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  • Without doubt - the best drama ever made in Israel, and quite probably the masterpiece of Israeli television.

    The interesting stories are full of characters which are full, complete and imperfect - it's as if you see into the life of your Israeli neighbor (one of the more interesting neighbors anyhow).

    The show has one of the best soundtracks ever heard in an Israeli show, incredible editing, artistic scenes and a sense of true Israeli life and wonder.

    The actors here are simply amazing, and each show some of the best acting talent in Israeli television - especially Alon Abutbul which just shines.

    Don't miss watching this masterpiece if you can - a glimpse into our lives, with no pretense.
  • PeteRoy19 May 2004
    This show doesn't do it for me.

    First of all the stories are boring to me, although I'm sure there are people who find this show stories interesting.

    But, apart from the stories this show fails in many ways.

    The editing is horrible, the scenes are too long, many scenes should have been cut, they show us parts of scenes where it doesn't even relate to the story development.

    Also, the acting is very bad and feels faked.

    In the last season advertisements they said it is Israel's best drama series. Funny.