Devon Stripped (2002)

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An innocent and naive young woman becomes embroiled in the world of erotic dancing and casting couch routines.


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6 July 2019 | lor_
Corny but well-made Sex Worker bio
Stated to be based on a true story (with the usual fictionalized characters/situations, "Stripped" by Nic Andrews follows the oft-used porn theme of how honest the Adult Industry is compared to mainstream Hollywood. I've seen this approach far too many times before, and that detracts from the overall effect of a well-made Adult feature.

End credits list it as having beens shot as "Mini-35mm", whatever that means, listing digital cameras and 35mm lenses. End effect resembles how the movie plays, very similar in look and content to a late-night Skinemax or Showtime After Hours soft porn feature, but with explicit sex scenes included.

Devon is striking out in Hollywood, going to auditions where she's either ignored or treated to standard sexual harassment. Adding to her troubles is that her live-in boyfriend is Barrett Blade (hiding behind the stage name Barrett B. early in his career) is playing his usual good-for-nothing layabout character, not contributing to the couple's expenses.

Devon's best friend Ginger Lynn gives her the usual spiel that she should try some more lucrative career, like stripping, so she reluctantly joins Ginger working at a strip club run by Herschel Savage. Savage adds nuance to his good bad guy (or bad good guy, take your pick) character, and overall the acting here is better than average.

But the story, true or not, veers into proselytizing, as even though Devon inevitably descends into VIP room lap dances and the far more remunerative outside work (referred to clients by Savage) of private parties ( = prostitution) the various twists and turns end up more favorable to the life of a sex worker than that of a struggling actor. Ending is clever, and somewhat ambiguous as to which path should be taken.

Devon's beauty carries the show, and supporting cast of attractive and talented Chatsworth and Euro babes is quite effective, ranging from "seen it all" veteran Ginger to Monica Sweetheart. Director Andrews has an uncredited cameo at the end playing a movie director, with his name right there on the clapperboard as cameras roll.

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