• 80
    Ella Taylor L.A. Weekly
    If you liked "Love, Actually," you'll love this too, another small jewel in the crown of unabashedly commercial, cheerfully middlebrow, eminently exportable British fluff.
  • 67
    Lisa Schwarzbaum Entertainment Weekly
    A triumph of performance, production, and adaptation over the empty-calorie dither of its source material.
  • 60
    Derek Elley Variety
    Second time round, Bridget is still fat, funny and endearing -- but "all a bit, um, familiar, actually."
  • 60
    Jessica Winter Village Voice
    Improbably, the sequel only ups the ante on its predecessor's comedy-of-embarrassment quotient.
  • 50
    James Berardinelli ReelViews
    Die-hard fans are advised to wait for the video. Everyone else would be better off pretending that this movie doesn't exist. In the long run, you'll have a higher opinion of everyone involved.
  • 50
    David Sterritt Christian Science Monitor
    The movie catches occasional fire when Bridget suddenly says what's really on her mind. The rest is silliness.
  • 40
    For the most part, Edge Of Reason is as saggy and well-worn as Bridget's big knickers.
  • 38
    Lawrence Toppman Charlotte Observer
    This picture has an ugly habit of humiliating Bridget, which "Diary" did not.
  • 30
    Keith Phipps The A.V. Club
    When a sequel has to hit the reset button and take all its characters back to where they started, it probably didn't need to be made.
  • 30
    Robert Wilonsky Dallas Observer
    Has all the charm of a canceled CBS sitcom.