Opera (II) (2003)

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2 August 2017 | lor_
Slapdash feature by Adamo, made on auto pilot
Antonio Adamo rode high near the turn of this century with several stylish features for Private and later daring! Media, but he fell into a rut and ended up repeating himself over & over. Result is that most of his work doesn't hold up a decade or two later, including this mindless release.

The title on screen is "Opera" or Antonio Adamo's "Opera", but video packaging has induced IMDb to list it as "Sex Opera". These titles are meaningless, as it is merely a sex movie set in the art world, offering none of the dramatics (or music) of an opera.

Lead is played listlessly by David Perry, an overworked performer if ever there was one. He's an artist/sculptor who is being bamboozled by his patron Ian Scott, and both actor speak in English -slowly and clearly but in a vain attempt to internationalize this co-production, backed not just by Private but also by U.S. porn outfit Penthouse. It was released on both labels, its Penthouse edition assigned pointlessly to the "Variations" sub-label (I'm reviewing from the Private DVD).

There's a plot of sorts involving some double-dealing but it makes no sense and is carelessly contradicted by Adamo, who takes a screenplay credit but as usual must share it with Private's "Barbara Brown", who gets a "written by" stipulation tacked on for the end credits or DVD liner.

Many beauties from the Private stable show up but have a bit of trouble reciting English dialogue, usually putting the words out in the wrong order. Their credits are also garbled, but fans will be impressed by heavyweights humping including Dora Venter and Lynn Stone. I could not identify the sultry brunette who plays the leading role as Lisa or Louisa (articulation is not the cast's strong suit in a language they don't understand).

Adamo fans know of his trademark gimmick of the gals looking directly at the camera during their sex scenes, rather than establishing eye contact with their partner, designed to create an intimacy with the lonely viewer at home. It comes off not merely as forced but quite annoying this time, getting in the way of any potential involvement in the ostensible story or characters, but clearly Private and Adamo couldn't have cared less - they advertise 8 sex scenes, heavy on the anal, and that's what AA delivered.

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Adult | Drama | Romance


Release Date:

19 April 2001



Country of Origin

Spain, USA

Filming Locations

Budapest, Hungary