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  • While I truly enjoyed bingeing on this whimsical dramedy set in North Yorkshire, it was re-visiting the 60s British pop hit singles that made every episode for me- From Manfred Mann's cover of Dylan's "The Mighty Quinn" to Freddie and the Dreamers' "I'm Tellin' You Now" to The Spencer Davis Group's "Keep on Runnin" it's a thoughtful musical journey back in time accompanying the goings on at St; Aidan's Royal Free Hospital.

    I wish the producers or distributors had the forethought to get agreements for a couple of soundtracks/playlists It would be a fun listen. Maybe another reviewer will gather the titles from every episode...
  • judithlwalker6 April 2019
    Warning: Spoilers
    I've binge watched The Royal over the past couple of weeks. Absolutely love the series. However, the end was horrible. I feel at a loss without the people at The Royal, and really wish the series had been brought to a good closing, rather than what it seems like a Dumping. The final season could have at least been completed...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't really care how many times B. C.'s Knowledge Network repeats this show - I have to watch it Sunday evenings. If that's not possible, then I'll tape it & watch it later. I'm not totally sure what it is about this show, but there really is something about it that draws me back week after week.

    Now on the Knowledge Network we were left several months ago with Dr. Ormerod's tragic accident, but it sounds like he's alive - albeit barely. It'd really be terrible if they decided to kill him off after having just married him & Jill! I'm really very excited to see what actually happens & am waiting the resolving of that cliffhanger with baited breath!
  • The makers of this series have put a lot of effort into making it seem authentic. Most appealing and very addictive!
  • But how on earth could they leave viewers hanging like that?! I say it's high time for a reunion special!
  • radecastro13 July 2019
    I find this oddly pleasant to watch, not just for the music.

    But with all the rescues the doctors participate in, I don't know how they can afford to keep buying suits :)
  • mariesmagic18 January 2019
    I have just been told by ITV's services that they might be shelving the Royal I'm really not happy with this it's one of the few televisions programs I love they're still showing heartbeat I bet that will be next to be shelved does anybody know if I can do a petition to bring the Royal back to life I'dt should never have been shelved
  • This show is amazingly good. The songs from the 60's are tastefully interwoven throughout. The acting is natural and gripping. I highly recommend this well done medical series.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've been binge watching The Royal this past week through Series 5. Britbox only has five series currently so until they broadcast the remaining three series I am left wondering about the fate of The Royal and Jill and Gordon's baby results. The Royal reminds me of growing up in a community where my mom worked at the local hospital. After school worked there myself until I married. So watching The Royal is rather like being back home so many years ago, the very same time as The Royal depicts
  • I Originally reviewed this television series in 2003, and I still see the repeats on ITV 3, and I still enjoy them. my other review still stands in what I think about new bosses, when you work for an old boss, everything is happy until the old boss retires, then when a new boss arrives you get his way of doing things at your work, often not how you like to do them, this is what happened at the Royal hospital Middleditch retired and Harper came and changed everything I did like Ken Hopkirk and Lisa Hopkirk, and Alan vending machines make awful tea and you do not get a lot for your money, I also thought that DR.Omarod (Gordon) is a good doctor and I would not of minded if he was my doctor or Gilian his wife I also admired Mr.Rose as a good surgeon and Sister Bridget as a good nurse and listener to our problems I also remembered Mr. Carnige he was also a different boss to Mr. Middileditch but mellowed after the staff had meetings with him about his methods at working practises. I also remembered Matron she was a very good one as well
  • Very disappointed why do this??? loved every episode of The Roral! I finally caught up on Britbox, living in Virginia... Why on earth did ITV shelve at such a truly critical point? What in the actual heck???
  • I binged the first season over a weekend and fell in love with this show. The Royal centers around a hospital in Yorkshire. The plot balance of what is going on in the hospital and the personal lives of the doctors, nurses and patients is perfect. Aside from the great plots and sub-plots is the music. A mix of hits from the era is the perfect backdrop to the stories.
  • regorwi27 July 2019
    This show is great from every angle. The big plus is the superb use of 60's music throughout the series! My wife are binging this and it's wonderful.
  • This series centers on a small community hospital in northern England during the so-called "swinging" 60's. There are a number of fascinating characters especially Matron, head of nursing, Mr. Rose, consulting surgeon and the two main physicians, Doctors Ormerud and Wetherill. Unlike Gray's Anatomy the plots have as much to do with the practice of medicine as the personal lives of the characters. For the most part the drama is not sensational, but thoughtful and gentle. If you want some respite from the barrage of violence, gore and bedroom antics of most other television fare, you should enjoy The Royal.
  • This show exemplifies the quality of British television. The writing, dialogue and character development is on point. The music, location scenes, casting and attention to period realism is also top notch. This show can make you laugh and cry all in the same hour. It's a little bit medical drama, and a little bit soap opera but only in the best ways. It also is the basis of a drinking game for me and my family. If someone questions the competence of the "Woman" doctor Jill Weatherall, you have to take a shot. If it's her husband doing it you take two shots. If you see a doctor smoking, you take a shot. If Dr. Rose tells someone their (whatever) days are over, you take a shot. If he's smoking his pipe while he says it, you take two shots. Example "I'm sorry good sir, I'm afraid your horse riding days are over", or I'm sorry ma'am, I'm afraid your childbearing days are over". Follow these rules and you'll be drunk before a half hour.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The 60s classic English pop music made this the most fun. most all I knew- a few I wondered why they choose it (didn't fit or recognize)- mostly pop but well known hits- just a few Cream, only 1 Kinks 1-1/2 line, & cut off- a few Beatles cover. almost no Stones, a very few covers, Season 4 Episode 11 - they played Strange Brew by Cream and As Tears Go By with Marianne Faithful. No Klash. I guess they are moving forward. most of it's stories are pretty routine, tho in the 1st episodes there are already 2 deaths. It is a hospital. and they try to be social relevant on some without exploring issues. Mixed in with this- its "the Love Boat- on land, in Yorkshire, "the Love Royal". This is the mid 60s- time of the Female Eunuch, Gloria Steinem, fight for Racial and Social Equality, and Free Love. This is not London, but it's England in a major area, Yorkshire. Yes, Woman Drs had to fight, and abortions were still illegal. England was not as Catholic as Ireland, or Italy. But I am not sure those who wrote this understands the times. I do think they have mixed up U.K. in the 60s with Ireland, Scotland in the early 50s. there are 2 handymen; one is a schemer always plotting, meant to be comedic relief; rather hokey, lovable. 2 older Drs, are kind of characters. One is sensible, the other a gifted surgeon, more interested in golf, an odd ball, who really has a good heart. Everyone is sincere and well meaning. Some religious morality of the time, with one nurse a nun. They do try to be relevant and not ignore the world. sometimes just too hokey (strained, contrived, saccahrin), characters just too precious. Can a hospital even small, rural, but near a city and bigger hospitals, run like thisI don't want to add spoilers- but some stuff just isn't possible- for instance, it's a busy hospital (how many personnel & beds?) more nurses than we meet- we know all the Drs. (a handful), a small local hospital. there is one front desk receptionist who signs ppl in and answers the phone which doesn't ring that much. and there's never a relief- she goes home- but it's just her- 7 days a week- no one else?- There would be more activity in a Drs' office. They do call it a free hospital, and private practice; not sure how the Public Health system fits in. Something else- for country roads with little traffic, there are a lot of death by car accidents- and the all present ploy of standing in the road, and getting hit, killed by a car. Everyone hit by a car doesn't die. what are all these drivers doing, not watching the roadway; these are not freeways- so on a cell phone (not in 1960s) drunk, not watching, and how many go off the road and crash and die, or are trapped. It is a really cheap (poor) plot point. Big Spoiler- they clearly didn't expect Season 8 to be the last- end of Ep#11, and the finale Ep#12- very sad events and a cliff hanger- really got serious with no happy resolve. DO NOT read if you don't want to know- man accidentally kills his son. old woman abused by a priest and sent to asylum as a 15 yr old, her life stolen, dies, and favorite character is at point of death. do they kill him off or does he survive- and sister Bridget may leave the nun's order. (about time) a new secular life? it ends!
  • michaelr-0721722 February 2020
    This is just a silly show. The characters are either one dimensional or cartoonish buffoons. Nothing to see here.