Alexander Haig: We are trying to de-escalise a war.

Margaret Thatcher: So am I. But you do not do it by appeasement. You increase its chances. You see this table? This was where Neville Chamberlain sat in 1938 when he spoke on the wireless about the Czechs as "far away people about whom we know nothing and with whom we have so little in common". Munich! Appeasement! A world war followed because of that irresponsible, woolly-minded, indecisive, slip-shod attitude and the deaths of 45 million people.

Tom Enders: The fact that we have to treat Britain and Argentina even-handedly for the purpose of negotiation...

Margaret Thatcher: How DARE you treat us even-handedly? Argentina is the aggressor, the invader. A fourth-rate, cruel, unstable, corrupt, brutal regime with no morals or scruples whatever! They torture and murder their political opponents by the most ghastly Nazi methods. And this is the regime you wish to give even a foothold over the British citizens?