Simon J: I'm full of bugs. I'm full of mistakes.

Trish: Ssshhh. Life is full of mistakes.

Howard: There are good people and there are bad people and they're on their way and they want you, Simon... The bad people can save you but they won't. The good people wanna save you but they can't.

Adam: There are changes happening, not all of them good.

[first lines]

Hiep Pham: Simon, we're still waiting for your code. Everyone else has finished. May I remind you that your completion date is non-negotiable? I repeat, non-negotiable.

Howard: If I don't remove your hard drive, you will either die, or farm will get ya.

[last lines]

Howard: Ya know, you're gonna feel more comfortable for a while. And you're gonna sleep. And when you wake up, everything is gonna be different. Everything is gonna be good. And the time that we woke up, is the time we fall back. It's just the beginning.

Simon J: Hi Trish, it's me... Nature fresh milk!

Derrick: Smartcouch. It's nanotech. It's a fantastic piece of furniture, Simon. And it cleans itself.

The Neighbour: I drink...

[different voice]

The Neighbour: Cola 500.

Simon J: Fine.

Howard: You'll be fine. You have a conscience. That's all you need.

The Neighbour: Bugs are part of the game.

Cashier: That's a lot of milk.

Simon J: Well, I like it.