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  • This show is great, with an interesting premise - a smart fish that teaches his young owner science through the "great big book of everything" (or something like that!), which makes any science subject spring to life in 3-D. The fish humorously has an English accent and is a very brainy fish, which makes the whole setup pretty cute. Plus he's got a nice dry sense of humor. The shows theme is also very neat. The animation is simple but effective and seeing Stanley trying to get the creatures discussed back into the book before his parents open the door is great. This is one of those shows that help you spend precious quality time with your kids.
  • OK, I'm a sixteen year old teenager and the reason why I started to watch "Stanley" was because I read that the person who does the voice of Salazar (yes, I've taken his name as my alias!) from "Resident Evil 4",Rene Mujica, does the voice of Harry the dog. I became hooked from the fist episode from then on! The whole show is about Stanley (hence the title), a young boy who learns about animals all around the world from his brainy goldfish, Dennis, and Stanley's "GREAT BIG BOOK OF EVERYTHING!", which Elsie the cat and Harry break out into a funny song every time Stanley gets it out. Desipte being a lot more older than the shows main target audience (very young children), I've grown very fond of this show and its wacky sense of humour that adults will also laugh over. Truefully, I've also learned a bit more about animals from this show. "Stanley" should really be nominated for the Emmys in my opinion 'cause ,as I've said before, it really is a good, fun, educational kids' show.
  • All my life I have been an animal lover, not just for camping, zoos, and hanging out with my various pets, but also learning about all kinds of different creatures, whether from books, shows like The Jeff Corwin Experience and The Most Extreme, and Stanley. The title refers to the show's protagonist, a sweet intelligent young boy with a thirst for facts. He's aided by Dennis the fish, Harry the dog, and Elsie the cat when he travels into the "great big book of everything" in order to solve problems and find an animal to help and learn about. For example, in one episode Stanley has a friend over and the friend is being bossy. Stanley's mom calls his friend a "queen bee", so Stanley and his friend journey into the hive. In another episode, Stanley's dad is picking him up from school and he notices that many of his classmates are being picked up by their moms. Feeling like an outcast, Stanley goes into the great big book of everything after learning about seahorse dads from Dennis. One thing that sticks out to me and that I've always remembered is the song sung by Harry and Elsie to open the great big book of everything. I don't have kids but if I do hopefully they'll enjoy Stanley as much as I did.