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  • I am a die-hard Mithun Da fan, honestly who's better than this man. The actor who won the National-Award for Best-Actor for his very first film, the actor who ruled The Indian Film Industry throughout the 80's, really needs no introduction.

    Mithunda's cult hit 'Dance Dance' is a yet another masterstroke from the legendary actor. Mithunda's performance, dances, action, everything is note-worthy. Mithunda is undoubtedly Indian Cinema's finest actor, touch wood to his success.

    'Dance Dance' is a classic anyways, a highly-entertaining watch. A film that makes you groove with it's brilliant music & direction. This kinda stuff is clearly missing today!!!

    Watch this film, cause it has Mithunda & secondly an awesome watch.
  • Dance Dance starts with a disturbing sequence where a married couple who perform as artists at an event are abducted by an influential man - the husband is killed, and the wife raped and taken captive for years. Their little kids are driven out of their rented house and grow up to become aspiring artists themselves. They are played by Mithun Chakraborty and Smita Patil. The film is a true musical - it has numerous songs throughout and is really very entertaining. The dance numbers are fun too, and they present the trademark Mithun style. Bappi Lahiri's soundtrack is wonderful although some numbers are unoriginal. Among the songs, "Dil Mera Todo Na", the opening number "Zooby Zooby" (a remake of a popular Modern Talking song) are still famous today, although my favourite numbers are the title song "Dance Dance" as well as "Super Dancer". The film is one of Alisha Chinai's first jobs as a playback singer. She was a teenager at the time and did a wonderful job. It also starred Mandakini, that gorgeous young starlet who really suits her role here as Mithun's love interest as well as the energy of this film.

    The film is only benefitted by its charismatic star, Mithun Chakraborty, who happens to be an excellent actor and whose commanding presence always rises above the films he's in. Dance Dance is his show all the way, it's a variation of many of his other films, but it's a good one, and his performance totally warrants great entertainment. This is also one of the last films by one of India's finest actresses, Smita Patil, and the film released shortly after her death. Watching this film is heartbreaking in a way, but it's also really nice that Patil, who was known for her challenging roles in serious films, had constantly experimented with mainstream cinema. And interestingly enough, even within the limitations of an enjoyable but fluffy film like this one, her role has relatively greater depth than one would expect, and she is fantastic here. In later portions of the film she plays the battered wife with great conviction. The sibling relationship between Mithun and Smita is wonderfully portrayed. To sum it up, this is a great nostalgic film and always fun to revisit. I might be biased, but I like it.
  • kunalsarkar-3540127 October 2020
    Not exact sequel of Disco Dancer but another prominent film of Disco era.Hatric hit from Mithun, Bappi and B.Subhash combo after Disco Dancer and Kasam Paida Karnewala Ki. Story is a combination of Western music and Bollywood's traditional masala.Mithun and Smita became orphan and Shelter less in their child hood due to mishap with their Parents when they participated in a musical programme organised by Amrish Puri and he was responsible for that mishap.Now the Sister and Brother duo find dance come from their heridity is the only weapon to get rid from that catastrophe.So they started to dance Agaya agaya haluabala agaya in the street and make pennies for their bread and butter.Their struggle to establish themselves as Super Dancers as well as revenge against Amrish Puri are the main story line of the film 'Dance Dance'.Screen Play , Direction are average.Performence wise Mandakini as Mithun's love interest gets enough screen space and two outstanding solo well sang by Alisha picturised on her.Smita's tragic death in her real life affects the script upto some extent particularly in the second half.Shakti Kapur and Amrish Puri are okey.Shakti's shaking legs with Mithun and Amrish Puri's using of musical instrument before conducting henious works easily mingle with this revenge musical drama.Bappi Lahiri again at his best.After Bijoy Benedict, here he launched Alisha and her Mera Dil Gaya ja Juby Juby was a big hit.Besides that Super Dancer, Haluabala agaya were all chartbusters.Now the Mithun Chakraborty.He alone shoulders the film with his Dance, action and emotion.In the last song he pours all his anger, emotion, grevances through his electrifying steps.But still choreography could be better particularly for a film which is based on dance.Overall a must watch film for all Mithun's fans.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    For a movie with a title like "Dance Dance," you might expect something like "Dance with Me" (1998) starring Vanessa Williams. Not so. This film distributed by B Subhash Movie Unit is certainly a B movie! The decent plot, albeit with poor conflict resolution, balances against poor dancing, pidgin subtitles, and odd incidental music.

    The dancing in this film is unremarkable. More challenging dancing can be seen on Dancing With the Stars, where footwork, timing, and coordination all go together. Dancing in this film supposedly moved the masses to swoon for the performers. The choreographers did a better job with the numerous fight scenes.

    The plot for this film is not lacking. There is enough story to fill three films, and somehow they fit it into the length of two. There are murders, orphans, rape, bar fights, beatings, sex, drunkenness, debauchery, a party of 20 scaling walls to get into a building, and enough blood, yet it manages to have quite a few musical numbers and reasonable stretches of dialogue.

    Not all conflict in this film is resolved at fisticuffs, but most comes to it at one point or another. The film could have employed more clever ways to resolve some issues.

    It is a stretch to say that the subtitles are in English. They are pidgin English. Early on, a food vendor comes to the children, and they sing, according to the subtitles, "Have come! Have come!" But I think they meant, "He's here!" "Damn" is written as "Dame," "they're" and "their" are interchanged, as are "then" and "than". Single words are split into two, and so forth. Nobody whose native language is English checked these subtitles.

    The incidental music is jarring. "Chariots of Fire" plays while a woman runs for her life, and the main theme from "Star Wars" (1977) plays in the background during an epic battle. Another familiar tune plays in another section.

    All that, and I enjoyed the film. MST3K would riff it to shreds. I had quite a lot to say during my viewing of it!
  • suchenwi21 January 2009
    Disclaimer first: I got this interesting piece only in a Russian-dubbed version,of which I understood an occasional word or two, so I can't comment on the dialogs.

    As the title strongly indicates, you get a bigger share of song & dance items (mostly 1980s disco music) than usual in Bollies. But given that most protagonists do singing and dancing for a living, they fit in quite naturally, and add to humor (I liked the sabotage of a Lions' Club classical music event best, the Xmas party less so) or drama.

    And drama there is aplenty. A mother abducted, and fleeing to the woods, brother and sister growing up as orphans, doing song & dance for a living. Both marry, and go through different fates, in which (stylized) alcoholism plays no small role.

    Then there is the super-bad guy (who looks his role exceedingly well) and his motorcycle gang... All in all, a strong emotional piece, which in the end left me with a good feeling. Not a must-see, but certainly not a bad experience if you can get hold of it.
  • Dance Dance Directed By Babbar Subhash is A Musical Drama . Direction is Good To Below Average. Screenplay is Fine in First Half. Second Half is Stretched With Lots Of Melodrama. Editing & Choreography is OK. Movie Only Works On Music & Dance Rest is Plain Crap.

    Radha(Smita Patil) & Ramu(Mithun Chakraborty) Are Siblings. They Are Upcoming Singers. They Get Chance To Perform . They Finally Achieve The Fame & Success.

    Radha Loves Resham(Shakti Kapoor) A Group Member. Resham With The Influence Of A.M Singh(Amrish Puri) Decides To Bring Down Romeo(Ramu). He Abuses Radha. Meanwhile Ramu Falls in Love With Janita(Mandakini). After He Acknowledge About Radha's Condition. He is Depressed And Takes Alcohol. Now Melodrama Starts And Ends With The Movie.

    Acting Wise Mithun & Smita Patil Did Better Than Others. Dance by Mithun & Mandakini is Praiseworthy. Amrish Puri, Dalip Tahil & Shakti Kapoor Are Good.

    Music By Bappi Lahiri is Good. Super Dancer By Alisha Chinai & Bappi Lahiri is Best Of The Lot. Most Of The Songs Are Dance Numbers.Themes From Chariots Of Fire and Star Wars Feature is Incidental Music. Must Watch For Mithun Fans.