In 2002, Wright accidentally named John Leslie on-air as the television presenter being linked to the alleged rape of Ulrika Jonsson. Leslie's career never recovered.

In 2014, Wright abruptly cut off a caller after being outraged when she said she didn't want her child to be taught about homosexuals at school.

In February 2015, Wright stated as a fact on the show that the late Sir Jimmy Savile had conned charities into believing he had run marathons which he hadn't actually run. However, while Savile has been posthumously proven to be a paedophile and necrophiliac whose charity fundraising was designed to gain access to vulnerable people, any accusations that he deceived charities over completing his marathons are tenuous and have not been proven.

In 2017, Matthew Wright declared that he had been invited to the BAFTA ceremony 14 times in 14 years during his time in newspapers but not once in 17 years of presenting this series.

On 6 March 2018, Iain Lee appeared as the special guest but walked off during the first commercial break after taking exception to a repeated line of questioning from host Matthew Wright.

The series earned the dubious distinction of earning the most Ofcom complaints of 2011, when the media regulator received 2,220 complaints after Wright made a misjudged joke about a murdered Scottish teenager during a newspaper review. This came only two months after Wright was forced to make an on-air apology the day after hosting a controversial phone-in about Amanda Knox titled "Foxy Knoxy: Would Ya?" following her successful appeal against her murder conviction.

The series is broadcast live without a delay, which has resulted in a number of occasions when the series has accidentally broadcast foul language. Wright had to apologise after special guest Giles Coren repeatedly used a vulgar term for oral sex while he was being interviewed and Rula Lenska accidentally uttered "bollocks" on the programme. Several callers to the programme have used foul language deliberately to cause offence.

Panelists don't choose the stories they cover in the newspaper review, these are presented to them by the producer.

In 2017, panelist Oliver James said "taking the piss", which was censured by presenter Matthew Wright. He had earlier in the same episode said "shagging", which had gone completely unremarked.

Presenter Matthew Wright is an obsessive fan of the band Hawkwind and makes frequent references to them on the series. Some of his comments have actually been factually incorrect. On 24 November 2016, Wright claimed during a conversation with Miles Hunt that Hawkwind had a top ten album in 2016. They didn't, it actually went to number 29. He was most likely referring to another perennially unfashionable prog-rock band, Marillion, who did reach the UK top ten for the first time in many years. The bands were famously connected through the character of Neil from the 1980s sitcom The Young Ones (1982).

In 2015, while discussing the death of Patrick Macnee, Wright claimed the Cybermen were from The Avengers (1961). He was more than likely meaning to say Cybernauts.

Matthew Parris appeared as a guest in November 2016. However, the following day, during the newspaper review and a discussion about barriers to people from ordinary backgrounds getting on in society, host Wright claimed that Parris had written about appearing on the show in a very sneering way in The Times.