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  • Zakhmi sipahi a revenge drama of Mithun chakravorty is worth watch film according to my opinion Story nothing new offers but screenplay is good, performances of lead starcast is good. Mithun chakravorty is the soul of the film.what a superb performance of Mithun chakravorty,ompuri is very impressive in his desi style, Puneet issar delivered a cruel performance, actresses are just ok, Music is good, specially song tum Sharma k dekhogee.....actions are very good, Overall Zakhmi sipahi is a good entertaining film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Zakhmi Sipahi like many Mithun-T.L.V. Prasad movies was a formula movie full of south style action and some good numbers like "Tum Sharma Ke Dekhogi". The Mithun_T.L.V. Prasad combination made 30 movies and most of them were successful keeping in view the budget unlike what the other reviewer has said that mithun has given 100 flops he don;t know the ABCD of Box Office, many movies of this combo were hits like Shpath, Jallad, Chandal etc and many did recover their money. Zakhmi Siphai is one of those movies where this combination provided good entertainment for Die Hard Mithun fans. Action Scenes are very good and music is time pass. Direction is OK for this kind of movie. Both heroines looked good specially Vani was just great. All in all a good time pass movie for Die Hard Mithun fans.