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  • Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! Not only is Hamilton Mattress very funny, but it teaches a great moral about your talent matters not your looks without preaching. The story is likable and original, about an aardvark seeking fame as a natural drummer, and the script is irreverent enough with the perfect balance of dry humour and zaniness. Hamilton Mattress certainly looks amazing, with lovely colourful backgrounds especially that of Beak City itself and character movements that are sharp and convincing. The music is memorable too, the sound effects are excellent , and the characters are fun; Sludger/Hamilton Mattress is both humorous and sensitive and I love that sort of character. Feldwick C. Hackenbush the caterpillar is also great fun, so are Beryl and Balaustrade but Sludger will always be my favourite of all. The voice work was outstanding; David Thewlis should seriously do more voice work, for he was perfect in the title role, he really comes alive. Henry Goodman is amusing as Feldwick, and Lindsay Duncan is lovely as Beryl and Gertrude. William Hootkins also deserves praise for his voice acting of Balaustrade, a villain who is sinister yet funny as well. All in all, this is brilliant, if you come across it, I guarantee you will love it. 10/10 Bethany Cox
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Okay here's the plot- David Thewlis stars as the voice of Sludger, an aardvark who is a natural drummer and wants the good life, including having decent trousers (he is OBSESSED with trousers!) Along comes Feldwick C. Hackenbush, a caterpillar who is obsessed with fame and fortune and sees Sludger as a potential target. Together they set off to Beak City where Sludger changes his name to Hamilton Mattress and sets out for fame.........

    This short animation film is brilliant! It's so funny. Like many kiddie films, this is a moral story. Sludger is seen as ugly despite his natural drumming talent and the moral of the story is that looks don't matter.

    David is brilliant as Sludger- he brings the character alive and makes him really funny. When I think of his voice, I think of "Island of Dr Moreau" or "Harry Potter". I can imagine David having loads of fun with this one I've not had so much fun with an animation since watching "Wallace and Gromit".

    Rating 10/10
  • This animation from Harvest Films & Egmont Animation tells the tale of Sludger the Aardvark a natural born drummer whose talent is discovered one day by Feldwick C Hackenbush, a large green caterpillar. Together they head off to Beak City (inhabited entirely by birds - geddit?) to try to make it big in the world of drumming.

    I haven't enjoyed an animation so much since Wallace and Grommit.
  • This show is excellent. David Thewlis as the voice of Hamilton Mattress was brilliant. Henry Goodman as the voice of Mr. Feldwick C. Hackenbush/Septimus was interesting. This story happens when Sluger was a Ardvark and wants Trousers and wants to be one of beautiful people in town. So a Caterpillar was up in a very interesting tree then a little later when Sluger plays the rocks like the drum the Caterpillar came down. So then he talk to the Caterpillar who he wants to be. So then they begin there journey way high up in the trees so there was a log like a seesaw. So then they where up in the clouds and then there was a city called Beak City. So in a little later the Caterpillar wants to be a different name then Sluger so there was a mattress build board on the wall so his new name is Hamilton Mattress. This show is excellent you will like this show. The story must continue so do not forgot to watch the whole thing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Hamilton Mattress" is a British animated short that runs for half an hour and was directed by Oscar nominee Barry Purves, who is probably more known than his two writers here, sadly one of them dead. If you don't know the story or characters, then this really could be anything as the title does not give anything away what this could be about. It is the story of an aardvark who wants to be a successful drummer and his caterpillar friend. The antagonists are a group of angry birds, but this is certainly not a fable despite all these humanized animal characters. I'd say the beginning was solid, but the longer the film goes the less interested I became in the story. As for the characters, they have some good and bad moments. I wouldn't really blame the voice actors though. The title character is voiced by David Thewlis from Harry Potter and there are more known names in here, at least to British film buffs. Some of them voice several characters too. It's all very mediocre as a whole, the story, the comedy, the animation and the entire product. I am one who thinks that adults can find a great deal of pleasure in animated films, but this award-winning television special rarely does it for me. If anything, it's worth seeing for the bizarrity of it all. Admittedly, there aren't any real failure moments in here either, but with the high level we got these days in terms of animated films, that just isn't enough anymore for a recommendation. Skip this one.