Mrs. Lyons: Life is very short, and very fragile. It's easy to let it go by and suddenly find that all the things you meant to do just never got done. When you're young, you think you've got forever. But you're dead for a very long time. That's all.

Dr. Jill Weatherill: Is that advice?

Mrs. Lyons: One of the privileges of old age is you can talk nonsense and get away with it. You'll know if it's advice, or just nonsense.

Mr. Rose: I don't suppose there is any chance we could keep this just between the three of us?

Dr. Jill Weatherill: [after a moments consideration] No, not a cat in hells chance!

Dr. David Cheriton: I make you laugh.

Staff Nurse Meryl Taylor: My aunt's dog does that.

Dr. David Cheriton: Well I don't sniff lamp posts or bark at strangers.

Staff Nurse Meryl Taylor: Wait 'til you're a consultant!

Dr. Jill Weatherill: You can't change what's happened to Caroline. You can only look after the children and hope that they find a way through this. You can't know if she'll come back, not now. But there's something else that you can't change. It's what's happening between us two.

Dr. Gordon Ormerod: I know.

Dr. Jill Weatherill: Do you wish that you could change it?

Dr. Gordon Ormerod: Sometimes.

Dr. Jill Weatherill: I know. Me too.


Dr. Jill Weatherill: And other times?

Dr. Gordon Ormerod: All I know is that seeing you is the only thing that's holding me together.

Dr. Gordon Ormerod: I'm really fond of you, Jill.

Dr. Jill Weatherill: I'm really fond of you too, Gordon.

Dr. Gordon Ormerod: No, I mean I'm *really* fond.

Len Tebbit: [To Sister Brigid] Thank You Nurse, Err Nun, Err Nursey Nun, whatever you are.

Lizzie Kennoway: You know what, Alun? A woman needs a fish like a man needs a bicycle.