Filmed in nine days.

The whole movie was shot in the daytime with a hand-held camera.

Melanie Lynskey was originally cast as Gina.

A prologue and epilogue were added only after the director and editor decided that an early cut of the film was too short; actress Judith O'Dea was enlisted and agreed to come in for a day's filming, and extra news footage was shot for the film's climax.

Sheeri Rappaport also auditioned for the role of Lauren.

The make-up artist put zits on Will Collyer's face to make him look younger.

Mary Lynn Rajskub came up with the idea for her character to wear glasses and have her hair tied back.

Director Mark Tapio Kines recorded the sound of the killer's footsteps on the roof in his own house.

The house used in the prologue belongs to editor Marc Wade.

Shot in June, 2002.

Melanie Lynskey was originally going to bump into a little girl when she runs out of the house for help.