An unused track Zindagi Meri Dance Dance from this film was recreated and used by the 2017 film Daddy.

Smita Patil was pregnant with Pratiek Babbar during the shooting of this film,she died before the release of this film on Dec 13 1986 due to childbirth complications the film was released on 29 May 1987.

The song Zooby Zooby was inspired from Brother Louie by Modern Talking,and Dil Mera Todo Na was inspiration of UB 40 don't break my heart both being of 80s disco music.

The voice of Smita Patil is dubbed here since she passed away during the post production phase of this movie.

Mithun Chakraborthy considered Smita Patil as his younger sister in real life he couldn't take sudden death when they were shooting for the film and never gave Smita Patil's place to any other actress in film industry.

B Subash had promised Smita Patil a glamours role on set of Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki 1984.After he was touched by her gesture where she shot the film with a fractured leg by removing her plaster.He completed his promise with this film.

Dil Mera Todo Na was inspired from UB 40 Dont Break My Heart.

B Subash makes an appearance in the film as the show announcer after the song Zobby Zooby where in in the credits shows as written,produced and directed by B Subash.

Robert Dcocta popular dancer in 70s plays and old Parsi man dancing in the song Everybody dance with Papa Papa.

Halwa Wala Aa Gaya had two versions fast and slow.

Most of the films cast was repeated in B Subash's next film Commando 1988.

Themes from Chariots of Fire and Star Wars feature as incidental music.

Amrish Puri was seen in most different role from what he played earlier he was seen dancing and playing musical instruments.

Zindagi Meri Dance Dance was not included in the film but was an added song to the musical album.

The film was a Musical Hit.

Dance Dance was a Hatrick of B Subash,Mithun Chakraborthy and Bappi Lahiri as the film proved to be the third musical hit of the trio after Disco Dancer 1982 and Kasam Paida Karnewale Ki 1984.

Chariots of Fire Theme by Vangelis is used in the film . During a chase scene.

Gheorghe Zamfir instrumental "Doina Da Jale" is played in the film . When Smita and Shakti are rehearsing their dance steps.

Jessica Blue song" The Dark Of Light (Club Mix)" is played in the film. When Mithun is rehearsing his dance steps.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly soundtrack theme " The Trio" is played in the film. When Amrish Puri, Dilip Tahil, Shakti Kapoor are all sitting down drinking.

Smita Patil was to play duel role. She played Mithun's sister and she was also to play their mother's role in the film, they thought first they should shoot sister scenes, after the delivery they would shoot the mother's, due to her death, the sister scenes were not completed and the mother role was done by Marathi actress and dancer Sarla Yeolekar.

Smita Patil was to play duel role. She played Mithun's sister and she was also to play their mother's role in the film, B Subash taught first they should shoot sister scenes, as Smita Patil was pregnant that time they decided to shoot the mother's portions after her delivery her character as sister was not suppose to die in the film but in the end she was to be shown recovering and coming out of hospital due to her sudden death the story was changed and Sarla Yeolekar played the mother's role Smita Patil died on 13th December 1986 few days after giving birth to her son Pratiek Babbar due to child birth complications.

Barry White's song "Love Theme" was sampled in the intro of the song "Dance Dance".

The video of the song "Dance Dance" was used in the internationally released video of Funky Bijou's song Funky Bijou Anthem.

Zindagi Meri dance dance was later used in the film Daddy 2017 during a stage performance in a hotel which showed 80s era.

B Subhash wanted to shoot the film after Kasam Paida Karnewale Ki as Mithun Chakraborthy was busy with other film's the told him to wait for sometime till he completes his pending film's.In the meantime B Subhash went to direct the film Tarzan 1985.

The film released along same time as Mr India.

B.Subhash offered Salma Agha the film but she declined due to date problems.

The film clashed with Mr India and Muqaddar Ka Faisla during Eid in 1987 but proved a box office success.

Richa Sharma was signed for a special appearance but later replaces by Sarla Y.

Mandakini's first film with B Subhash.

Smita Patil's character was not written to die in the original script and was to appear alive in the climax. Smita shot her last scenes which show her being taken to the hospital after going into labor. As she was pregnant in real life too, It was decided that scenes of her coming out of hospital were to be shot after her delivery. But then due to her real life death shortly after giving birth, the story was changed to show that she dies due to child birth complications. In reality too, she died due to child birth complications.