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  • It's one of the best Hindi movies I have seen; there are no surprise scenes, every scene had been played naturally; every body can relate to it. The simplicity of the movie moved me away. There are no fancy costume or dance, this movie is just based on faith, deep faith which is unusual even in real life.

    All characters showed their par of excellence, Hema and Ashok Kumar are beyond any words of praise. The director is amazing, haven't seen many movies of him.

    Today's directors can better of copying movies like this, rather than copying from the west (if they really want to retain the rich cultural heritage of India).
  • Probably, one of the best performances by Hema Malini. Ashok Kumar and Nazir Hussain are at their best, as ever. Jeetendra & Jamuna are good. Agha, Manorama, Mehmood & Paintal's characters are forcefully inserted just to keep the serious plot afloat. They all are wasted. Music is excellent with songs such as 1) Aayegi Jaroor Chitthi, 2) Main Dulhan Teri, 3) Jaan-e-Chaman, 4) Govinda Gopala. Go, give it a chance.