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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have waited for many days for this movie to release.. I have also been hearing about this film when it was just written on a paper by Vinod Chopra. and since the i day saw the trailer.It was so gripping with Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar playing some serious roles in it. and yes!! Farhan Akhtar cant do anything wrong..he proved this again!! i saw the movie today with very controlled expectations because 2015 was the year of disappointments like Roy and all.. The movie started in a very first shot.. sudden characters introduced..the screenplay,bringing forward the characters and adorable performances by Akhtar and Sir Bachchan.. Amitabh is still one of the most power pack performers in India. 90 minutes of the movie never disappointed me because of the twisted twist in the end!! Surely the movie,as Vidhu Vinod Chopra said earlier that The plot revolves around the rules of the chess..sacrifices,assassinations,authorities and loyalty were its ingredients.. May be Indian audience isn't still prepared for these kind of sharp stories(and i don't expect they will be) Movies like Dilwale and Prdp are regarded as good movies.. and i see no chances Indian Audience gonna improve their perspective for the movies that deserves appreciation and by the way i also have twist in the end for you readers...i.e the title of this review is for Masala movie lovers :) thank you :)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Wazir is the perfect example of how poor direction, editing can spoil a great script and waste legendary talents.

    Eight things that went wrong with Wazir

    Better Direction – the jump cuts between people talking. Long shots and then suddenly these jump cuts between a conversation. It was as if Bijoy Nambiar was shooting a music video. When the film was more a talky noir where simple quiet shots would have helped higher impact.

    Editing – the at least 10+ scenes of Farhan Akhtar and wife were completely cutting the pace down. The makers thought it would divert our minds to other things but it only made a hotch potch out of the film. There was no chemistry, the background song was bad, no dialogs. Just two people staring at each other every 10 mins of the film. Fail.

    Wazir – The character of Wazir made no sense. Why would a terrorist try to kill Panditji with a theatric character called the Wazir. Why was Wazir hamming so much? Why should they be not clear attempts to kill Panditji rather than spew filmy dialogs? Could have been more believable right. This is the line which Indian cinema needs to cross – either go completely serious or be completely commercial. A middle tone will always alienate everyone.

    Plot points- what was the need to showcase the plot point that Qureshi is a terrorist. They could have easily kept that in the dark adding to an amazing twist in the end. And then the wazir twist would have been even better.

    Dumbing it down – Bollywood still needs to learn that dumbing down cinema to a single idea is not conducive. I mean the masses are not going to see this movie. Its going to be the multiplex audience, who by the way are exposed to better cinema.

    Pace – Why make this for 100 minutes, it's as if the production house was like, lets aim this at 100 minutes and let everything else go for a toss. No sense

    Side Characters – The film was pretty much about AB and FA . The side characters could have played a better role. For example John Abraham could have played the role of putting in some thought into Farhan Akhtar's character. "Panditji might be paranoid, why are you doing this?" The sardar character could have also played the role of a voice of reason. Thus, making the twist stronger but no they just came spoke some blabber and went.

    Poor action sequences – the action sequences were bad. Period.

    Overall, a great script wasted away due to poor direction, editing and a need to dumb it down.
  • Had been waiting for this release ever since I watched the first trailer. It was a pleasure watching Farhan in his role as an ATS officer; he did full justice to it. Big B's performance too was mind-blowing as usual. The supporting actors too made the plot more gripping with their convincing performances. Due to my love for literature, I personally thoroughly enjoyed the chess metaphors used in the movie; unlike others, it wasn't just a pointless thriller. Despite some little flaws here and there, I absolutely loved the movie. My first movie of the year was totally worth it and I really hope Bollywood doesn't disappoint the viewers with mindless drama in the days to follow. Cheers to a new year ahead!
  • I'm a chess fan (not a good player however).

    One day, while I was playing chess, a thought came into my mind, "What if the game I'm playing is happening for real somewhere?" Then it was obvious, I searched for the movies with similar theme but couldn't get one. The best I could find was "The Seventh Seal" by Ingmar Bergman which was nowhere near to the one in my mind.

    I knew nothing about 'WAZIR' before watching, except it was a chess movie. I'm a chess fan, so, I would have never missed this movie no matter good or bad. I wasn't expecting more either. But, after watching it, my mind was completely blown away. My long wait has been fulfilled. THIS is the best chess movie I've ever seen.

    At some points, I felt errors in storytelling (wished they hadn't done it this way). But those were nothing compared to the whole package. The performances were good. The whole script is excellent. Technically, it felt real, which is also a good thing. I'm sure this movie will leave a mark in Bollywood, with its significance growing over time.

    This movie came as a surprise which made me experience that, if a movie comes as a surprise, that movie is going to be in your best movies list.

    Thanks for the whole team of WAZIR for delivering us this movie. Much appreciated.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Cut, Dry, Crisp, to the point without any loose threads. The languidness of the moment that comes in is to establish the undercurrent of the raw palpable emotions.

    Will come to the portrayals later - first lets get to the technical aspects of the film. The screenplay is tightly wound like the straps of the wheelchair and it lets go off the thread at the perfect moment and doesn't falter or is never loose preventing the viewer to fall. The camera is from our view point. The background music is the pounding of our heart and we are entrenched in completely. The songs are the soul of the film. The editing is as sharp as that of sushi maestro's knife and why wouldn't it be when the story is the maestro's himself. Who better to know how to tighten the strings.

    Now to the portrayals. What can one say of the ever evolving AB. He has not only reinvented himself but has proved Darwin's law. Every film he showcases a new facet. He is truly the pawn of the chessboard who with every step he is taking in the board of acting has retaken his position as king again and again. FA has the right amount of restraint and is a delight to see and cherish.

    Yes I did get the plot midway of the film but the checkmate that I was dealt was that of the alter ego of the true Wazir. Thanks for the checkmate. Truly I have lost on the twist but I am glad that I won seeing the movie
  • Amitabh tries to play Harrison Wells. Its better to see Flash Season one than watch Wazir copying the story of Harrison Wells. Vidhu Vinod Chopra just saw the Flash season One and makes this movie. If we start to write about the mistakes then i am afraid that i have to write an essay about it. Wazir is classified as Crime, Drama and Mystery but it is only drama than mystery as Flash Season watching audience knows that who is Harrison Wells. Quality of Wheel Chair is also pathetic than Harrison Wells Chair. Vidhu Vinod Chopra if you so much like Flash season one than please make comics and then make movie. Harrison Wells waits for 15 long years for Flash but Wazir makes plan within few days after death of daughter of Danish Ali as he is waiting that Danish Ali's daughter to die. How on earth it is possible to drive a car which is specially modified for handicap people and how Danish Ali drives the same car. How Danish Ali and SP penetrate into highly secured place and also fire on the local police and also no investigation on Danish ali and SP for their actions.
  • Atrey_Doury10 January 2016
    When the story writer comes out in press and says that the screenplay has been 20 years in the making with him, then one has a solemn right to expect some sort of competency in movie's storyline. But Wazir's script seems to have been conjured up over a vomit-strewn napkin as one seeks to gain a handle over a bad hangover. It is such a shame. The premise is explosive, intense and engaging. Yet failure to exercise grey cells by the so-called professionals engaged in making this film results in a movie that comes across as amateurish albeit visually competent. The director seems to have given up and just focused on wrapping it all up without spilling the feast. A movie apparently about a foxy game of chess is not even interesting enough to merit comparisons with Chinese-checkers. VC ought to be ashamed at having wasting such an interesting premise and idea with this god-awful excuse for a motion picture. Absolute waste. Whatever rating I have assigned to it has been purely for competent acting and high production values particularly in photography. As far as story and screenplay is concerned I ought to demand some rating credit out of VCs pocket for wasting my time.

  • shreekara-199510 January 2016
    When two acting experts who had marked their name by setting milestones and redefining the acting in their own way are bought together to play two pivotal roles, it just adds extra fun to the flow, when the casting is made well then the half work is done, 2016 release 'Wazir' has perfect casting and its beautifully narrated movie that keep its viewers seated till the credit flow, with strong stiffen plot along with powerful characters this movie holds back its viewers and indulge them in the flow, though the plot seems bit obvious it upholds the quality by presenting the story along with play of chess which runs like a metaphor, the brilliance of blending the symbol with the plot gains extra standard shade to the flick.

    Amitab Bachchan with his acting excellence presents himself as a full fledged quality performer, his character filled with pain, brilliance, mystery and with slight touch of fun creates a mark on viewers, Farhan Akthar as an ATS officer renders his best acting, his serious and tough shaded role suits him perfectly, John Abraham cameo has good prominence in the flow, Neil Nitin Mukesh with the dark shade tremendously presents himself, Aditi Rao Hydari with her strong performance fills the intensity of the flow, Farhan and Aditi chemistry worked very well, intense BGM glorifies the suspense of the plot and tunes the scene perfectly, editing is very sharp and crispier, director Bejoy Nambiar handled the work very perfectly and his attempt of combining two good actors worked very well.

    Overall 'Wazir' is a worth watch with exemplary casting and powerful plot that for sure never disappoints the thriller movie fans, not too exaggerated with perfect start and proper end film seems very well made.
  • This one really got off a flying start for 2016. Wazir has its own way of doing it. It's spontaneous, catchy and the characters grow on you all the way. Bejoy has perfectly directed Chess based thriller with amazing performance by Chess Master Big B and ATS Farhan. Script was short and precise hence it make really good Climax. Cinematography was brilliant specially in Kashmir sequence. Music and background score were brilliant. Aditi Rao Hydari is decent and carries off her character effortlessly like always. Don't bat your eyelid lest you might just miss out on the intense plot that unfolds between Big B, Akhtar, and Neil Nitin Mukesh. This one's a must-watch for its intensity and stellar performances.
  • I have been looking forward to this movie since I saw its trailer. The music of a movie is extremely important to me and with wonderful numbers like Tere Bin, Tu Mere Pass and Atrangi Yaari, I was completely captivated by the beautiful cinematography of them all. I will not ramble on go on and on about every different aspect of the movie. Because, there is a lot of talent in the movie, from the great Big B, to Farhan and even John Abram did a good job. Although, I was particularly, impressed by Neil Nitin Mukesh. He proved to be a worthy adversary. Instead, I will just say, that the movie surpassed a lot of my expectations and is a must watch. A great start to the year 2016.
  • Another Bollywood massive disappointment. See, you can't just take a whole bunch of good actors, give them some one liners and expect to make a great movie. Here's what's consistently missing in recent Bollywood flops (including Dilwale)....a STORY!! Movies are about telling a story. It is a sad waste of talent by Farhan, John Abram, Amitabh....when the scenes are disjointed, the story is less than weak, the villains are like brainless cartoons, and ending that makes no sense. Don't waste your time with this one. I am giving this movie 2 stars. 1, for fooling me into thinking that this might actually be worth watching..and 1, for fooling Amitabh and Farhan into being part of this scam.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So, 2016 has been started, and the first movie that I watched this year is Wazir, directed by Bejoy Nambiar. The original story has been written by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. And then crafted by Abhijat Joshi. Film starts with the marriage of Farhan-Aditi and the song Tere Bin. As the song ends, their daughter has been introduced, and after that she has been killed during a shootout. So, ATS officer Farhan becomes a disturbed man. His wife also leaves him. He is also get suspended from his job. He breaks down. But then Panditji (Amitabh) has been introduced, who is a paralyzed chess grand-master. Their unusual friendship starts. Panditji helps him how to live with that pain, also reunites the couple. Panditji's daughter has been murdered by a political leader. But, the government refuses the fact. It's up to Farhan, to find the truth. In between, the Wazir (Neil) has been introduced, who is too sharp and smart. Will Farhan be able to find Wazir and the truth of that murder, is the question which will be answered in the film. Bejoy is a kind of the director of Hollywood movies. His films have always something fresh which weren't shown by any other in Indian Cinema. Slow motion scenes are superb. The scene where Intermission has been displayed is one of the bravest one. No complain in direction. Even the film is very short, around 100 minutes. So the length is also a plus point. Editing is also sharp. Film reaches on the top level with the stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar. Manav Kaul is also one of the finest supporting actors. John's cameo brings cheers in the theater. Neil looks like a villain. And the one and only Aditi Rao Hydari is so so so beautiful. Her costumes, her earrings, her expressions, her eyes full of tears, her eyes full of joy, her eyes full of unspoken words - everything is so perfect that again I fell in love with her. For me, Wazir is the best movie of Aditi till date. Film narrates the story with the game, chess. So the title is perfectly suitable. Music is a major plus point. Tere Bin is soulful. Maula, Khel Khel Mein and Tere Liye Mere Kareem are good. Tu Mere Paas by Ankit Tiwari is a song which will be going to in your play list for long. Atarangi Yaari in the end, is a fun to watch with a melodious tune. Background music is of to mark. The song Aao Huzur played on the piano very beautifully. Dialogues are fabulous. Locations and sets are good. Kashmir looks stunning. Chasing of Farhan on the road of Delhi is breathtaking. On the whole, go for it. The movie will not disappoint you. It is full of emotions, so go and enjoy this first good movie of this year!
  • If films like 'Raja Natwarlal', or 'Special 26' do not suspend you to disbelief, or the plausibility of a story/plot matters less to you - WAZIR might be a one time watch for you, otherwise, don't do the idiotic mistake of watching it and wasting both your time and money!

    In my view - notwithstanding the fact that there are many good films with very simple story/plot/premise - a film with a fairly sophisticated plot/story has its 'soul' contained in its story/plot. In those films, if that is illogical or not plausible, everything(acting, cinematography, direction, songs) is useless! I give those films one star and not more. And WAZIR is just that kind of film! I really didn't expected this kind of script from Vidhu Vinod Chopra, and Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar to sign that kind of script.
  • Bejoy Nambiar made waves when he directed Shaitan. A refreshing thriller with an amazing soundtrack and witty dialogues.

    This time he's playing with the big boys. Amitab and Farhan, two of the best brains in bolly meet together for this intriguing game of chess, which is laden with twists and turns and takes you through an overall thrilling ride. Neil Nitin Mukesh is probably at his best again after Johnny Gaddar, but remember it was prem ratan dhan paayo, that got him the role in GoT. Aditi Rao Hydari is decent and carries off her character effortlessly like always. :D

    But overall I feel this is a positive step for Bollywood. Kudos!
  • Amitabh Bachchan and scriptwriters of his films will go down in history as having inspired a nation of 100 billion to view revenge as the ultimate form of justice.

    Wazir is yet another mediocre revenge drama in a long line of Bollywood films that seek to justify and glorify violence and crime (sometimes violence for its own sake). In the case of this film, and others like it, seeking revenge is justified as the protagonist does not receive it through traditional means.

    If one were to bring up one's child by inculcating in him the same values, he would most certainly end up in jail. Maybe even before entering adulthood. That should give us some glimpse into what kind of society we are inspiring to create.

    I yearn for the kind of thoughtful and soul stirring cinema that Anand Gandhi and Khushboo Ranka showed us is possible with The Ship of Theseus. When will mainstream Bollywood deliver another film which rises to that standard?
  • Bejoy Nambiar's 'Wazir' is well-acted, even crisp, but overall, this thriller doesn't thrill. Reason? The uneven writing & predictability. Any thriller works due to its unpredictable nature, which sadly, this one lacks!

    'Wazir' Synopsis: A traumatized police officer (Farhan Akhtar) is befriended by a grieving, paralyzed father (Amitabh Bachchan) who is being threatened by mysterious forces linked to terrorism.

    'Wazir' begins strongly & catches your attention right away. Its indeed interesting to watch the protagonist take on those who took his daughter's life. The pace maintains even after the protagonist forms an unlikely friendship with a fellow grieving father. But, the second-hour falls apart. The pace drops & the thrills become very predictable. One can foresee whats going to happen next & even the twist in the concluding moments, holds no surprises. In short, the first-hour works, but the second-hour spoils the fun.

    The game of Chess is a recurring metaphor & forms the backbone of the story, but Writers Abhijat Joshi & Vidhu Vinod Chopra, don't use it to great strengths. The Writing does have some absorbing moments, but the thrills go amiss, thanks to its uneven tone & the predictability in the narrative. A Tighter Screenplay was a must for 'Wazir'! Bejoy Nambiar's Direction is stylish. Cinematography is classy. Editing is very crisp, as the film culminates within 100-minutes! Art & Costume Design are fair. Action-Sequences are raw. Music by Various Artists is melodious.

    Performance-Wise: Amitabh Bachchan & Farhan Akhtar are in fine form, yet again. The Legendary Bachchan adds depth & grief to his sensitive part, while Farhan displays true intensity & emotional devastation, without missing a beat. The on-screen chemistry between the two, is undoubtedly, the film's highlight. Aditi Rao Hydari looks gorgeous, but doesn't get much to do. Manav Kaul is superbly wicked, enacting the conniving politician with great power. John Abraham is wasted in a brief role, while Neil Nitin Mukesh hams in that one scene he appears in.

    On the whole, 'Wazir' has its moments, but it could've been smarter & sharper.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is not very often that a Hindi movie script leaves you in awe and amaze at the very end. I read few reviews and was aware that the ending has a 'twist'. However, I could not guess it throughout the movie. Watch it for the end if for nothing else.

    The movie revolves around the friendship of an intelligence officer (Farhan) who lost his daughter trapped in a gun fire with terrorists and a Chess enthusiast (Amitabh) who has lost his legs and family to some ill fortunes. The plot is gripping and movie is in general fast paced. Movie boasts of a power packed performance by Amitabh who makes his character come to life. Farhan did a decent enough job and was convincing in his act. Aditi seemed unnecessary and was silent through almost all scenes.

    I would give it a solid 8.
  • (Spoilerless reviews)

    Looking at the movie timeline and the thrilling theme that it portrays, it feels that it's crisply made. But often this short movie feels long. You will always want it to proceed further despite it being not irritating at any point. The plot is very interesting but not gripping. It's very little that the film justifies itself but the awesome ending says it all. All the thrill, story, cinematography steals the show because of the brilliant finish.

    Farhan Akhtar not really enters completely into the role but still portrays a well focused ACP. Amitabh Bachchan had a great acting success last year and is always a treat to watch. This time he's effective but nothing more than that. All other actors supported the cast well.

    I'm a fan of Bejoy Nambiar's direction style. He successfully places his style in this one as well. He is brilliant in parts but also below average in many. Like his last ventures, again he goes above average but it's time for him to go beyond that.

    Overall, an interesting plot that's not gripping, but the ending steals the show.
  • With its IMDb page created 14 years ago before the film finally released, the makers' attempt at checkmating their audience with their crime drama only results in a stalemate where the game is mostly declared a draw.

    The story starts with a death, as dutiful and physically fit anti-terrorist operations officer Daanish (Akhtar) regrets his decision of impulsively going behind a known terrorist when he is out with his family. Seeking vengeance, he goes on a rampage and gets himself suspended, only to meet Dhar (Bachchan), a widowed and physically disabled chess enthusiast, who is fighting his own devils after his teen daughter was killed in a mysterious accident. They become friends, and so starts a game of chess as Daanish becomes a friendly yet courageous horse for Dhar to find his daughter's killer.

    Slow motion and suspended audio hook effects in the initial sequences marvelously entices its audience's attention, and it stays that way through the first act. However, Hydari's character evokes a sort of necessary but terse drama into the narrative which continues to happen throughout the movie. With good dialogs and a well-written screenplay, stylistic antagonists appear and drive the story forward. Mukesh's aura is appreciably different for what he's worth, and Nambiar fancily uses his charm to herald a new type of villain into Bollywood that is away from the deadpan elements we have been seeing in celluloid these past years.

    However, the story has one too many flaws. Minor ones like Dhar driving a vehicle without his limbs in place can be forgiven, but if one digs deeper into the story that lays itself out in the second act, one will realize that the game which started with 8 ferocious pawns only has one pawn left and it is up to this pawn to take the film forward to a conclusive end. Of course it does, and it does beautifully, but the speed of this transition of a humdrum crime case turning into a thriller is too fast. Flip flops between the drama and the case affects the narrative, only to create an unrest in the audience.

    So, as the pawn sets out to find the mysterious wazir, queen dies, and the king is high on vodka. Since the queen is dead, the game is more or less over. The wonderful climax is all that saves the pawn from going out on a limb, and manages to salvage the whole game.

    Cast is brilliant; Akhtar and Bachchan are both good, but one will find the latter more believable in his character. Hydari just mops and sobs, while Mukesh does better acting in his 60-second space than in all his rest of the filmography combined. All said and done, Nambiar's attempt thankfully does not get convoluted, and is read out clearly in its 100 minute running time, but still the story has its flaws and the gist of it is nothing new that our palettes haven't tasted before.

    BOTTOM LINE: Bejoy Nambiar's Wazir is an inventive thriller whose base story may be ordinary, but watch out for the titular character, for he may impress you with his faith and power and sheer thirst for retribution.

    GRADE: C+

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Awesome movie.Must watch. I must say Farhan & Big B played very well role. I really amazed to watch this movie. I would say this the best movie of the 2016.

    Danish is chasing Wazir, an assassin linked to politician Qureshi who's threatening elderly chess master Pandit Dhar - in this game of life and death, who's playing whom as a pawn? which could have been way smarter. Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) officer Daanish Ali (Farhan) loses his daughter while chasing terrorists. His anguished wife Roohana (Aditi) blames Daanish, who's about to kill himself in guilt-laden grief. Suddenly, he meets wheelchair-bound Pandit Omkar Nath Dhar (Amitabh), who teaches Daanish about chess, life, love - and revenge. Panditji's own tragic tale leads Daanish to investigate Welfare Minister Qureishi (Manav) - and then chase him furiously when brutal assassin Wazir (Neil) attacks Pandit Dhar.
  • The curse of the second half is a fact related with many recent films released by the big banners. But WAZIR can easily be presented as one of the most perfect example of the same with so much to offer and impress in its first half that simply gets ruined and forgotten by the makers in the second, giving you a shocking experience in the end unexpectedly.

    Narrating my personal experience of watching it at a single screen theatre, I got my first doubt, when it began with a full length song right away along with the credits (following the old format seen in the golden era). But fortunately that was it, as WAZIR started delivering some solid well shot content in the very next minute post the song with some splendid action and emotional sequences put together silencing one and all. The engrossing content with all well-directed, enacted and written sequences continued till the next 50 minutes along a pulsating background score enhancing it well. And the dialogues really promised that something exciting is coming ahead focusing on the game of chess with lines such as, "Khel Khel Mein, Khel Khel Ke, Khel Khel Yeh Aa Jayega".

    However, the excellence simply stopped like a dream the moment its title character WAZIR came on screen in a hamming scene and from here onwards suddenly the film changed its gear moving on to a completely illogical or rather foolish path with cinematic liberties taken so recklessly and loopholes as big as a pond questioning the thinking abilities of the viewers in an arrogant style. As a matter of fact, many in the theater could be found chatting and checking their cell phones post interval with the slow songs killing the pace even in a 103 minutes film making you strongly feel the repulsion.

    In short, whatever praises or positives I had in mind about the film related to its brilliant shot taking, engaging story progression, crisp editing, an interesting cast ensemble, few likable songs, some well written dialogues, intense performances and more, simply turned into big negatives post intermission and WAZIR became an extremely disappointing dud in the end with neither the foolish suspense twist nor the laughable execution working in any manner in the strange final hour so shockingly.

    But here since the film is a suspense thriller, I am not going to write any spoilers pointing the huge flaws in its various sequences defying all the logics. Yet, would like to add that WAZIR is nothing more than a technically strong, childish attempt to ape all those great mystery thrillers of the west. And the influence becomes even more evident when you find the name of Vidhu Vinod Chopra in the credits as the storywriter as well as a contributor in the script and editing department too apart from being the producer.

    As the director Bejoy Nambiar (SHAITAAN, David) has surely taken a few noticeable steps ahead in WAZIR looking at the way he handles the first half. But keeping in mind the later part, its as if he lost the track completely either due to an influential figure guiding him from the back or due to the desperate will to present it as a Hollywood film revealing the surprising twist in the end as their set format. In any case he actually lost a great opportunity given, since WAZIR seriously could have been a rare mystery thriller in Hindi cinema revolving around the game of chess with a different and more convincing culmination.

    Stating the film's major merit, it's the performances led by the icon, who once again gives you a solid reason of why he has been ruling millions of hearts since the 70s. As Pandit Omkar Nath Dhar, Amitabh Bachchan simply saves the film from becoming a complete disaster, especially in the first half till we get to see his meeting with the so called WAZIR. At the same time, I frankly couldn't appreciate the expression repeatedly using the word 'Yaara' in his scenes with Farhan, which actually looked like an avoidable, deliberate addition reducing the overall impact of their conversation. Having said that, the other truth remains that there still isn't anyone even close to Amitabh Bachchan enacting a drunkard on screen since all these decades because he just does it flawlessly in an adorable manner. On the other hand, Farhan Akhtar does full justice to his character in the first half and is a delight to watch too, till he begins behaving in a silly manner doing all those unimaginable things in Kashmir and later moving freely too (watching the video clip), post making the big kill.

    Apart from these two lead actors, WAZIR has the charming Aditi and a hamming Neil Nitin Mukesh in a few scenes appearance along with two big names wasted quite foolishly as John Abraham and Prakash Belawadi (of MADRAS CAFÉ fame). Plus I also felt Manav Kaul not utilized well as per his untapped capabilities in the given role.

    In the technical department, no doubt WAZIR excels in the cinematography and background score to a large extent. But in the music section (with only Tera Bin leaving an impact), this is yet another project which proves that having too many names in the composer's list is not the way to get a great soundtrack.

    Summing up, WAZIR could have been a great film if the story was focused on Pandit Ji laying an unimaginable trap for the minister with the big assistance coming from the friendly police officer (Farhan) exactly like a game of chess killing every associate of the opponent as indicated in its title WAZIR. However in the present version its just another great opportunity messing it all in the second half.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Directed by Bejoy Nambiar (David, Pizza, Shaitan). Screenplay n editing by Abhijat Joshi (Lage Raho Munna Bhai, 3 Idiots, PK, Broken horses). Cinematography by Sanu Varghese (Karthik Calling Karthik, Elektra). Good action thriller. One time watch. Farhaan acted very good. Aditi dint got chance to show her skills but she is a real beauty. Bachan, well the name is enuff. Awesome screen presence by Mr bachan. Editing was a lil bad at times. The first gun fight sequence was very good. Almost on par with Hollywood movies. It was as if I was playing my P.S. Twist was predictable but the movie kept me engaged. Neil was good for a brief role. John shud b applauded. As he courageously took a small role which many wud hav declined. Farhan looked like a real ATS officer. Hats off to the entire team for making a small but good thriller.
  • sunilsach-1417516 January 2016
    Wazir' begins strongly & catches your attention right away. Its indeed interesting to watch the protagonist take on those who took his daughter's life. The pace maintains even after the protagonist forms an unlikely friendship with a fellow grieving father. But, the second- hour falls apart. The pace drops & the thrills become very predictable. One can foresee whats going to happen next & even the twist in the concluding moments, holds no surprises. In short, the first-hour works, but the second-hour spoils the fun.

    The game of Chess is a recurring metaphor & forms the backbone of the story, but Writers Abhijat Joshi & Vidhu Vinod Chopra, don't use it to great strengths. The Writing does have some absorbing moments, but the thrills go amiss, thanks to its uneven tone & the predictability in the narrative. A Tighter Screenplay was a must for 'Wazir'! Bejoy Nambiar's Direction is stylish. Cinematography is classy. Editing is very crisp, as the film culminates within 100- minutes! Art & Costume Design are fair. Action-Sequences are raw. Music by Various Artists is melodious. waziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiR
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Chess is an intriguing game, where the player plans ahead anticipating the opponent's moves. Strrategies are umpteen. It's been played across the world for centuries, recently starting to lose popularity against modern visually appealing strategy video based games. Also Bollywood has been stuck with formulaé for considerable part of first decade, Mr. SRK continuing to stick to it. So, at this stage, i must compliment Vidhu Vinod Chopra for attempting a story based on the waning game, winning a dream cast and getting it directed as a fast paced thriller with original action sequences.

    The story where people with similar tragedy come together to forge a friendship and fight against the past while plotting revenge on the backdrop of Kashmir, terrorism, politics and ATS is a broader way of reaching out to the audience while under lies the chess play, with a twist towards the end. I use my limited chess knowledge to dissect the characters below:

    Wazir - although means minister, is the queen of the chess board. The all powerful character is the main weapon against the rival kingdom. In the movie, wazir portrayed as the ultimate ace of the evil badshaah, brings vital energy to the proceedings. He threatens, taunts, stabs and bombs the major adversary of the evil king. Played feverishly by Neil Nitin Mukesh, albeit for a short span, in a style reminiscent of classic villains makes you wonder where Bollywood lost all its villains.

    Pawn is the foot soldier moving one-step forward, helpless on is own, if viewed in relation to other characters on the chess board. With only one step at a time, the pawn has to do the most planning, especially if his kingdom has already lost its wazir and needs a support. Played by Amitabh Bacchan with a handlebar staché combined with french beard speaking heart melting Hindi mixed with urdu, steals every screen he's in with his voice and energy. For a decapitated man, he's very independent and the audience would wish every person facing such odds physically and emotionally to fight back so well.

    The Elephant lies in wait at the corner of the chessboard, to be unleashed madly when the king is threatened is his own courtroom. It can move only through a straight path, but destroys everything in it's path. Farhan, strangely sober, plays the elephant buried in guilt, befriended by a pawn, finds a new direction which he pursues until the kingdom is won. He's physically fit, awkward may be consciously as an ATS sharp shooter and surprisingly gets all his spy work done, even after being suspended.

    Where the plot goes wrong is, when the pawn acts as a king, the elephant acts as a pawn guided and blindly following the path shown, and all the while, the rival king is busy playing another game without a care for the pawn or the elephant.

    Performance wise, Amitabh is brilliant while Farhan deserves praise for choosing a role way out of his comfort zone. Aditi looks pretty and the child actors ooze with confidence. Watch wazir if you like chess, are not into much of romantic sing and dance routines and want to promote those rare Bollywood thrillers
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First few minutes of the movie and hero's daughter gets killed. Lifted right from Badlapur (released last year). She is killed while he is taking on the bad guys - Shool. The chemistry between a suspended cop and his estranged wife(dancer in both the movies) - straight from Shaitan (Rajeev Khandelwal was the cop there). Just figured out - Shaitan and Wazir are directed by the same guy(Bejoy Nambiar). And also, he married the dancer wife from Shaitan - Sheetal Menon.

    This movie gives an impression that all the actors were underpaid and hence they put in a half-hearted effort. Or, they were overpaid, that's why they put up with such a shoddy script.

    Why is Danish(Farhan Akhtar) so obsessed with Pandit Ji(Amitah)'s story? On paper, that could be answered pretty well but on screen, they just couldn't explain it. And in this game of chess - audience is the loser.
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