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  • grant-wray24 August 2005
    Although the film has a few shallow moments and unexplored plot points, there are enough subtle twists to leave you wondering just what is going on right up to the end. Is it a police set up? Is it a rival gang? The pub landlord? The Grieving widow? Where's the loot? Masterful performances by the main characters add up to make it a delight, and anyone who says that Irish film = s*** obviously listens to too much Slipknot! With elements of Arsenic & Old Lace, The Great Train Robbery and The Commitments this should be a joy for anyone who doesn't like their films too fast paced or over the top. The DVD extras include cast interviews and are best avoided due to the fact they arrange the individual comments as chapters. It's a huge irritation when some chapters are as short as 7 seconds and the DVD player takes longer locating the chapter than the comment.
  • Mystics is the type of movie you don't see very often these days. An old fashioned comedy romp, with a terrific ensemble cast headed by two classic stalwarts of stage and screen, David Kelly and Milo O'Shea.

    The plot centres around two music hall old timers, Dave and Locky, who run a seance scam conning the widows of Dublin in a good natured way. Things turn a little precarious for the old boys when a local gangster dies and the boys get mixed up with his widow (played by an excellent Maria Doyle Kennedy) and rival gangs.

    Mystics is good fun from start to finish and to see such an array of top quality Irish actors plying their trade with such obvious enjoyment is a piece of pure escapism.

    Highly reccommended.
  • jas11712 June 2006
    Once in a while, you see a film that you don't know that much about, but it completely surprises you. Mystics is one of those films. It was quirky, amusing and thoroughly original. David Kelly was fantastic and Milo O'Shea, who both are the last of their breed. You never see films like this anymore since Cyril Cusack left the planet. The farcical nature of this picture is a rare commodity - too many people in too many films take themselves too seriously these days... Wish one day I could meet the producer. It brings me back to the days of Ealing comedies - character-based films that lit up the UK business like a beacon... Loved it. Will watch again for sure! x
  • It doesn't take long before I was hitched on this Irish comedy, which is what I would call a good old-fashioned light hearted comedy, along the style of the English TV-series Heartbeat. if you are like me, you'll be charmed as well. for Scandinavians the best reference might be the series of Olsen Gang-films (Olsenbanden) only this is funnier and offers less dead pan acting, and more of a romp.

    MacMaster is the most feared gangster family all over Ireland, and after a big diamond heist in Cork, the family patron, called Big Mac, stumbles over one of his beloved garden gnomes and dies, before he has told the family where the jewelry is hidden. the police are on their neck, and a couple of old-timers are running a scam operation where the arrange sessions to talk with dead people. of course, the young misses MacMaster seeks them out to find out where the stash is hidden. But dealing with gangsters isn't always easy. They have both enemies and police in their heels. And they are losing control over their scam operation.

    With an Irish A-team of actors, this little comedy is a little gem for those looking for some light entertainment. Even the gangsters are the ones you wouldn't be afraid to ask in for a cup of tea. Non violent, and not to dark either, but screw ball inspired with a gallery of funny characters and a good plot, it's a colorful film which supersedes most Hollywood comedies in charm, wit and above all acting. it's also easy to see that the actors are enjoying every minute of it. But the best is really that the film's got a drive, and you want to know the answers.

    Excellent photography, great colorful pallet and a dramatical touch which will also be a great watch for elders, having a couple of them in the main roles as our protagonists. Music is right and the comical timing is spot on. I recently saw another of director David Blairs films, "Best laid plans" which I also enjoyed, so I would say he's a man you can count on when it comes to little gems.

    David Kelly and Milo O'Shea are both perfect for the roles, and makes the most out of it. Recommended light entertainment.
  • rowiko4 December 2010
    The main thing that attracted me to this movie was the fact that David Kelly stars in it.

    Like in "Waking Ned", he plays someone who cons people, although in contrast to the other film, where he was merely taking advantage of an unforeseen situation, here he is making it his daily business.

    David Kelly's acting is brilliant. One cannot fail to like his charm and quirkiness.

    The plot itself seemed promising to me first, but I felt that it kind of lost much of its momentum after a while. So, much though I liked David Kelly's performance, the story itself I found a bit uninspired and not living up to its promises, which is a shame.
  • Quite a boring tale about two con-artists fooling people to believe that they can contact the dead. When a local mobster dies, he actually does use them as a medium, and the circus rolls on.

    Interesting pitch, but lame movie with standard dialogue, standard script and totally awful direction. Most of the scenes consists of people opening doors and walking through them, shaking hands, small talks and things that usually don't have any place in a film at all.

    Truely a waste of time. Not even for those rainy sundays when you don't have anything else to watch.

    Skip this one.
  • The movie is a classic Irish comedy with plenty of laughs and a few twists. Its easy going pace allows for some great dialogue between the lead characters and reminiscent of similar movies like the Commitments, The Van and Waking Ned.

    The stars of the show David Kelly and Milo O'Shea play two music hall old timers turning a coin in their retirement years as mediums who communicate with the dead.

    It's actually a bit of a scam as the two old timers con the widows of Dublin offering them the opportunity to commune with their dearly departed.

    Enjoyable for all the family and one which you can watch again and again.