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  • During the mid-1950's , Fox produced a series of 1 hour TV episodes that brought such classics as Broken Arrow and the Oxbow Incident to TV. Great casts of up and coming stars were showcased in these remakes of films that originally starred folks like Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda.

    The two episodes mentioned particularly stand out in this well-produced series. In Broken Arrow, Ricardo Montalban and Rita Moreno are showcased as the Native American Cochise and his young relative. In the Ox-Bow Incident, Robert Wagner , Cameron Mitchell and Raymond Burr give stand out performances in their take on the famous movie that had starred Henry Fonda. The suspense and moral lesson of the original film was still front & center.

    The Fox Movie Channel recently compiled and broadcast these great shows, most of which had not been shown for nearly 50 years !.

    These shows are excellent and demonstrate how great TV can be , when it tries .......