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  • Argh! What a mistake! I saw the DVD at a charity store where it cost only 1 euro 50. I bought it thinking: well it's a Disney movie, so it can't be that bad and the money's going to charity. Man, was I wrong. This is perhaps the worst Disney trash I've seen (thankfully i have successfully avoided watching the likes of Disney's 'Crap School Musical'. Unlike the numerous other Disney films I've seen, this one has no heart. The animation looks miserably amateurish. The voice cast fails to impress, even Mandy Moore's song is terrible. This is one film that should be avoided at all costs. I haven't seen the first 'Tarzan' and I dozed on and off into sleepiness while watching this (and that hardly ever happens to me while watching a movie). At least the money hopefully goes to charity and I'll try to sell this DVD on the net asap.
  • I personally don't think it is the worst Disney sequel, but it does pale in comparison to the original movie. I don't Tarzan is the best Disney movie, but I still loved it. Now Tarzan and Jane's first problem is that it is merely three episodes of the TV show. The animation isn't that brilliant to be perfectly honest with you, but I can understand why it looked Saturday morning cartoon standard, because that's what the TV show is. A good example is the animation of Jane, it was very ugly at times. The songs aren't the best I've ever heard, but I've heard a lot worse. Cinderella 2's songs were awful. And I actually liked Mandy Moore's singing. I agree with the other comments it could have had a lot more humour, there were valiant attempts throughout the movie, especially Terk's "Mr. Fancypants" line, but there could have been a lot more. The characters aren't as likable than they were in the first film, and all the voice actors are different. The new voice actors, like Olivia D'Arbo, April Winchell and Jim Cummings do their best, but their characters don't have enough personality, and Tarzan's voice actor, while spirited and well done, just lacked the extra ingredient, charisma. The plot merely consists of three stories, and while they are well-voiced and well-intended, they are let down by a lack of imagination. The diamonds in the volcano reminded me a little bit of Congo. Though I liked some of the new characters, I mean Jane's friends were a nice touch. Another pro of the movie was that at an hour and a quarter, it's a good length and goes along at a reasonable pace. In conclusion, I don't think it was awful, but it could have been better. 6/10 Bethany Cox.
  • Excruciatingly bad.

    'Tarzan & Jane' is a rather terrible excuse for a sequel, as it shoehorns in three separate stories which have nothing to do with the first film and add absolutely zero to it. Awful new characters, average animation, disappointing new cast and nowhere near noteworthy music. They made it poorer in every way.

    I can now understand why they titled the third film as 'Tarzan II', probably trying to airbrush this from existence. I'm struggling to find a positive about this film, perhaps the two seconds of Phil Collins' original music at the very beginning? Of the three stories, I guess the final one is best? I'm scraping the barrel.
  • This movie is awful, just awful. Somehow, Disney managed to make a 60 minute cartoon with formerly-interesting characters seem like an eternity of dull, directionless garbage. My children (ages 6 and 4) were so bored watching this that they finally turned off the TV themselves, and they were mesmerized by the original Tarzan movie. I honestly felt like Disney had stolen my DVD purchase price with this one. I wish I could return it for being a horrible movie, but alas, I'm stuck with it. The DVD case is worth more than the content on the disc. Avoid.
  • If you have seen the television show then you will be familiar with this movie. All the characters from the television appear in Tarzan and Jane. IMHO this isn't really a sequel to the movie but to the television show. The movie revolves around flash backs to the past year that Tarzan and Jane met and now. The movie is just a couple brand new television shows put together to make a movie that Disney hopes to make a profit. Even though i did find the movie enjoyable, i didn't like how it was presented. If you like the morning show, i think you'll also like "Tarzan and Jane"
  • Wow where do we even start with this one, I don't even know how to rate this movie because this "movie" barely classifies as a movie!

    Apparently this movie is three episodes from already existing TV series 'The Legend of Tarzan' stitched together with new animation to make the narrative seem more.. seamless, and I gotta say this right off the bat, This movie has some of the worst looking animation Disney has ever produced.. EVER, I'm not even kidding, I'm talking about the new animation that was made specifically for this straight-to-DVD Tarzan sequel and yeah, It looks hideous, Like some cheap Brazilian knock off movie trying to imitate Disney's Tarzan so some poor Grandma buys it instead of Disney's original for her grandchildren (No disrespect to Brazil, I'm just saying that the animation literally looks like something outta Vídeo Brinquedo) Thankfully the three episodes/segments has pretty decent animation, Not something mind blowing, Just good enough for a Saturday morning cartoon.

    The storyline is just ok, It follows Jane, Trying to think of something special to do with her 1 year anniversary with Tarzan, So Trek and Tantor try to help her with some ideas, The three stories are fine too, My favorite being the second one with Jane and her friends visiting her from London, It has a lot of funny bits and cute interactions but other than that it was pretty forgettable, Especially the other two stories.

    The new song by Phil Collins and Mandy Moore were pretty cute, but nothing really special to write home about..

    None of the voice cast of the original movie reprised their roles in this movie nor the TV series and It is pretty noticeable, I'm not talking about the side characters (Jim Cummings, April Winchell and Jeff Bennett did a phenomenal job with how little screen time their characters were given) I'm talking about our main characters, Jane and her super exaggerated British accent and Tarzan with his boring monotone voice, I'm not saying they did a bad job, It just lacks the heart and charisma the original cast had..

    So yeah, This was pretty lame, If you're interested in more Tarzan adventures, Just go watch the TV series and don't watch whatever this is.. This is not the worst straight-to-DVD Disney sequel (I mean The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2 still exists) but still I can't give this movie more than three stars, Just a very lazy lame movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Disney has the reputation to make really good animated movies and then create sequels to them that are some of the worst movies ever made, "Tarzan & Jane" being the worst of them. Granted, the only other two Disney sequels I have seen are "The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride" and "Kronk's New Groove", but I find it almost impossible to believe there could be a worse Disney film. It's just terrible.

    Starting off with Tarzan and Jane swinging through the jungle in an attempt to capture the moving scenery from the first film as Phil Collins' "Two Worlds One Family" is misplaced into the scene, we get a our first look at the animation, which is a gargantuan step-down from the animation of the first film. Lots of detail is removed from the character models, and they look as if they do not fit into the scenery they are set in. The character appearances just seem too bright to be in the locations they're in.

    Through a series of three flashbacks, we witness the events of the past year and get to see our recurring characters again. All of the characters have lost all of the charm and characteristics that their original characters had and seem like completely different characters. Tarzan (Michael T. Weiss) has no personality or character traits other than he isn't familiar with traditional human customs and he loves Jane. Jane (Olivia d'Abo) is turned from the quirky girl from the first movie and is nothing more than a damsel in distress that needs to be saved. The professor (Jeff Bennett) has been reduced to comic relief without any character. Terk (April Winchell) the gorilla and Tantor (Jim Cummings) the elephant are the only two characters who maintain relatively the same personality, though they are both used even more for comic relief then they were in the first movie.

    The cutting to the flashbacks seems like they are setting up a punchline like a cutaway for "Family Guy" would rather than setting up a flashback that encompasses a third of the movie. The flashbacks also make the movie feel like there is no plot as they distract you from what the problem about the anniversary is. The events that take place in the flashbacks have no real effect on anything other than it would make Tarzan sad if Jane tried to do something for their anniversary.

    Phil Collins "Two Worlds One Family" from the first film plays at the beginning of the movie as I mentioned above. While in "Tarzan" it matched the story about how Tarzan came from the human world but was raised in the gorilla world and both groups from the world are his family. In "Tarzan & Jane", the song does not go along with anything happening in the movie and is just used because it's from the first movie.

    At least with "Simba's Pride" and "Kronk's New Groove", the films at least kept the characters the same and kept the animation to the same level as the first movie instead of changing the character's personalities and downgrading the animation. The new characters are one dimensional and boring, the returning characters are different, the animation has been downgraded, bad use of music, and an overall bad and forgettable story line, "Tarzan & Jane" is just terrible.
  • ericstevenson11 November 2017
    Not a fan of Disney sequels. Well, nobody is. I was hoping this one would at least be tolerable but they actually went down the same route that "Cinderella II: Dreams Come True" did. That was already considered one of the worst Disney sequels ever made and they ripped it off! This film has no flowing narrative but instead features three short stories talking about other things that happened to Tarzan and Jane. If you're going to make a sequel, at least have it advance the story in some way. I mean, I believe there was a Tarzan TV show based on the movie made at this time.

    Why not just take these short stories and make them episodes of the show? The film is once again short because of a lack of a flowing story. I guess if I had to pick a worst segment, it would probably be the middle one. It features some villains trying to trick Tarzan into getting diamonds for them. I keep recognizing Jim Cummings' voice in all of his performances. I met that guy of course and it's sad someone so talented has been in bad movies. Well, I guess when you're that prolific, you can't help it. *1/2
  • I'm really amazed that the profit motive would rule so large in the making of this film. It was so obviously and completely slapdash in concept - three unrelated flashbacks? come on! And the animation is really second rate - up close on a DVD it looks just awful. You really don't even want to subject your kids to this trash - my three year old was almost totally uninterested and I don't blame him. 2/10
  • Disney sequels, generally, aren't always as good as the original movies. There are, however, some very good sequels such as "The Lion King II," "Lady and the Tramp II," and "Toy Story II." But "Tarzan and Jane" is indeed the worst of Disney sequels, where the story was dope, the characters were boring and aren't as lovable as they were in the original movie, the music was awful, and the animation was rubbish. The story was simply about Jane wanting to find an anniversary present for Tarzan, and while doing so in the jungle, she starts remembering the adventures they've had so far. If Disney continues to produce movies like this, it will definitely lose its touch and magic. Disney's "Tarzan," though regained its prestige in "Tarzan II," where they did a good job in it.
  • I really liked the first Tarzan Disney movie when I was a kid, and would often watch it after school on VCR when I was in first grade. When I saw a trailer for its sequel I thought "Hey, this looks pretty good", so I bought it on VCR when I was eight and I really don't have much to say about this one, except that it should have never even been made, and there's nothing special about it. I've never even had much of a memory from this sequel, and I really think this is a garbage animated sequel that is worth skipping. Some of the things that were horrible and lousy about this was Jane's annoying voice, the boring story lines in three episodes this movie contains, and some of the new music written for this one was also terrible. Fans of Tarzan 1, do not watch this.
  • johnmccormick-18 August 2002
    The animation was poorly executed compared to the original Tarzan flick by Disney. The plot was poor, and insulting to children's intelligence. Overall, the movie was a poor sequel. We should expect Disney to produce better sequels than this. Toy Story 2 was a good sequel to Toy Story. Tarzan and Jane isn't even a good Saturday morning cartoon...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Although this was not exactly on par with the original (it is hard for it to compare, I saw this one on YouTube, and the original in '99 in the cinema), I don't believe it was as awful as people seem to think.

    Albeit I find with many Disney films, there are a lot of things included that young children would not understand, such as Tantor's reference further on in the film to a "love triangle".

    Not one to watch if you're looking for another fantastic "Tarzan" experience, but worth watching if you want a bit of a laugh.

    I give it a 7/10 purely because it actually managed to make me crack a smile here and there, which is one huge feat for Disney these days with all their big CGI outings that fall flat the vast majority of the time.
  • I saw Tarzan and Jane way back when I was a little kid, but over the past 3-4 years or so, I really thought about the core story of this and what it boils down to is literally nothing! All that happens here is that Jane is trying to think of ways to celebrate her 1 year wedding anniversary with Tarzan, and she, Terk, and Tantor just reflect on memories that derive from the Tarzan TV series every time 1 of them suggests an idea, that's it! A direct to video sequel like that in my opinion, barely even qualifies as a movie, that's just an attempt at seeking a profit. How could Disney possibly think that this passes for a story worth telling? I hate this direct to video sequel from Disney and in all honesty, it has no real plot, and it's an insult to fans of the original Tarzan movie!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Disney presents Edgar Rice Burroughs' vine swinger in animation with his wife and friends in a sanitized jungle. It is Tarzan(Michael T. Weiss)and Jane's(Olivia d'Abo)one year anniversary and the transplanted Brit is fretting over finding the perfect gift for Tarzan. Jane thinks back about what an exciting year it has been. Three adventures quickly comes to mind. One when three of her Prep School girlfriends come to visit with intentions of talking her into coming back home and then meeting the charming Tarzan for themselves. Then the time a couple of villainous chaps come to the jungle to attempt to retrieve diamonds from an awakening volcano. And the time one of Jane's childhood friends drops in to take back a music box that was actually a decoding machine. He was a double-agent, and Tarzan all along knew he wasn't to be trusted. The reminiscing ends with Tarzan proving to Jane he really understood her world, but was so glad she shared his. There is a couple of songs provided by Phil Collins and Mandy Moore. Other talents lending their voices to the story: Rene Auberjonois, John O'Hurley, Jeff Bennett, April Winchell, Kevin Michael Richardson and Nicollette Sheridan.
  • rossrobinson3 August 2004
    Tarzan and Jane i think is another good disney movie, this one didn't go to the cinemas and it was decided to go straight to video instead. This movie carries on with what was left at the end of the first animated movie (Tarzan (1999) This movie was made in 2002, based with the same background (The Jungle) and the same characters and also featuring new kind of characters. I did like this movie because it was quite funny and it was from Disney which i think is a great company and the company make excellent movies from Disney, Disney was carried on after Walt Disney died in the 60's, i was glad for this to carry on because after Walt's death, there has been some more fantastic movies that came out in the 1970, 1980's, 1990's and 2000's. In 2000, there was another movie based on Walt's fantastic work, Fantasia 2000 was the movie to mark the 60th anniversary as the first Fantasia movie was made in 1940. I hope there will be a 3rd Fantasia movie as i think the graphics are amazing and brilliant. Over all i give Tarzan and Jane 10 out of 10.
  • rak7820 September 2002
    The story is about creating the biggest surprise for the wedding anniversary. Still, it is hard to choose in a jungle what would be the best. So, after trying to figure out what would be the best for the other, you waste time and you get your own surprise. Still, compared to the first Tarzan cartoon, this is just a bit weaker...
  • In Disneys Tarzan & Jane, they have their first wedding anniversary, while staying in the jungle. Janes father still living, with the newly weds, explores the inhabitance of the jungle for himself. With Tarzan coming to the rescue once again to save the day and his new found love and family. It is a great movie that every child must have with the original classic. I know that I will get this one, see the disney fanatic that I am.
  • bethany-palas19 October 2020
    This was terrible. It was painful to watch but I kept going hoping it would get better. It didn't. Find something better to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i was very glad to see the movie in the rent store i couldn't believe my eyes! how could i have missed this movie before? i rented it and couldn't wait to go home, i opened it and i couldn't believe my own eyes..

    this movie has nothing to do with the first it was really bad. How can they make it again? it didn't have an exciting adventure, all of what is said was that Jane was seeking a present for Tarzan and she has trouble finding it.

    every time she remembers a gift or something to do in the anniversary a bad memory pops up and makes her change her mind. the animation was awful. the voices has nothing to do with the first.this movie was made for nothing i don't get why they made it.

    fans off Tarzan DO NOT rent/buy this movie it will change your whole mind about it.
  • it is the worse Disney movie ever created if i wore you i would jump of a cliff and go down a lake that is how bad this movie is this is one movie that should be tore up in Pisces that is how babyish it is it is for babies ages 1 to 9 and now this is the worlds movie that anyone came up with there is nothing this bad i say this movie is so bad that you just may want to cover your moth and cover your eyers because that is how bad this Disney movie is there is nothing this bad it is like the worse thing on earth now do you know how bad this movie is it is so bad that sold it i never saw a movie this bad before you don't want to watch this horrible kid film i never saw a kid film this bad before that is how bad this movie really is
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tarzan and Jane is a direct to VHS sequel to the 1999 film Tarzan which featured the voice talents of Tony Goldwyn, Minnie Driver and Glenn Close. This time none of the original cast returned and we have barely any music either only from Mandy Moore and Phil Collins (briefly).

    So what is this film about well its about Tarzan and Jane who are celebrating their 1 year anniversary with a flashback theme involved. Some group of treasure hunters steal diamonds and yeah that's it.

    The voice acting is bad,the story is all over the place and don't get me started on the TV animation.

    If you love Tarzan go watch the 1999 one instead or even George Of The Jungle.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This sequel is pretty good, and for Tarzan I feel it does justice to the original. It's a story about Tarzan and Jane's life together and their adventures.

    I find it fun that Jane has adapted to her new life with her jungle man, and she has changed sure she is girly still but like her husband she has become a survivor and knows the jungle and her dangers. Jane is trying to come up with a surprise for her and Tarzan's one year anniversary and she tells this to Tantor, Terk, and her father Professor Porter, each trying to help her, relates a story or adventure that her and Tarzan has had and each story relates to a thing Jane can do for Tarzan. Eventually, that's not the big surprise though.

    Tarzan and Jane is fun and enjoyable, sure it's not the original, and I am surprised how many negative reviews were written about it. The only reason I give it a 9 is because of the animation, it doesn't seem as full of life as the originals animation but it is still good don't get me wrong. I like the part where Jane has her friends go in their knickers to survive, I found it kind of hot I guess. Tarzan is Jane is a good laughable sequel and is highly enjoyable.

    9/10 for Tarzan and Jane
  • arielsiere9 September 2022
    Thid sequel to the movie Tarzan is a pretty unnecesary sequel and it doesn't explain anything except how Tarzan and Jane met in the first film i think Lightyear is so many times better than this trashy direct to video sequel, i am glad there are no more direct to video sequels since John Lasseter the chief creative of Disney and Pixar decided to put an end to all direct to video sequels in 2007 which means they cancelled sequels from Dumbo, The Aristocats, Chicken Little and Meet The Robinsons with no second chances after their last Disney direct to video sequel which was The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel's Beginning which that movie also sucks.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This animation have graphics so ugly but is Nice the plots
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