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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dark Side Trilogy ends with this Episode Five of the overall Antonio Adamo "Virtualia" saga, a segment which ironically has become a collector's item, long out of print. So if you get hooked on this fantasy, you've got to shell out to see what happens.

    Adamo busts his budget and broadens the scale of action by shifting to Egyptian locations for much of the action here, well-shot at the pyramids and other touristy locales. Our intrepid explorers numbering Lynn Stone as short-haired Virtualia, archaeologists David Perry and Claudia Jackson, and agents for a mysterious government agency played by Alex Mantegna and Alberto Rey manage to not only put the 3 shards of the monolith Dark Side back together, but find a companion monolith to stick it next to, and have all sorts of derring-do recovering and stealing the valuable objects.

    It makes for some excitement between the requisite humping scenes, in which Sophie Evans again excels and some newcomers including Petra Short as an android and several other actresses whose billing varies from DVD box to screen credit to Bonus features name dropping, all in utter confusion. I never did get straight the true import of uniting Dark Side with The Other Dark Side, but Adamo managed to get every ounce of spunk out of his actors and wrap up the project on time, if not on budget.

    In spite of my best instincts I enjoy the Adamo epics, as outlandish as they are, probably because he at least tries to tell a story (for a contrary view see the other IMDb reviewer/Adamo hater's postings -he simply can't stand narrative getting in the way of sex - a pox on his no-nothing attitude!). Not willing to leave well enough alone, Adamo added a Sixth Episode that is radically different in content and genre (CSI style police thriller)- you be the judge of whether that was a bright idea or not.