence as badly as this show.

    Then again, American Idol is the top-rated show on television. Never mind.
  • Having just watched this show for the first time in May of 2007, I was amazed that it was (is?) so popular. David Caruso is just unbelievably BAD. I'd only seen him in a movie (Proof of Life), in which he also stunk up the place - just really bad, so at least he's consistent. And as bad an "over-actor" Caruso is, Emily Procter under-acts, as if she were sleepwalking through her lines. The story was just plain silly, with a mixture of absurdly contrived situations involving a plane crash, "billions" in checks as cargo, a dead ex-drug addicted girl who ran a charity for other such girls, etc. The "cops" do no real detective work, but simply announce one plot-induced conclusion after another to "solve" the crime, throwing in a little psycho-cop nonsense and sexual harassment to fill in the extra space in this very thin story. This show is a real stinker.
  • enosshenk29 January 2009
    You know, at least when the original CSI aired, it showed a pretty standard method of crime fighting. Gather the evidence, and figure out whodunnit by hard work and elbow grease.

    Then these spinoffs. And Miami is the worst, I call it the sci-fi CSI. In this show, they can find a cellular phone, set it on a piece of plexiglass and some mysterious technology not only accesses the phones memory but displays it on a ludicrous transparent display.

    Im sorry, but this show is hilariously bad. I don't mind a realistic show. And I don't mind out-of-this-world sci-fi, but when you try to mix the two you end up with a show that even a 5 year old knows is ludicrous. Either go whole-hog in a realistic format fitting the current time period, or go whole-hog into a sci-fi show, using technology that we wont have for 50 years. Trying to do both is as laughable as Hackers, with 3d flybys as someone hacks a computer.

    And please, am I the only one who absolutely hates the YEAHHHHHH at the beginning of every episode? Its as bad as nails on a chalkboard!
  • The redhead that looks at the floor as he talks to his suspects. A brilliant trademark for a very well written show. From the opening crime catching scene and into a great 'screaming', remix of The Who's 'Won't Get Fooled again' open credit sequence, to David Caruso's great acting, this show is worth at least an hour of your time each week. Caruso makes the show. He's great to watch as he throws simple single line hooks into his suspects & catches them off guard with the forensic evidence his team gathers. We got a glimpse of this guy in 'NYPD Blue' as he played Detective John Kelly, but Caruso has been a good actor for a very long time. From 'Proof Of Life' to William Friedkin's 'Jade' to Barbet Schroeder's 'Kiss Of Death', Caruso has been an actor that has come into his own. If you have an opportunity to see 'First Blood' you will get to see Caruso as he plays a young Deputy showing compassion to Sylvester Stallone's character. The same compassion that he now shows in CSI:M to victims that are not able to help themselves. A welcome relief to today's hardened Hollywood leading dramatic actors roles that show no empathy.

    This is not to take away from the rest of the cast. They are good and hold their own, however it's good that the lead actor shines as Caruso does. Perhaps an Emmy is not out of the question.
  • For those who think this is a good show you are wrong. It should be called CSI:No emotion. Not one person shows any emotion for what is going on around them. Caruso was a good actor, but not anymore - I can tell you how he rolls as Horatio. While in interrogation, he whips off his sunglasses, flips his coat back as he puts his hands on his hips, says some smart ass remark to the criminal and then rolls off camera. End Scene. The chick that plays Calliegh is good looking, but I have seen people that have just got botox injections have more facial expressions then she does in one episode. Jonathan Togo looks like a the robotic brother of Gregg of CSI, who is constantly flawed, and the guy who plays Eric has a look on his face like he is constipated. The stories are not that good and the characters are laughable. This show is bad. To say it is better then CSI and CSI:NY someone is smoking something that impares their judgment. Give Gil Grissom, Mac Taylor, or even Ray Langston a try. You will definitely enjoy them much better than this piece of dung.
  • Now, I am a faithful watcher of all the CSIs and I have watched them for many years, and there are some fantastic things about the CSIs that I love and they're the reason that I'm hooked on this brilliant series's. But I cannot stress enough how much I cannot stand this show. I used to love my week, I mean, I got to watch three different episodes of CSI. But I was disappointed in Miami to begin with. The main reason being David Caruso, he cannot act. He is such a joy to make fun of though. But has anyone else noticed that these people only solve ONE crime an episode. The other ones solve only one crime an episode when it's like the miniature killer, or the beginning or end to a long story arc similar. This CSI just bothers me, sometimes they have good story lines, but others are just dreadful. I cannot believe that this actually one an Emmy. All of the other CSIs have a great cast that can carry the show, but this? It just can't compete.
  • Everything looks really glamorous in CSI Miami. While almost every show looks better on HDTV, CSI-Miami stands above the others. This show was made for HD. The landscape is ultra-modern, lush, and sexy. The interior decors are 22nd century. And the graphics and color coordinations are top notch. However beneath all that CGI and funky high tech devices that investigators use, there is little of redeeming value in this show. When it comes to what really counts, the characters, CSI Miami falls way short. The acting is wooden and one-dimensional. The dialog is bland and sometimes cheesy. When I watch this show, cast members don't even seem human. They just don't seem real.

    CSI Miami is very gritty and serious. The only comic relief comes out of David Caruso with his big suits, cheesy delivery of lines, and that oh-so cool handling of deadly situations. He should be handling fine wines, not investigating crimes.

    However, if you like CSI-Miami and have an HDTV, I recommend skipping cable and receiving broadcasts directing over the antenna. The picture will blow you away.
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