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  • I'm not quite sure on what to make about this since it's so over the top. But it is funny. Larry Bud Melman wearing a "I heart to sit" sweater and sitting on an e-z chair will walk you through how to be a better couch potato.

    Have you ever wanted to train on how to eat a Milk Dud properly? Well, Bud and the babes will teach you.

    Worried that you're remote finger is too slow? There are workouts to speed up your channel surfing.

    Worried that your mad dash to the bathroom during the short commercial breaks could be better? You'll be showed the correct bathroom dash techniques.

    Another exercise, the wrist twist, used to strengthen your wrist for grabbing chips, but can also be used to manually change the TV if your remote breaks.

    It basically is a bunch of leotard clad babes and a bunch of fat guys and a sleazy guy. Also a German doctor tells us that cable TV has changed the make up of our brain; so the Couch Potato Workout is a learning experience. And you'll learn the real five basic food groups: sugar, salt, cholesterol, MSG and alcohol--the keys to a well balanced diet.

    My favorite scenes were the calorie counter and comparing watching TV to sleeping. Sleeping burns half the calories as watching TV, so watching TV is more beneficial for you than sleeping.

    My favorite line: "Don't worry June, the cholesterol and raw meat is good for the skin. Why I rub myself with a pork loin every morning." Ever wanted to see Bud rap/sing off key? You will...