Buscapé: It was like a message from God: "Honesty doesn't pay, sucker."

Zé Pequeno: Can you read?

Gang Member: I can read only the pictures.

Buscapé: You need more than guts to be a good gangster. You need ideas.

Sandro Cenoura: Have you lost your mind? You are just a kid!

Filé-com-Fritas - Steak and Fries: A kid? I smoke, I snort. I've killed and robbed. I'm a man.

Zé Pequeno: Where do you want to take the shot? In the hand or in the foot?

Barbantinho Adulto - Older Stringy: Why return to the City of God, where God forgets about you?

Cabeleira: Hey, Bernice. Listen, I've got something real important to say. Tell me, you ever heard of love at first sight?

Berenice: Sure, but hoods don't fall in love, they just get horny.

Cabeleira: C'mon, you cut everything I say to pieces.

Berenice: Hoods don't talk, they just vomit words.

Cabeleira: Jesus, I'm gonna stop wasting my saliva on you, you sure ain't easy.

Berenice: Hoods never stop, they just take a break.

Cabeleira: Jeez, Bernice, talking about love with you is pretty complicated, isn't it?

Berenice: Love, you gotta be kidding. You're just leading me on.

Cabeleira: But it's just that this jerk here loves you.

[after seen his pictures printed in the front page of the news by mistake]

Buscapé: Fuck... I'm dead!

[cut to slum]

Zé Pequeno: What's the name of that friend of yours who took this pictures?

Thiago - Tiago: Buscapé.

[Enjoying the pictures]

Zé Pequeno: Buscapé! The guy is good!

Buscapé Criança - Young Rocket: Sun is for everyone, beach for a few.

Bené: I'm a playboy now.

Zé Pequeno: The fuck I'm Dadinho! Now, my fucking name is Zé Pequeno!

Buscapé: [after Dadinho kills many people in a motel] That night, Dadinho killed his dream of kill.

Boy 1: The big deal is dope, you got it?

Boy 2: If you wanna be a dealer, you gotta start as a delivery boy, see?

Boy 1: This delivery boy business is real bullshit. The time it takes being a delivery boy, then security and then manager, is way too long.

Boy 2: What you gonna do? You've gotta wait for them to die...

Boy 1: No way! I'll do it just like Pequeno did: you gotta whack everyone and that's it!

Buscapé: What should have been swift revenge turned into an all out war. The City of God was divided. You couldn't go from one section the other, not even to visit a relative. The cops considered anyone living in the slum a hoodlum. People got used to living in Vietnam, and more and more volunteers signed up to die.

Zé Pequeno: [after snorting a line and seeing Knockout Ned's photograph in one of the center pages of a newspaper] Motherfucker!I'm the boss around here but he gets his picture in the paper! Have you found my photo in there?

[first lines]

Zé Pequeno: Whoa, the chicken ran away. Get that chicken, dude!