The building used for the setting of the hospital (externally) is actually a residential property on Scarborough's south cliff esplanade. It's split into flats and cottages.

The house used for Dr Ormerod and Dr Wetherill's home is a residential property situated directly opposite St Mary's Church in Scarborough and has panoramic views of the North Bay from its garden which can be seen in an episode where they have a garden party.

Robert Daws (Dr. Gordon Ormerod) & Wendy Craig (Matron) also worked together on episode 5.5, Death in Paradise: Lost Identity (2016), of Death in Paradise (2011) as John Green / Marcus Knight & Mary Goodman respectively.

Scott Taylor who plays ambulance driver Frankie Robinson is in fact an ambulance driver in real life.

Due to the extremely violent ending of the fourth season episode "Sins of the Father", in which a young man kills his father in self-defence to protect his mother from being abused by him again, TVO did not rerun Season Four. Rather, they reran the series they aired immediately after the season of "The Royal" had ended early, and then reran the same series at the scheduled time, thereby filling the empty airspace.